What Is Domain Privacy Protection? How to Hide Your Domain information?

Do You Know about Domain Privacy? How do you get Domain privacy? Why Should You Buy a Domain Privacy? If you want to know the answer to all these questions then you are on the right platform. Keeping your website’s personal details secure from the stranger is still a challenge. You have to be alert unless you have chosen the Domain secrecy. In other words, the domain secrecy is also known as WHOIS Privacy. If you have an online website then you should care about your personal data. In this article, we will briefly discuss What is Domain Privacy Protection  ? and it’s important to secure your personal information from the stranger.

What is Domain Privacy

When you keep your website’s personal details non-visible to viewers is known as Domain Privacy. it is the add on features that is given by the hosting provider to provide security to your domain. When you purchased your exact domain name by verifying it. It is compulsory to send all your information including all your personal details of the customers to the ICANN WHOIS directory. That public information is called WHOIS.

How Do You Get it?

There is two option by which you get it

  1. Buy Your Domain Privacy at the time of registration: After getting your domain address, you can easily add domain secrecy. Call Customer Care, If you are not able to view the option of adding a domain hidden in your cart.
  2. Domain privacy Later: After registering your domain name you can buy your privacy at any time.

What is ICANN  WHOIS Directory?


ICANN (The International Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers ) is an organization which manages all domain name system over the internet. It includes making of the new top-level domain and manage its root name server but mostly it known for providing facilities of WHOIS Directory.

ICANN permit to manage a domain provider services. It provides web privacy services, where you can secure your website’s personal information. you can register a domain with WHOIS Directory by providing some information, like- name, address,  phone number or email address.

Why Should You Buy a Domain Privacy plan?

Want to make your website information safe from the others than it is important to buy privacy during the picked domain name. Below are some reasons which will help to understand the value of it.

Secure Your Personal Information: Your personal data can be assessed by anyone. It takes care of your personal information and keeps your information private from theft. It also helps from the people who check your domain name with bad intension, hackers, and competitors. If you have such types of services for your website then they can only access the name of your website only and your all personal details will harder to find by anyone.

It Minimizes Spam: it reduces the spam and gives full protection from the spammers. If your personal information is viewable to everyone then there will be a big risk of getting a ton of spam.

Stay In Control: At the time of private domain registration, it keeps your personal information away from the WHOIS Database. Easily you can decide what information you wish to make public for the readers and viewers.

Protect your Confidential Information: Suppose your information is publicly then it is easy to do fraud works via anyone else. They can easily sell your all details to the third party by collecting your information from the WHOIS. This kind of process is known as “data scraping”.Domain secrecy pays attention to your cybersecurity and helps you to remove this kind of threats.

Safe Website from getting Hacked: If you don’t have the domain hidden then without your confirmation then while Login into your channel anyone can transfer your domain name to their domain name. Buy a domain name with privacy plan then must look for the HostGator Coupon.

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