Web Hosting’s History: From Stone Age To the Modern Age

Technology is advancing at a fast pace. With every new development, changes are being made to the web hosting business. The internet and web hosting services are probably some of the greatest inventions. Web hosting is the business that provides the services and technologies needed for the websites or web pages to be viewed on the Internet. If you are looking for cost-effective and reliable web hosting services, visit hostiserver.com.

Web Hosting's History

How It All Began

The internet has been in the continuous process of evolution and is now powered by more than 50 million websites. The idea of web hosting started with the idea of networking. J.C.R. Licklider at MIT had visualized a network concept that was based on the idea of globally interconnected computers. According to the concept, though these computers, resources and information could be easily accessed from any website.

Web hosting began in the year 1991 when things revolutionized. The ideas took the form of reality, though the services were not as advanced in the beginning as they are today. A lot of commercial possibilities were introduced because the internet opened doors to opportunities we could only imagine before. The revolution that happened in the year was called the revolution of electronic commerce. Back then, the internet and web pages were restricted to universities and experts, but with time their limit expanded.

Difference between Then and Now

The web hosting services that are being used today were not like this always. When web hosting was first introduced in the market, it was not something that could be operated by everybody. Once there was a real potential for web hosting, companies began to establish and offered their services to people who wanted their web pages hosted throughout the internet. The companies cashed in on this opportunity because the formats and interfaces were not easy and not everyone could use it because of the complexity and high cost. It did, however, become easier for the common man to access the web pages and websites addresses.

As time has passed, web hosting has become less complicated. Web hosting business is worth billions of dollars today. Now there are various types of web hosting services including shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS and cloud-based web hosting that are designed according to people’s requirements and their website. Web hosting services are now available for reasonable prices and in some cases are entirely free as the advertisements power them. Large computer companies used to rent out their space from their servers, and now it has become a whole industry in itself. Millions of people offer such services and host the web pages. Earlier only large companies could afford to provide such services; now even individuals can do that job and host web pages. Anyone can grasp the concept with a little study and learning.

The web hosting services have changed a lot since they were first introduced years ago. Web hosting has become a big business in itself that basically controls the internet now.

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