How Much My Domain Name Worth?

Do you know your domain name value? If you don’t know the value of your domain name. Certainly, you should check the value of this. The value of a domain name can be in the range of a few dollars to in the six or seven-figure range amount. Above all, a domain name has the value of how much a buyer is willing to pay for it. So, before purchasing or selling a domain you should know its value of it. Consequently, you will make good deals on this domain. And estimating the value of your domain is requiring research. But before all of these, the process needs to understand some terms and Domain Name Worth valuation methods.

What Is Domain Valuation?

Domain valuation is also referred to as domain appraisal. But, the method of estimating the value of a specific name is remaining. Domain valuation is a combination of many things that can be considered to evaluate the value of the domain. These value considerations point can depend on buyer and seller needs. There are the following domain value noteworthy estimated points.

  • The amount of traffic the domain gets
  • A popular word
  • Correctly spelled
  • Is it .com TLD or another less valuable TLD
  • The name relates to the buyer’s business website- Exact match the domain
  • Age
  • Number of searches

You can evaluate the domain value by these tried points. Apart from these to find an exact value there are many tools and services available.

How Could You Make Domain Valuation Or Appraisal?

First of all, to process the domain evaluation, you started familiar with domain name sales world. In contrast, if you do not know, there are companies and brokers available to assist. But, if you have a little bit of information then you can make a valuation yourself. There are a few simple methods through which you could get the nearby or exact value of the domain extension.

Make Research On Recent Domain Sales

Check out a recent domain sales list. And take look at what types of domains are being purchased and in what amount.  Few sites regularly update the list of the recently sold domain. To estimate the price of your domain compare your domain to other domains with the following factors.

Domain Value
  • Length
  • Similar Keywords
  • Domain Age
  • Traffic
  • DA & PA

But, if there is a small list of domain list. Then it would be tough to calculate Domain Name Worth. Besides it, you can pick another method.

Appraisal Services

Domain appraisal services can give you significant value. There are many websites available online that are giving appraisal services. Most noteworthy, appraisal tools are determined by automatically SEO-related factors.

How Much My Domain Name Worth?
  • SEO related factors
  • Keywords
  • Number of searches
  • Alexa rank
  • Monthly searches
  • Cost per click

Appraisal tools considered these above-given factors and furthermore to evaluate the value of the domain. There are many free or paid domain appraisal sites available.

Free Appraisal Sites

  • Godaddy
  • Estibot
  • Sedo
  • Valuate
  • Free Valuator

These are the best custom domain name provider that helps you to customize your domain that matches your company. There are paid tools and sites available; maybe they could give a more accurate value. But, these free domain service providers are also good enough. EstiBot is the most using tool to get an appraisal of the domain. With these hosting providers, you will also get domain privacy protection to keep your information secure.

Finally, you could get the value of your domain. It is necessary if you are selling or buying a domain to know the price of it. However, performing domain evaluation, one needs to understand some essential factors. These factors are needed certainly to make research and know the importance of a domain. Most importantly, you could also know how much value your domain.

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