Do You Need Dedicated Servers For Website Or Applications?

Why does the need for Dedicated Servers to Arise For Your Website Or Web Application? It is a question that comes to your mind due to many reasons. Your website may not be able to handle traffic and showing not be available many times in a single day. Database error is coming on a regular basis.

The website is getting hacked after a regular interval.

You want to outperform in google search and need more speed.

Need Of High Traffic Dedicated Server is Best

Above are the primary reason that may come to your mind and make you think to shift to dedicated servers. But your mind is not allowing it due to a huge expense that you have to bear with Dedicated resources. Also, you are thinking will you be able to manage a dedicated hosting or server. So in this post, we will try to solve your problem. We will give you an overview of the different types of web hosting available with the main needs of dedicated hosting.

The fact behind The Need Dedicated Servers For Websites Or Applications

Hello, friends, We brought you this article because we have gone through a time where we are starting working with Shared Web hosting and then shifted to VPS hosting after some time. At peak time, our website crashes, and hosting company support staff asked us to go for Dedicated Server.

But before you are going through this article, According to me, a Dedicated Server is worth to invest and will give you an edge in many cases that I will find while reading this page.

Type of Web Hosting

You can choose web hosting mainly of two types shared and dedicated. As the name says shared web hosting means multiple numbers of a website running on the same server. Dedicated is where all hardware and software belong to you only and only run your projects.

How come web hosting has many different hosting types?

It is the next question that comes to your mind. If there are only two types of web hosting. Then how do web hosting companies are promoting different types of hosting products like VPS hosting and hybrid hosting?

All hosting comes in shared web hosting type, but the company adds some extra value to their products and then markets them. Now I will explain just two of them that will make me understand everything clearly.

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared Hosting benefits & drawbacks

Shared hosting is the most affordable web hosting package which comes as low as $1 per month for you the first year. Here you will get a limited number of resources and power. You have a limit on the process that can run at once and limit cross all your supply will restart. You may see unlimited storage and bandwidth, but this all comes with hidden terms and conditions. It is an attraction that works in the maximum case because 80% of the website on the world wide web are consuming less than 5 GB of space.

The Benefit Of Shared Hosting

Economical – It is the biggest advantage of shared hosting costing is divided between users and as well as resources.

Easy to handle – All shared web hosting comes with a control panel that you can easily understand in a few hours, and there are a lot of tutorials avail be by the hosting company

Fast Setup – The hosting companies will provide working hosting immediately after payment. You will get your login details within a few minutes.

Lots of Features – Different hosting companies proved different types of custom features that make your regular task easy.

Free Goodies – There is a lot of free stuff which the hosting provider offers to attract new users like free advertising credits.

The Disadvantage Of Shared Hosting Environment

Hacking Risk – It’s an easy task to hack shared web hosting. Hosting companies try to take high-security majors, Buts it is still an easy task to do hacking with shared web hosting. More the 75% of hacking attempts are part of a shared environment.

Privacy Compromise – Your neighbor can get a lot of information about you very easily.

The adverse effect of Bad Neighbor – This is the worst thing that you may find like if your neighbor is spamming you also become part of that automatically.

Limited Power– It is bad when you are at a growing stage, you are working on your website through different sources. Time in the day comes when 100 viewers visit your website and at that time website crashes. Due to limited processes or power.

Above we have discussed the general advantage or disadvantages of a shared environment. It applies to all companies but may vary in risk factors as per the major taken by the hosting companies. So if you are a shared hosting user, you should take care of data. We will soon bring a write-up on security majors which you can take with a shared web hosting environment.

Now I think all readers get the best overview of shared hosting environments. Now we will talk about Dedicated Servers.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting means virtual private servers. Here you will get a virtual environment where you will get dedicated resources in a virtual environment. In simple there is a part of the server is will dedicate work for you. It is like PG where you get a complete room with privacy. But you will still work in a shared environment. But this is better than shared web hosting for the following reason

    Limited numbers of users

    Fixed resources will give boost website performance

So you find a whole bunch of different products from different hosting companies, but all of them will work in the shared or dedicated environment.

Now I will explain the advantage and disadvantages of shared environment, or you can say shared web hosting.

What is a Dedicated Server?

“Dedicated Server is like your personal computer in your company. Where thousands of computers are running, but you have your dedicated personal computer.”

– by Ajay Bihani

Above is the best way in mind to tell you about why the need for Dedicated Servers for Hosting. It’s a set of dedicated hardware and software which work for you only in the server room. Here hundreds of thousands of servers are running under the care of experts.

Need of Dedicated Servers

The first thing which came to your mind Can be I run my server from my place.

I will say it is a full idea, and It will cost very high and lots of disadvantages. I will explain to you this in features with an article if demanded.

Now we know what exactly a dedicated server is. Here you will have a hard disk, processor, ram, and a whole lot of things that work for you only. So what can be the negative things about this?

Here are the few negative things that discourage people from owning a dedicated server.

Costing – The cost of dedicated servers comes very high, which increases your website’s overall cost. It Limits the use of the dedicated server.

Handling – It is not easy to handle a dedicated server through the command line for everyone. So average users have to add a control panel which will insert the extra amount in your costing.

Not Managed – We have to look at our server on a regular basis for things like backup and killing of the unwanted process. The managed dedicated server will cost very high.

All the negative points of the shared hosting environment become positive of dedicated hosting. We will explain all the advantages of the dedicated server.

Power – With dedicated servers, you will get full power and resources. Which gives the best output regarding speed, processing, and database query.

Enhance SEO – With speed, you will boost your search presence and for that, you may need to do some tweaks.

High traffic – The website can manage high traffic efficiently.

Less Chance Hacking – The hacking attempts will be very less as compared to shared web hosting.

Our Advice To You Gets A Dedicated Server

You should have prior experience with shared web hosting. It will help you to manage the dedicated server quickly.

Get a control panel best will be WHM / CPANEL but you can also go for other panels if you have knowledge.

Get at a processor which is made for a server environment, ignore I3, I5-like processors.

You can get a perfect dedicated server for under $100 per month along with CPanel. See our Cheap Dedicated Server guide it may help you. Companies like Hostgator, and Godaddy provide quality servers, but their recurring is very high. So if you go to these types of hosting companies try to go for long timings.

Otherwise, you will find many companies with a low recurring cost like Server Mania and much more. See the Reviews before you buy the server. Do your research and take some time, Try to communicate with their support team. Ignore the hosting companies which take more than 12 hours to reply to your query.

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