5 Best VPN For GameLoop 2024: Low Ping, Fast & Secure VPN

GameLoop is a gaming emulator that allows you to play mobile games on your computer. It is generally designed for the games like PUBG, Call of Duty,  League Of Legends, and other amazing games also. That’s why it is one of the most famous gaming emulators among gamers. So here we have mentioned 5 best VPN for GameLoop so that you can play it easily on your device.

But if you are a gamer and using this emulator to play games. Then it can be an issue for you as we know that GameLoop has many types of various games. That comes with geo-restrictions, which means they are restricted to some locations. This is the most common issue that most gamers face while playing through GameLoop.

That’s why many gamers search for the best VPN for GameLoop. Because a good VPN also helps you to overcome your lag or ping issues. So you can play without any interruptions with your friends. So here we today discuss the top 5 best VPN for Game Loop that can help you to choose a perfect one for yourself. 

Why Use VPN For GameLoop?

So before we move towards the best VPN to play on the GameLoop list let’s discuss the reasons to use VPN to play on Game Loop. Here are the reasons that consider using a VPN an advantage for you. 

Increase speed & Performance: This is the most amazing advantage of using a VPN for gaming. Because many gamers face lag or ping issues while playing games on GameLoop that’s why VPN helps you to reduce this kind of issue. So you could play smoothly without any restrictions.

Unblock Restricted Games:  It helps you to access those games that are restricted in your county. It means you can play any games with your friends just by connecting to a foreign VPN server. 

Privacy & Security: It is very safe to use a VPN for online gaming it protects you from DDoS attacks and other internet threats or hackers. 

How To Choose The Best GameLoop VPN?

Now, look at the factor that you have to look at before choosing a VPN. because not all VPNs give you a secured connection to access online games in GameLoop. That’s why here we mention the factors that you have to keep in mind. 

  • Huge Server Base: The best VPN for GameLoop should have various servers in non-restricted countries. So you could easily access any games in your restricted country. 
  • Obfuscation: It is one of the best features of VPNs. As we know many games have strict VPN policies that’s why it helps you avoid detection. It hides the fact that you are using a VPN. 
  • Security:  No one wants to get their data leaked, that’s why a GameLoop VPN should have high-security features. So you can do whatever you want online. 
  • Speed: A VPN should have the fastest speed so you can play any game smoothly without any interruptions with your friends. 
  • Price: Price can be considered a factor in choosing a VPN because you have to choose the best VPN under your budget.

Make sure you always use a trusted VPN, don’t try to install a free or cracked VPN version. It may cause 0x0 0x0 error in device, which is generally affected by some kind of malware.

So these are five major factors that you should keep in mind before choosing any VPN. So let’s move to the main topic and discuss all of the five VPN to play GameLoop. 

Top Five Best VPN For GameLoop – Quick Look

Top 5 Gameloop VPN For Gaming

If you are in a hurry then maybe it is hard for you to read the whole article and select one for yourself.  That’s why here we mention the best five GameLoop VPNs that can access any game in your country and gives you a smooth experience.

It Comes with secured servers and a fast speed connection. it is one of the most popular VPN for gaming.  it comes with lightning speed, so it helps you to reduce ping or lag issues. So you can play through GameLoop smoothly. Surfshark is the most popular VPN that gives you unlimited device connections. Also gives you features like split tunneling and smart DNS. One of the most secured VPNs on the market. It comes with larger network servers all over the world with various security features. It can be considered an affordable VPN on the market. It gives you lots of features such as a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and many other features. 

What Are The Best VPN To Play On GameLoop – In Detail

I know there can be some confusion about these GameLoop VPNs because we didn’t mention their complete features and prices. So let’s move forward and discuss these best five best VPN for GameLoop in detail.  So you could easily select one of the best VPN for yourself and play with your friends without any interruptions. 

#1 NordVPN: Most Popular VPN For Gaming

NordVPN For Gaming

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Let’s discuss NordVPN first, If you are searching for a VPN GameLoop then NordVPN always comes first. it is the most recommended VPN when it comes to gaming. It is very popular among users not because of its pricing but also for its features. NordVPN gives you a fast and secure connection to reduce your ping and lag issues.  It gives you a top upload and download speed and gives you a dedicated IP address to browse anonymously. 

It has more than 5500 servers in 59 countries, it has various fast and secure servers in restricted countries. So it helps you to access restricted games easily in your country. Also when it comes to security features NordVPN never disappoints you. As we know some of the games has strict VPN policy so it is not easy to access them with a VPN. But  NordVPN gives you an obfuscated server. it is the feature that hides the fact that you are using a VPN.  If you want to watch series and movies without any purchase from an OTT platform so you have to use this VPN for Thoptv for watching geo-restricted content. NordVPN also considered for BGMI VPN to play in geo-restricted countries.

NordVPN keeps no logs about your activity which means you don’t have to worry about your data. They didn’t save or store your online activity that’s why NordVPN is one of the best VPN for GameLoop. Also, it gives you many features such as DNS leak protection and comes with tunneling protocols like NordLynx, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. It gives you the most easy-to-use interface you just need to select the country and it’ll automatically connect you to the fastest server. NordVPN support various major platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, and many other platforms. 

Pros Of NordVPNCons Of NordVPN
Dedicated IP AddressNo free trial
Full Supports Torrenting and P2POnly 6 simultaneous connections 
No Logs PolicyObfuscated server required OpenVPN TCP
Military-grade encryption
DDoS Protection
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Unlock region lock games and apps 
24/7 Live chat support 

Price Of NordVPN

let’s move to the price of NordVPN, how much does NordVPN cost? Well, this is the most important factor when choosing a great best VPN to play GameLoop. Because a GameLoop VPN should be an affordable VPN. The basic pricing of NordVPN start from $11.99 per month.  Here we mention the all of plans and their price of NordVPN, so you can choose any plan that is suitable for you. Also, they offer you 30 day trial with a money-back guarantee, Also you can get their service at a low price by using the NordVPN coupon code. 

Monthly $11.99 /mo$12.69 /mo$13.99 /mo
1 Year plan$4.99 /mo$5.69 /mo$6.99 /mo
2 Year plan $3.99 /mo$4.69 /mo$5.99 /mo

ExpressVPN; Most Fastest VPN For GameLoop Emulator

ExpressVPN Gameloop Coupon Code

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Let’s move to the second VPN of this GameLoop VPN list now comes the fastest VPN on the market. It is known for its speed and security features all around the world. It has various marvelous features that help you to access banned games in your restricted country such as PUBG etc. if you are facing lag or ping issues while playing on GameLoop then ExpressVPN is a great option to solve this problem. 

It comes with many security features that make ExpressVPN an unbreakable VPN security. It used 256 AES bit encryption and gives you amazing features such as a kill switch. So if your internet connection drops then your data will be safe and locked until the connection is restored. So you don’t have to worry about security, as they follow protocols like OpenVPN and many others. Also, they give you multiple server switches which means you can switch to multiple servers easily. Also, ExpressVPN is used as best VPN for low ping PUBG because its provide you so much speed for your gaming.

Just like NordVPN ExpressVPN also follow a zero logs policy. They didn’t save any data for what you do online. So you don’t have to worry about your data just play on GameLoop with your friends. They ensure that your data will not be leaked or tracked in any case. It has more than 3000 servers in various restricted countries and allows you to connect upto 6 devices at the same time. This will help you to access any restricted games in your country. It supports many platforms Windows, Android, iOS, and many other platforms. If you want to watch MX Player series and in your country MX Player is Banned so use this VPN and watch all the series and movies without any problem. this is the best vpn for MX Player also.

Pros Of ExpressVPNCons Of ExpressVPN
Large and secure VPNMost Expensive among the other providers
256 AES bit strong encryption Slow speed with OpenVPN
Supports Torrenting Only 6 simultaneous connections 
Zero Logs Policy 
Premium security features 
DDoS protection & Split Tunneling 
Browser Extension 
30 days money back guarantee 

Price Of ExpressVPN:

Now what are the prices or plans of ExpressVPN? Well, let me tell you first that ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive GameLoop VPNs among the others. But we can say that this VPN is value for money as it gives you many features. Also, they offer you 30 day free trial with a money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like their service you can get your money back. Let’s come to the prices, the basic pricing of ExpressVPN starts from $12.99 per month. Also, you can make this VPN for GameLoop affordable by using the ExpressVPN coupon code. So here we mention the plans and their prices. 

1 Month$12.95 /month
6 months$9.99 /month
12 months$6.67 /month

3. Surfshark VPN: Unlimited Device Connections For GameLoop

Next on the GameLoop VPN list is Surfsark VPN which gives you many marvelous features just like another expensive provider. Surfshark can be considered the most affordable and reliable VPN service provider on the market. It helps you to boost network speeds and also reduce ping and game latency. So you could get a smooth gaming experience on GameLoop with your friends. It comes with the most easy-to-use interface. So you could navigate with Surfshark easily. 

Surfshark is not only known for its affordable price but also for its amazing features. It gives you unlimited simultaneous device connection at the same time. It means you can use this VPN for GameLoop on many devices as you like. Also, they offer you lots of features such as Smart DNS and P2P optimized server, and many more. They will never disappoint you when it comes to security or data privacy. As they guard your data by using AES 256 GCM encryption. So you could play on GameLoop without any interruptions with your friends. Also, they keep no logs about your activity so you don’t have to worry about the data leak or your online activity tracking. 

They have one of the latest features camouflage modes which are the same as obfuscated server mode. It helps you to hide the fact that you are using a VPN to play GameLoop as some of the games have strict VPN policies. Also, they give you the Kill switch option and provide you with a masked IP address. Surfshark is available for all the platforms such as Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and many other platforms. 

Pros Of Surfshark VPNCons Of Surfshark VPN
Unlimited device connectionsNo dedicated IP Address
No Logs Policies No free plan
Accept Crypto Currencies 
256 AES bit encryption
Ad Blocking feature 
GPS spoofing on Android devices 
Split Tunneling
30 Days money back guarantee

Price Of Surfshark VPN

So as we mentioned above Surfshark is an affordable VPN that provides marvelous features as other expensive VPN providers. They have one unique specialty which is they accept cryptocurrencies. It means you can purchase their plans also by using cryptocurrencies. They offer you 30 day free trial with a money-back guarantee. So you can ask for a refund if you don’t like their service while playing on GameLoop. Let’s move to the pricing of Surfshark. The basic pricing of Surfshark VPN starts from $12.95 per month. Also, we mention all three plans of Surfshark, you can choose any of them that is suitable for you. 

1 month12 month24 month
$12.95 /month$3.99 /month$2.49 /month

4. Private Internet Access: Most Secured VPN For GameLoop

Private Internet Access VPN Offer

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If you are very serious about your data security or privacy issues. Then I would like to recommend you the most secure VPN Private Internet Access (PIA). It gives you permission to do whatever you want to do online anonymously. They provide you an average speed with a secure and reliable connection. So you could play on the GameLoop emulator with your friends without any worry. It comes with an easy interface so anyone can use it without any problem. 

Private Internet Access comes with lots of features that persuade you to purchase their subscription. They follow the most highly secured protocols such as OpenVPN and WireGuard and many other protocols. Also, you can use their custom DNS settings, port forwarding, remote ports, and proxies. They guard your data with strong AES 256-bit encryption. So you don’t have to worry about your data privacy while playing on GameLoop. PIA comes with more than 30000 servers in 84 countries. They have many servers in most of the restricted servers so you can easily access any game on GameLoop. 

PIA is an open-source VPN so you don’t have to download any kind of application on your device. You just need an internet connection and a browser for playing on GameLoop. It comes with a kill switch option so you don’t have to worry about your data if your connection drops. It will be locked and safe and cannot be leaked in any case. They offer you 10 connections at the same time. So you can connect upto 10 devices at the same time to play on GameLoop. 

Thousand of serversSplit tunneling feature is unreliable
Great for P2P and Torrenting No obfuscation feature
10 Simultaneous connections
DDoS option + Dedicated IP address
Port forwarding
Strong security and encryption
Block ads and malware
30 days money back guarantee

Price Of Private Internet Access:

Let’s come to the PIA cost, what is the price of PIA? Well PIA is the most secured VPN as we mentioned above. So it can be slightly expensive for you but don’t worry. We have an amazing Private Internet Access coupon code that helps you to get their service at a low price. Also, they offer you 30 days trial with a money-back guarantee so you can check if their service with this trial. So the basic pricing of PIA starts from $11.99 per month. The longer plan you purchase the more you save. These are the 3 plans of PIA, you can purchase any of them. 

1 month1 year3-year
$11.99 /month$3.33 /month$2.03 /month + 3 months

5. IPVanish VPN: Low Ping VPN To Play On GameLoop Emulator

IPVanish VPN Offer Code

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Let’s come to the end of this GameLoop VPN for GameLoop list, last but not least on this list is IPVanish. Whenever you search for a VPN for gaming then IPVanish will always be on the list. We can say that IPVanish is a value-for-money or budget-friendly VPN, as they offer you various kinds of features. If you are facing ping or lag issues while playing on GameLoop. Then you should definitely go for IPVanish VPN as they help you to avoid these issues. This IPVanish provides the lowest price for 1 year plan for VPN.

It comes with many features such as DNS/IP leak protection and they secure your data by AES 256-bit encryption. Also, they give you a kill switch feature so if your connection drops while playing on GameLoop. Then your data will be safe and locked until your connection is restored. They follow world-class secured protocols such as IKEv2. OpenVPN, L2TP/ IPsec. So you don’t have to worry about your data or hackers and government agencies. While playing restricted games on GameLoop. Also, they keep no logs about your online activity, so they never save or share your data with anyone in any case. Also you can considerd this VPN for lifetime with one time payment.

IPVanish has more than 2k servers in 75 countries, so it helps you to access restricted games in your country easily. Also, they give you 24/7 customer support, so you don’t have to wait for the solution to your queries. You can ask them about your queries at any time. IPVanish can be used on many Major platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and many more. 

WireGuardBased In the US
Zero Logs PolicyLimited steaming capabilities
Kill Switch
World Class protocols 
Good for Torrenting
Unlimited simultaneous connections

Price Of IPVanish VPN:

Now let’s come to the price of IPVanish, at what cost you can get IPVanish? The first thing is they offer you 30 days trial with a money-back guarantee. So you could test their service and if you don’t like their services. Then you can take your money back easily without any problem. If you think IPVanish VPN is a bit expensive then you can go for the IPVanish coupon code to get a massive discount on their services. The basic pricing of IPVanish starts from $3.99 per month. Here are all three plans of IPVanish you can select any one of them that is suitable for you.

Monthly QuarterlyYearly
$3.99 /month$5.32 /month$10.99 /month

Can You Use A Free VPN For GameLoop?

Well, there are lots of free GameLoop VPNs on the market that you can use. But we don’t recommend you to go for a free VPN to play GameLoop. Because of fewer security features, there is no guarantee about your privacy issues. Due to low-quality security, your data will be trackable to others. This will also affect your gaming experience you might face DDoS attack issues. So it is better to use paid and reliable VPN GameLoop. That’s why we don’t mention any free VPN on our VPN to GameLoop list. You can select any of them that we mention above and enjoy playing on GameLoop with your friends. 

How To Install And Use A VPN In GameLoop?

So this is the most important part. If you are ready to purchase a VPN to play GameLoop then did you know how to install it? Did you know how to use this VPN to get a smooth gaming experience on GameLoop? That’s why here we mention the step-by-step guide that helps you to install and use this VPN. 

  1. Select the best VPN from our page and then click on the Get Offer button. 
  2. This will redirect you to the official page of your choosing VPN. 
  3. Now sign up and pay for your preferred plan. 
  4. Then download and install VPN for GameLoop emulator
  5. Now install and set up your GameLoop account.
  6. Open GameLoop, go to the menu section then click on “Local APK Installation.”
  7. A notification will show up then click on the VPN apk that you installed earlier.
  8. Sign in to the VPN with the account information. 
  9. Choose your preferred VPN server.
  10. Then you can check for your VPN in the “Me” section of the GameLoop

These are some simple steps that help you to download and install a GameLoop VPN in your system. So you can avoid lag or ping issues by using VPN to play on GameLoop and get a smooth gaming experience. 

Do VPN Slow Down Your GameLoop?

There is not any specific answer for this, but we can say that yes this is a normal thing.  Due to overcrowding and other server issues, every VPN affects your gaming experience and slows down it slightly. But sometimes you face these issues because of your internet connection. So it is better to use a high-speed internet connection and a perfect server to avoid lag or ping issues while playing on GameLoop. 

Final Thoughts For Best VPN For GameLoop

In the end after reading the whole article I don’t think there is not any kind of confusion related to VPN GameLoop left in your mind. So I like to recommend to you my personal favorite NordVPN to play on GameLoop. Due to its beginner-friendly interface and many marvelous security features. Also, you can go for other GameLoop VPNs that we mentioned above because all of them best VPNs that we choose through our research. So you can choose any VPN among them that is suitable for you to play on GameLoop without any interruption with your friends. 

Is GameLoop Illegal?

No, GameLoop Is completely legal in every country you can easily use the GameLoop emulator but you cannot play restricted games on GameLoop. To access them you have to use the VPN that we mention above.

Can GameLoop VPN reduce ping?

Yes, using VPN to play on GameLoop can reduce your ping and lag issues. So you could get smooth gameplay.

Does a VPN for GameLoop cause lag?

If your VPN has limited servers, you could experience VPN lag during using GameLoop because of overcrowding servers. So it is better to choose a VPN with huge server options.

What is a good ping for GameLoop?

A good ping while playing on GameLoop can be considered as 20ms and 50ms to 100ms ping can be average ping but more than 150 ping causes high ping issues.

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