What is Shared Hosting?

Do you know Shared hosting? If not then we discuss in broadly this blog article. Shared hosting is a kind of web hosting which permit the multiple websites to use the single server. Shared hosting types are perfect for startup and small online businesses, which have low budget. Every hosting provider company offers this type plan at very reasonable prices. Hostgator Shared hosting is the perfect choice for starting your blogging career.


There are plenty of advantages below we are sharing few Ideas

  • With lots of people using the same server the money split between them which resulted in very low-cost hosting services. It is the only hosting which is very cheapest and affordable for everyone. You can easily buy its plan just at $2.22 to $9.99.
  • Very simple and you can easily manage and upgrade your hosting. You do not need to pay extra money to the hosting company worker for organizing your technical maintenance, it includes in your hosting packages.
  • It is very flexible and self manage. According to your wish, you can easily change your plan and budget whenever you need.
  • Best for startup and small scale businesses.
  • It gives you an in-built c-panel which help you to easily manage your website without any problem.
  • Needs very low maintenance as compared to other hosting sites.
  • Including the option of more than one database, they are providing you a vast range of emails at your domain.

 Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

  • The biggest problem of the shared hosting is security that the server faces the most. As many of the website using the same server and everyone have access because of which mostly the hacking problem comes in shared hosting.
  • There is very less area which you can control with your login information apart from this you have the limited permission to your server.
  • As compared to the other hosting servers the shared hosting has very fewer features which you can use.
  • Sometime website may go slow and take so much time to load because all website is using the same server.
  • As your sites getting a high level of traffic you will notice that it is performing worse.

How Much Shared Hosting cost?

As we all know that as compared to other hosting services, It is the cheapest hosting plan. It Is very affordable and you can easily purchase the hosting. It only costs $3/month to $9/ month which is a very reasonable price. It is budget friendly and you can easily pay. It gives you a variety of features in a very correct rate.

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