Camtasia Education Vs Camtasia: How Are They Different?

Offered by TechSmith, Camtasia is a quite popular video editing software. However, it is also primarily famous for its amazing screen recording capabilities. This software is available in two versions named Camtasia Studio and Camtasia Education. This makes it a bit confusing for all the users which version they should choose. That’s why, here we will tell you about Camtasia Education vs Camtasia Studio, and which software you should buy.

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To make this comparison more transparent, we will tell you about the differentiation in price and features that you will get in both of these versions.

Differentiation In Camtasia Studio Vs Camtasia Education Pricing

Camtasia Education is a special version of this software that is focused to make video editing tools affordable for students. The Camtasia price for students is $214.71 for every single license. Whereas, you can get it at as low as $190.13 if you make a bulk purchase with Camtasia Education discount.

On the other hand, the pricing of Camtasia is a one-time purchase of $299.99 for every single license. But you can save more and get an instant discount by using our Camtasia discount code.

Is There Any Difference Between Features Of Camtasia Studio Vs Camtasia Education?

As far as features are concerned, you will not find any difference between Camtasia Studio and Camtasia Education version. Both of these versions are identical and offer the same kind of stuff. However, there are some monetary aspects that create differentiation between these programs. We have mentioned those aspects for you in the further part.

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Camtasia Studio Vs Camtasia Education: Comparing Various Factors

Now, let’s discuss the major privileges that you will get with the Education version of Camtasia as compared to its ordinary version. 

Lower Renewal Cost

Apart from ordinary pricing, the major area where these programs differ is in their renewal cost. The cost of renewing the Camtasia Studio software is $50 per year. Whereas, you can renew the student version of Camtasia by paying just $42.94 per year.

Heavy Bulk Discounts

The second major differentiating factor between these two versions is their bulk prices. You can get the education license of Camtasia software by paying just $190.13 if you purchase just 15 licenses at a time.

On the flip side, individuals and businesses can get this software at the price of $239 even if they make a bulk purchase of $239.04.

Tax Exemptions

The next monetary benefit that is linked to owning this Camtasia education version is the heavy tax exemptions. Whereas, there isn’t any such exemption provided for the normal users or businesses.

So, between Camtasia Education vs Camtasia Studio, you will get heavy rebates on taxes if you choose the Education license.

Eligibility Criteria

As we can see, there are some amazing monetary benefits linked to the use of Camtasia Education. That’s why many users might think to purchase this license. But the Education license of Camtasia is a restricted software and is not available for everyone.

This version is available only for students, teachers, and educational institutions. Also, it should only be used for teaching, learning, and administrative purposes.

On the other hand, ordinary Camtasia Studio software is available for everyone. Anyone, whether it is a student or a business organization can own this license.

Camtasia Education Vs Camtasia Studio: The Bottom Line

As we can see, there isn’t any characteristic difference between Camtasia Studio and Camtasia Education license. However, you will find many differences between their prices.

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