How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Website?

Godaddy Coupons will help you to get the cheapest domain name. But let’s start from scratch about what we are talking about in the post title.

What is domain name?

Today every business rather small or big needs an online presence and for that, they need a website. To start a website the most important thing we need is a Domain Name. Not only do businesses need a domain even individuals like doctors, engineers, bloggers, even plumbers, and more need a website for their growth.

So all those people who need a website have Questioned in their minds like

What should be my domain name?

What should my website look like?

How much is my domain name worth?

How my website will help to grow my business?

There are many questions that may come to your mind today we are going to talk about the very first question that comes into your mind. What should be your domain and from where you should buy it.

First off let’s talk about how a domain name looks like


You have to choose a custom domain name and extension to get your desired domain name.

Best Domain Extension You Can Buy

We start with the domain extension, today there more than 100+ domain name extensions are available to choose from. But today we talk about what you should buy.

The first domain preference should be .com. It is the most important domain extension and the oldest one. Google and other search engine give preference to the .com extension and even our keyboards have a browser shortcut for this. After .com you can try .net and .org extension. But if you didn’t get any of them then try country-specific domain extensions like .us for the United States and .uk for the United Kingdom.

If your chosen domain is not available in .com, .net or .org domain name extensions then search country-level domain extensions which also help in local SEO because the search engine gives priority to country-level extensions for local results.

On Godaddy, you will be able to buy maximum extensions for a domain name that’s why it is the number one domain registrar worldwide.

Now you know what extension you want for your domain, So it is time to choose what domain name you should buy.

The Domain Name You Can Have

If you are running a business then your business name will be the best domain name for you because people will try to search for you with your business name when they are searching. If you provide some online services then you can have a services-related domain or you can try some catchy name that attracts people. Your domain name should be short and must be easy that people can remember.

Today you can have the domain name with the combination of multiple words because .com is very difficult to available.

How to choose a domain name?

You can get the new free domain name + host for $1 for the first year by using the Godaddy coupon. Even if you can buy as many domains as you want for $1 from GoDaddy, you need to create that many new accounts on GoDaddy. There are many Godaddy Renewal promo codes available for different amounts and different countries.

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