How To Choose A Web Hosting Provider?


Today thousands of companies worldwide provide Web Hosting services. It becomes very difficult to choose one. The company provides a lot of attractive offers that make things more difficult. So we came here with certain points that tell you how to choose a web hosting  provider?

How To Choose A Web Hosting Provider?

Before selecting your web hosting provider, you should clear a few points.


What kind of website you are planning for? Are you going to make a simple HTML website or you are going to do some coding with PHP or ASP? If you are doing coding, Then you may need Data Base like MYSQL. Your website has pages that will change every day or you have some query pages. You have to decide what kind of presence your website should have.


Right now there are two platforms which are Linux and windows. An HTML website will run fine on both. But when come to coding Linux is preferred over open-source coding. Windows is preferred by its coding language like ASP.NET. You have to decide which platform will suit you best. Linux is less expensive with a lot of support. Windows is licensed based on quality coding.


The audience you want to reach. Global or limited to a country. You have an idea of this, You want a website that targets a country, then your server preference location should be that country. But the major case you will find is the website hosted in the USA as they provide world-class hosting at an affordable price.


There are a lot of resources that you need while running a website. Like a hard disk, processing power, bandwidth, OS, and much more. These depend on many factors. A static website with 10-15 pages, and a few images may take a space of upto 200 MB only. So small websites need minimum resources and bigger websites may take need more resources.

Above are the main factors which you should know before choosing a Domain hosting company. Some people which are technical also look for the SEO advantage of web hosting for personal website.

Points To Remember Before Choosing A Web Hosting

But it is very difficult to choose web hosting companies. So here are the few points you should go through before choosing one. Even big companies like Godaddy also provide Web Hosting renewal Coupon.

1) Attractive offers like $1 web hosting, Free Domain, and much more will attract you. But many things are kept hidden for that you should read the terms and conditions. You can call support and anything that they promise, you should take in an email in writing. This will help you in the long term.

2) You should know all major limits that are applied to you like the number of users at a time or process.

3) You should also know the limitation of offers because at the time of redemption of the offer you may come to know that it is valid for a specific country only.

The attraction is part of sales. Nowadays in a single hosting package, you will get many types of attractions and add-ons. But before that, you should check the basic need of that meeting or not.

The most important piece of advice, go for the short-term plan in starting which helps you to experience. If you find all thing good then you can buy them for the longer term.