Top 10 Best Free or Paid Unlimited VPN 2024

Many people want to use VPN as an additional layer of safety. Their first preference also maybe the free ones and many of you might have used these. If you are fresher and your needs are very basic, then free VPNs are not a better option. There are a lot of attributes of free VPNs that can persuade you for going with these. Below you can get the Top 10 Best Free VPN to know about these attributes. Moreover, you can also know about the Best Free VPNs 2024.

Is using a free VPN safe?

The biggest concern about free VPNs is whether these are safe or not. There are thousands of free Virtual Networks in the market and only a few out of these are safe. And if you want to keep yourself secure, then you should opt for platforms that are the most secure one. However, you cannot experience the same level of security as a paid VPN.

In a paid VPN, you are allowed with a lot of attributes and you can experience an advanced level of safety. But this is not possible in the case of a free VPN. However, you can use a verified free VPN without having any trouble.

Things which you should lack while using a free VPN

Did you ever wonder why VPN is important? There are lots of VPN in the market. Free and paid. Free VPN is good for you if you want to use it for limited devices for a limited time. But in long run, there are certain things that you might lack and the major drawbacks of using these are:

  1. Free VPN is made for tackling the known threats. That means that it can only protect you against the threats that are common. It cannot secure you against advanced threats.
  2. Most of the free VPNs are available only up to a limited time period ranging from 30 days to 1 year. After that, you have to buy a subscription plan for the continuation of services.
  3. Free VPN can be used only on a single device. You can not use it in multiple devices simultaneously.
  4. Many free VPN keeps track of your day to day activities and use that for their own purpose. Most platforms also sell this information to third parties.
  5. Most of the free VPNs do not have any customer support. Many in a few, you can raise your query through tokens.
  6. If you are using a free VPN then you might have to see a lot of ads. This can be annoying and can also slow down your connection speed.
  7. Many free VPNs slow down your internet speed. This costs you in slow page loads. These can also harm the speed of your device.

So, these are major drawbacks that you will face if you are using a free VPN.

10 Best VPN Softwares

There are a hundred of free VPNs available and out of those we have brought 10 best for you. Below is the list of 10 best VPN service provider that can run on all kind of devices and OS and these are:


Proton is a very big name in the VPN industry and is known for providing end to end encryption. It has servers in various countries and is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. With its free version, you can get 1 VPN connection with medium connection speed. It also doesn’t provide any kind of ads. It allows you to choose server locations in three countries. Also check out ProtonVPN coupon code for discount offers.


Kaspersky is a very popular brand for its antiviruses. Although, it also deals in VPN and its VPN are also much popular. It provides a secure connection that protects your communications, privacy, and data. It has protected more than 400 million users till now in almost 200 countries. You can access it in both Mac and Windows. If you opt for its paid version, then it may cost you around $30. However, you can use it for free without paying anything for 30 days. In its free version, you will be allowed a daily data-limited of 300MB and can use all available locations. You can get heavy discount offers by using the Kaspersky coupon code.


Have you ever tried PureVPN, if not then you should try for at least once. It is a very good VPN and is also top-rated. It uses a 256-Bit Encryption technology for keeping you safe. With it, you can also enjoy secured Wi-Fi and can also use public Wi-Fi without leaking your IP. It also supplies you with the VPN Kill Switch that it a very useful tool. If you opt for its 1-year plan that you can use it for free for a week. That means that you can enjoy all of its features without spending anything. And if you didn’t like it, then you also have the option of canceling your subscription. Use PureVPN coupon code and save an immense amount of your money.


Save 60% off on the Bitdefender coupon code and enjoy all the security features.

Bitdefender Internet Security or simply called the Bitdefender VPN is a software dedicated to securing online activities. This can be used in a maximum of 10 devices simultaneously. It not only monitors your online activities but it also secures WebCam and microphone. You can use its free version for 30 days without providing any bank details. With its free, you will also get a 200MB daily browsing limit. Go and check out our Bitdefender coupon code for various disocunt offers.


It is one of the greatest VPN and is very popular because of its ability to bypass the Chinese Firewall. It is a very fast and secure VPN and with it you never have to worry about security. With it you can also enjoy secured online streaming. It has more than 5400 servers in almost 60 countries and you can switch your location among these servers. It also provides a dedicated IP to you that can only be used by you. You can also use it as a chrome extension. If you want to use it for free, then Nord provides a free version that is valid for 30 days. Here is the chance to get upto 70% off by using NordVPN coupon code while making the purchase.


Norton is a very popular antivirus brand and has also developed a plan for securing the internet. It helps you in anonymously browsing the web and you can also initiate banking transactions by using it. It is available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Buying its paid plan can cost you around $25 and you can also enjoy it for free. Norton provides a 7-day free trial under which you can use it and access all of its features. Use Norton VPN coupon code and save lots of money.


CyberGhost is a very nice and high performance VPN based in Romania. With this, you can safely access live streaming on OTT platforms like Netflix. It masks your IP while you are over the web. It uses 256-bit military-level encryption. Moreover, you can also use the public Wi-Fi without having fear of leaking your IP as it masks your device IP. You can also initiate your banking transactions without having fear of losing any details. You can try it for free, without paying anything for 24 hours in 7 devices at the same point of time. Also you can use CyberGhost coupon code for latest discount offers on their plans.


Hidemyass of HMA is a well-known VPN brand and is providing a virtual network since 2005. It is the subsidiary of Avast and was taken over by it in 2016. In almost 290 locations, it has over 1100 servers. It also provides a maximum of 20GBPS connection speed. You can also use in a maximum of 5 devices at a single point of time. Its paid plan might cost you around $3 per month. Although, you can also enjoy it for free for 30 days by opting for any of the paid plans. In case, you want to discontinue your services, then you can get a full refund. Go check out our HideMyAss coupon code for getting a massive discount.


Avira is a German device security brand and is also known for dealing in virtual networks. It also allows you to download its free version for keeping your device secure without paying anything. With it, you can maintain your privacy and keep your online activities safe. It provides end to end encryption with a no-logging policy.  So, if you want to enjoy secured social networking and banking then this can be perfect for you. You can get Avira VPN plans at a low price by using Avira coupon code.


AVG is a very popular antivirus brand, however, you can also find a VPN in its store. This VPN promises to secure your Wi-Fi connectivity and keeps your online activities private. With it, you can also access all the restricted data available around the globe. It can be used in 5 devices simultaneously and you can choose from 50 available locations. It also provides an option for you for using it without paying anything for 7 days. For this free version, you don’t need to provide any of your banking details. Use AVG coupon code and get their plans with a massive discount.

So, these were the major platforms that can supply you with free antiviruses. You can select any of them without paying anything.

With which VPN shall I go?

which VPN is best free or paid

If it comes to paid VPNs, it is really hard to select anyone, as some costs are associated there. But when we talk about the free ones, then there is nothing to worry about. The only thing you should look for is whether the platform you are choosing is safe or not.

All the above-mentioned platforms are totally safe and secured and maintain your privacy. So, you can try any of them without any fear. In case if you don’t like anyone, then you can switch to the other ones.

But, if we have to pick anyone out of all these, then that should be NordVPN. It is a very good and well-known antivirus and never compromises its performance. So, you can use it at least once.