Who Unfollowed Me On Clubhouse In 2023? [Unfollowers Clubhouse]

The clubhouse is a social audio platform used in iOS and Android where users can talk to each other in audio chat rooms. This is also known as social audio or drop-in audio.

Everyone wants that they have a large number of followers in their Clubhouse. But if your followers get reduced day by day then you have curious to know about that How to know who unfollowed me on Clubhouse? 

So you are at the right place we discuss everything about Unfollowers Clubhouse. So read this article carefully.

Why It Is Important To See Who Unfollowed You on Clubhouse In 2023?

Knowing who unfollowed you on Clubhouse plays a crucial role in your Clubhouse account activities.

  • It helps to determine who is interested in your conference meetings and which content you share.
  • You are able to know about problem areas and able to understand the interest of your followers.
  • After seeing who unfollowed you on Clubhouse you can work harder to overcome your imperfection. 

How To Check Who Unfollowed Me On Clubhouse In 2023?

Here mention these methods help you can quickly see who unfollowed you on Clubhouse which is as follows:

How To Check Who Unfollowed Me On Clubhouse?

Method 1: Using a Manual Approach

This technique helps to know who unfollowed me on Clubhouse or if you have doubts about some they unfollow you. Check out their Manual approach steps which are:

  • Open Clubhouse and login into your account.
  • After that click on your profile icon.
  • Then tap on followers you see the follower’s option mentioned with a number.
  • If you think that person unfollows you, then a search bar is available enter your friend’s username.
  • After finding your friend’s profile you can tap on the following option and search for your name on the search bar.
  • After searching if you don’t find your profile in your friend following list it means they unfollowed you on Clubhouse.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Apps

There are many third-party apps available on the play store that help you to keep a record of your Clubhouse. Like Clubhouse Unfollowers and Clubhouse unfollow finder APK (Android App).

Download Clubhouse Unfollowers

 Here we explained the steps of the Clubhouse Unfollowers app help you to find a Clubhouse unfollowed account which is:

  • Download the Clubhouse Unfollowers application on your Android.
  • Launch Clubhouse followers.
  • Enter your phone number and click on the next button.
  • After that verification code comes on your entered mobile number.
  • Enter the confirmation code and click on next.
  • Then the list of Unfollowers clubhouse Accounts is displayed on your screen.

Download Clubhouse Unfollow Finder APK (Android App)

Clubhouse Unfollow Finder is an Android application for Clubhouse that helps to know who followed me on Clubhouse. Here mentions steps helps to download Clubhouse Unfollow on your Android device which is:

  • Search for Clubhouse Unfollow Finder on the App Store or Play Store.
  • After this click on the install button.
  • Then click on open.
  • Enter your username and click on add account.
  • After that, your account gets open and shows unfollowing list. 
  • Finally, you are able to see who unfollowed me on Clubhouse.

These are some techniques that help to find out who unfollowed me on Clubhouse. So use these steps to find out who unfollows you.

The Benefit Of Knowing Who Has Unfollowed You On Clubhouse

These are some benefits of knowing who has Unfollowed me on Clubhouse which is following:

  • It helps you to figure out what’s working or what’s not on your Clubhouse account which helps to reduce the chances of Unfollowers Clubhouse.
  • Fans are very important to every influencer so if you know who unfollowed you on Clubhouse then you can work on this.
  • If you know about your Unfollowers then you can motivate and work harder to get back your Unfollowers to follow you back.
  • Most people are followed popular streamers by finding who unfollowed you on Clubhouse this helps to find out your loyal followers.

So never get depressed after knowing your Unfollowers on Clubhouse or work harder to share on audio call some informative content that causes a good impact on your fans.

Does Clubhouse Tell You When Someone Unfollows You?

No, The clubhouse does not notify you when someone unfollows you. You will be unable to see notifications because It stops sending messages about Clubhouse activities.

You can just figure out who unfollowed you on Clubhouse by seeing your following list.

Can You Unfollow Someone On Clubhouse In 2023?

Yes, you can unfollow someone on the Clubhouse by doing some clicks. Check out these steps to unfollow anyone on Clubhouse.

  • Tap on the profile photo of the person who wants you to unfollow.
  • Now you can see the following icon right next to the name of the user tap on that icon.
  • When you unfollow someone the text of the icon changes from following to follow the color of the icon also gets changed.

After doing these simple steps you can easily unfollow someone on your Clubhouse account.

How To Prevent People From Unfollowing You On Clubhouse In 2023?

You should follow these steps which help to prevent you from Unfollowers Clubhouse which is as follows:

  • Keep in your mind what generates public interest so much by there is no chance of unfollowing you on Clubhouse.
  • Listen to the speaker and ask questions when you listen to the speaker carefully then you actively participate in the conversation.
  • Actively Join the chat which gives good impressions to your followers.
  • Set an individual notification to each person for an upcoming room or scheduling an event.
  • The home Page of the Clubhouse is known as the “hallway”. You can customize your home page according to your interest and the people who follow you.
  • Make your Clubhouse Bio Attractive and informative using bullets and emojis and offer links.

By following these all points in your Clubhouse audio social app you can get a positive impact on your followers.

Why I Am Losing Followers On Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is an active social audio platform with many users and their interests get changed from time to time. People change their clubhouse to get new experiences according to their interests.

Does Clubhouse notify them when you unfollow someone?

No, when you unfollow someone they won’t notify them you are not able to see their clubhouse activities.


Everyone has the curiosity to know who unfollowed me on Clubhouse when their followers get reduced day by day.

You can check your Unfollowers by using Manual Approach and using Third-Party App. In the Manual Approach simply you can go to your profile then there is an option for followers. By clicking on this you can see who unfollows you.

Clubhouse Unfollowers and Clubhouse Unfollow finder APK (Android App) are two apps that help to identify Clubhouse Unfollowed.

So by using these techniques, you can identify your Unfollowers and work hard to get back your followers.

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