What is CyberLink power2Go and do I need it?

CyberLink Power2Go is a disc burning software in simple words. Disc burning is actually writing the files or data on a disc. However, it is not limited to only disc burning. 

Power2go helps you make Blu-ray and DVD discs and transferring media files to your android device. 

With its advanced burning engine, it is super easy for you to burn the data and files from your CDs, DVDs, PCs, Blu-ray discs, etc. 

You can easily get backup data for your PC or window system to a disk or a USB drive. It is a no-brainer now with Cyberlink Power2go. 

Now you know what CyberLink power2go is and what it does. But the big question is, do you need it? 

The answer you’ll after going through all the key aspects of Power2go in this article. 

But first, let’s check out Power2go’s main features and how they can make things easier for you. 

What are the Key Features of  Cyberlink Power2go? 

Disc Burning 

Power2go gives Desktop Burning Gadget feature that helps you burn to any disc easily by drag and drop. Moreover, this is super-fast to do. 

It offers a wide range of discs to burn your data. For example, CDs, DVDs, author Blu-rays, Blu-rays, AVCHD discs, etc.

Cyberlink Power2go

You can also burn ISO files by using ISO viewer to browse and organize the ISO disc images.  

The bottom line is that when it comes to disc burning then Power2go has various options and features for you to make the data burning process easier and faster. Moreover, you get a wider range of discs to burn. 

Movie Disc Authoring 

There are various new and enhanced features added to Power2go for making movie disc authoring more convenient and advanced. 

You can make attractive tailor-made DVD menus with amazing background audio, catchy titles, and photo gallery.  

Free background music is a new feature added to power2go 13. You get a lot of tracks to make your discs for appealing and if you wish you can choose music from your own hard drive.

 movie disc

Moreover, you can customize and adjust the background music. For example, you can adjust the volume of any background music for the disc you burn.  

The Premium menu pack gives you access to a lot of templates with a lot of themes that you can use in various kinds of videos. 

With power2go 13 you can trim and preview the videos. And it is a very good option before you start burning. 

And finally, you can also resize and set the high-quality videos onto a disc by using the Smart Fit Feature of Power2go. This feature is pretty amazing as it automatically resizes the video files to the highest quality possible. And it increases the bit rate for using the free disc space. 

Convert and Transfer files/data

Power2go 13 has made converting and transferring files and data easier. It supports all the latest formats of videos, images, and audio. 

 power2go best software

It uses H.265 encoding and decoding for converting and transferring files on other devices like the iPhone. 

Power2go has this TrueTheater Enhancement feature. This feature automatically converts all the transferred videos to the highest quality. This is how you can watch your favorite videos without worrying about the quality. 

For saving the storage space it has advanced techs like HEVC (H.256) for video formats and HEIC for supporting the image format. 


With Power2go you can easily get back up data/files to your windows system to a single USB drive. Moreover, you can also use a  removable USB flash drive for backup. 

You can download the videos from Youtube in 4K and HDR. You can watch them even when you’re offline. 

And also you can backup and upload videos from Vimeo. For this, you can use an external USB, hard drive, and mobile. 

military grade encryption

Military Grade Encryption for protection

Power2go comes with one-click 256-bit military-grade encryption for ensuring the ultimate security of your devices. This what secures your data and files.

What is the latest version of CyberLink Power2go? 

The latest version of Cyberlink Pwer2Go is Power2Go 13 and it was launched on 11 June 2019. It is all in one solution of disc burning, movie disc authoring, backup data, and files, etc. It has various advanced and new features added to it in order to make more complete and comprehensive disc burning software. 

Is CyberLink Power2go free?

Yes, you can download the free version of CyberLink Power2Go 13 from the official website. The downloading file is around 192 MB and you can download it and install it. 

power2go file size

However, it will not have all the advanced and new features that you will only find in the paid version of this disc burning software. 

How much is Cyberlink Power2go? 

CyberLink Power2Go 13 offers 30% OFF and the discounted price is $ 48.99. This price is based on a 30% OFF sale that ends on May 3rd, 2021. And also this price is for all the new users. The price for upgrade users is $ 27.99

Power2go prices

Final Thoughts

Power2Go 13 is one of the best and most popular discs burning solutions in the world.  

Now we’re going to answer the question, do you need it? 

If you convert and transfer files and data often, need backup security and want to enhance the video quality, and much more then you definitely need it. 

We have already discussed all the key features it has in this article. The price is reasonable and it is 30 percent off also.

Overall the features and functions of this software are very good. For getting more details about this product you can visit the official website. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. Good luck! 

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