Best Cheapest Dedicated Servers 2019

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List of high quality Cheapest Dedicated Servers 2016

Dedicated Sever is today’s need if you want to perform out in the search engine. Here we brought a list of Cheapest Dedicated Servers Hosting provider. The hosting company which gives you a small price for quality hardware, but will also provide you quality service and support. While making the list, we take care of following things.

*) Only Xeon Server are included

*) Quality Support

*) Minimum Hardware Configuration

We update this list on every month as per feedback of our user and company package changes. This Low-Cost Dedicated Server Hosting  list updated for 2019


ServerMania Low Pice Highly Configured Dedicated Servers

The company provides lots of options for Cheapest Dedicated Servers like SATA or SSD. There are many options of hardware, and you will like to get best at a reasonable price. ServerMania you love their management, they provide all option to manage dedicated servers. ServerMania is a highly configured server with quality management and best performance.

Dedicated Server ServerMania Quality

  1. Highly Customised
  2. DDoS Protection
  3. High-Quality Support with Quick response time

ServerMania is one of the best if you are planning to manage server by yourself and looking for best power. The server is fast and reliable, come with 15 min response for you support ticket. So you can Select ServerMania Cheapest and high performing servers without any worry. Also, important things you have to set WHM by yourself.

namecheap coupons

NameCheap Cheapest Dedicated Servers with good Hardware

As the name says, NameCheap provides low-cost Dedicated Servers with suitable hardware. $ 59 is an unbeatable price with this hardware which is perfect for faster website response time. NameCheap is few of option available in the market that provides Dedicated Server with Cpanel under $100 which cost around $84.

NameCheap Dedicated Hardware primary qualities are

  1. Highly Optimised Network
  2. Supermicro Server Hardware
  3. Decent performance
  4. Quality Hardware

NameCheap has developed real name from past few years with is quality and cheap service, and they mean it. So you can trust NameCheap Low-Cost Dedicated Servers.


Hostgator High-Quality Servers

I think you are shocked to see the Hostgator Servers on this list. But yes you can get Hostgator Dedicated Servers at a lower price. Hostgator brings a 60% off a discount very month for few hours. Here you can get 60% off on the original price and that up to three years time frame.

The high response and high-quality Dedicated Servers starts for $ 70 that too with Cpanel. So it the best offer on the server that you can own with a trusted name around the world. Hostgator 60% Off Coupons will work for few hours but will save your 1000s of Dollars on Dedicated Servers in real.

Hostgator Cheap Dedicated Server Quality 

  1. High-end quality hardware
  2. Trusted Support
  3. Quality Service and Performance

That’s a miracle when you get a Dedicated Severs from Hostgator for $ 70, But this you have to wait for right time, and you have to make your purchase. And we advise going for longer terms because this discount will work on 1st billing only.


godaddy coupons

Godaddy Dedicated Servers

Godaddy brings different configuration for dedicated servers. It better to go for the long term the Cheapest Dedicated Servers you will get is good, and you will also get some discount at the time of renewal.

They bring on of the best server with some of the standard features in all the servers are as

  1. Xeon E3-1220-v3
  2. VLM UDIMM DDR3, 1600MHz
  3. Linux with cPanel
  4. Free SSL Certificate for the first year

Godaddy improves its technology on the regular basis. They try to bring best of the products in the market. The money back policy is also robust. So we suggest you Godaddy Cheap Dedicated Server is also a good option. But you will save maximum on first term billing. Use of Godaddy renewal Promo Code will Give you some extra discount. The Most important thing is that your money is in safe hand. If you not like the service, you will get a refund in first 30 days. I tested this and I got the return after three months, but they deducted the three-month usages charge.


ASmallOrange Cheap Dedicated Servers

The company gives very attractive deals for its users. They bring some of the best options for the users. Maybe this can make 2nd or 3rd place in our ranking. But its delay support reply and even for sales query they two days to respond.

So their delay in support is the main reason it is last in the least. Here are the main features of AsmallOrange Low-cost Dedicated Servers

  • Xeon E3 servers
  • SSD Hard Drive Option
  • Basic support is free
  • Free CPANEL

So its is also a good option with stable price and quality product for your next Dedicated Server Hosting.

What main point you should look in Dedicated Server?

First of all before buying a dedicated server, please read our article

Do you need Dedicated Server Server for your website?

It will help you to know your requirement of a dedicated server. It is a costly service so before moving on it better to check your needs.

Use WHM – WHM powered with Cpanel one of the best Dedicated Server management panels, which saves your time. It increases the server cost from $30-$40 but is one the best tool. If you have a knowledge of managing the server, you can ignore.

See Support – Before you buy Server just try their support first though phone and email. If you got good response time and answered the question, then you can go for their service. But the delay in reply or response just ignores them like we have tried A Small Orange which response to sale email after 2-3 days. How they can give quality service their clients, So never go with these type of service providers even they give you Cheapest Dedicated Servers Pricing in the industry.

Go for SSD – The SDD will enhance the response time as compared to hard disk. But still few companies provide that, few companies use Hard Disk with high RPM to give better performance. That is not the important factor for Servers.

Are Cheap Dedicated Servers are Worth to Buy?

We can get Dedicate servers at an affordable price, not because of the compromise in hardware or performance. They are cheap because of the high demand and reusability. Now very one want that their website outperforms in all task and performance. So people are now more attracted towards high power VPS and Cheapest Dedicated Servers as compared to shared web hosting.

Here on this page, we have given you five Cheapest Dedicated Servers hosting company. They offer quality product and low pricing. It took a lot of time and research to provide you this list. So we request you to comment and update about your experience with the hosting companies. You can also email us on if you need any help or support.

Latest Updates we have done in this article

Above list, we have updated and removed DedicatedSolustions and GigaPros.

DedicatedSolution we have to say worst support, there is no one in the company picks their phone helpline anytime. We have tested calling to all their departments and never got phone picked. Its seem they are cheating with users and even their partners. So it got removed from our list

GigaPros is same, bad phone support and also have complained of down time.

We want our users to get safe and secure host. That’s why we update the list as per feedback and our testing on a regular basis.

Both servers are cheap but not worth to buy at all. Anyhow if you buy then take the back of data on daily basis.