Snagit Education Vs Snagit 2024 Comparison

Snagit is a simple screen capturing or screen recording software designed by Techsmith. This software is mainly used for adding context, sharing images, GIFs, and videos on multiple platforms. There are two versions available which are Snagit and Snagit Education 2024 that might be confusing for some users to choose one in between them. So here we have compared Snagit Education vs Snagit, to know which software you should purchase.

Snagit 2023
Snagit Education
Snagit Education

We have differentiated them on many aspects that will make it clear to all users. But first, we will look up to their features and prices.

Price Differentiation Between Snagit 2023 Vs Snagit Education

Snagit is just an ordinary version that can be purchased by any individual or business. But Snagit Education is specially designed for students to make an inexpensive purchase for them. The Price of Snagit software is $62.99 whereas Snagit Education will cost you $37.99. Both of its versions provide a volume discount if you buy 5 or more licenses. But users can use the Snagit coupon code to get a discount on the purchase of this software.

So with this comparison, it is very much clear that the Snagit Education version is quite more affordable than Snagit. Check out the Snagit spring sale to get a heavy discount on this software, which is available till 31st March.

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Does Sangit Education vs Snagit Provide Different Features?

As we have compared the features of Snagit Education and Snagit, there is no such difference between these two screen recording software. Although, price is the main factor that differentiates both of the Snagit versions. But there are some other aspects which can make them different from one another. Here we have described them to know more about these two screen capture programs.

Snagit Vs Snagit Education 2024: Other Factors Comparison

Here we have compared both Snagit and Snagit education on various aspects to know which is more suitable to buy.

Which Cost Lower Renewal Cost?

Above we have done the price comparison but now we will differentiate them as per the renewal cost. Snagit software renewal cost is $12.60 per year and Snagit Education is $7.60 per year. So here we can say that renewal cost is another differentiation factor between these two programs.

Who Can Purchase Snagit Education and Snagit Software?

Snagit software can be purchased for individual and business purchases as well. Also, students or educational organizations can use it for their own purposes. There is no limitation for anyone using Snagit software.

But Snagit Education can be purchased if you are a student and use it for teaching, studying, and educational purposes. It can not be used for commercial uses. Also, an education institute and organization also can not use Snagit education for their commercial use.

So here we got the clear difference that Snagit is used for any commercial purposes. Whereas  Snagit education is only used for learning and educational reasons.

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Can Tax-Redemptions Purchases Be Made With Snagit Education Or Snagit?

Well, Snagit Education has heavy tax deductions as compared to the ordinary Snagit software. There are no such tax rebates offered for other normal or commercial uses. 

To claim tax redemptions users must enter a tax-exempt certificate number at the time of online purchase. 

Snagit Education Vs Snagit 2023: Final Verdict

In the overall comparison of Snagit vs Snagit Education, we did not find such differences between these two. But yes the only biggest difference between them is the price and eligibility criteria. Snagit is used by anyone whereas Snagit Education is only for students and administrative purposes. Other than this, you will get the same features with both Snagit and Snagit education.

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