Top 10 Best Antivirus Software Windows 2022

Which Antivirus is best for windows 10?

In this new world, nothing is more important than your business data. That’s why you need the Top 10 Best Antivirus Software for your operating system. If you are using Windows 10 then you are an attractive target for hackers. A window is the most popular company for the PC operating system. It has millions of users because of its new and high-tech features. The situation of windows protection has improved now but some users still need some extra shield for their precious data. A good antivirus provides you feature like password manager; secure backup, VPN, parent control, and so more. Any antivirus can save you from phishing and malicious websites but which one is best for it. So for solving this confusion we help you top find which Antivirus is best for windows 10.

List of Top Antivirus for window 10

Many companies claim that they offer the best features and provide high security to its users. A satisfactory antivirus for the customer is the one that offers features but with suitable and attractive pricing. A great antivirus package includes monitoring of your window computer and as well as your iOS and Android devices. Here are some Top 10 Best antivirus software that can be beneficial for you and your pocket.

Norton Antivirus:

The company offers four types of plans to its users and the next one is more costly than the previous one. The first plan of the company is Norton antivirus plus which is the cheapest plan from the company. This plan includes features like a smart firewall, 2GB cloud backup, password manager and so more. The other three plans have more features to offer but at high prices. You can choose Norton 360 standard, Norton 360 deluxe, and Norton 360 deluxe with life lock. If you need protection for multiple devices then you should go with the other three plans. It is not a bad choice to pay a little extra for high-tech protection.

  • Features of Norton Antivirus 

Password Manager SafeCamParental Control
Secure VPNDark web MonitoringSmart Firewall
Cloud BackupsReal-Time protectionMalware Shield

Kaspersky Antivirus:

This Company includes really attractive features with its all plans. It provides three types of paid plans for its users. The first plan is its Kaspersky antivirus which is the cheapest in all and you can use it on 3 devices. The second plan is its Kaspersky internet security which comes with a window, macOS, and Android compatibility. You can also use it for up to three devices with amazing features. The last and premium plan is Kaspersky’s total security, having compatibility with the window, macOS, Android, and IOS. It can be used up to 5 devices and it has 4.5 stars from 5 for its rating.

Blocks Viruses and MalwareMultiple Device  ProtectionPassword Manager
Payment ProtectionProtected WebcamFilter Emails
Two Way FirewallParental ControlRansomware shield


It provides three plans of its antivirus such as Bitdefender antivirus plus, Bitdefender total security, and Bitdefender internet security. The company provides you safety from threats, anti-phishing protection, safe online banking, and modes for gaming, work, and movie. But only its total security plan has compatibility for all, windows, androids, macOS, and iOS. But you can choose the other two if you have a low budget for antivirus protection.

Advance Threat securityWI-FI Security AdvisorAnti-Tracker
Anti-FraudPassword ManagerParental Control
Privacy FirewallFile ShredderBanking Safety


The Company provides three products to the customers. All the products have different prices and specialties such as prices and device compatibility. The first one is BullGuard antivirus then next is BullGuard internet security and last is its premium protection. All plans include multilayer protection, identity protection, home network scanner and so more. Except for the first plan other two plans have compatibility with Android and macOS.

Anti-phishingParental ControlVulnerability scanner
Game boosterSecure BrowsingPc Tune-up
FirewallAnti-malwarePassword Manager

Avast Antivirus:

Avast internet security is the best solution for those who want protection for their many devices. Its higher plan can be used in 10 devices at the same time. You can also try the first version of internet security for 30 days. It is compatible with all devices such as androids, macOS, iOS, and windows too.

Smart ScanningfirewallAutomatic  Update
Secure DNSData ShredderSafe Browser
SandboxIntelligent AntivirusHome Network security

Avira Antivirus:

Avira antivirus can be your ideal antivirus because of its award-winning history. The company provides paid and as well as the free version of their software. The free version has some basic features but the paid one includes some interesting functions in it. It provides Email protection, PUA shield, Web protection, firewall manager, and much more.

  • Features of Avira Antivirus 

Virus scannerEmail protectionNight vision
Ad BlockerPUA ShieldFirewall protection
Browser tracker BlockingFast customer supportAnti-phishing

McAfee Antivirus:

This Company includes four types of plans in its antivirus. The four types are single, individual, family, and the ultimate plan. The difference between all the plans is the no. of licenses and number of devices you can use. All the plans have important features like performance optimization and home network security. Every plan is more costly than the last one and adds some extra functions such as the number of devices.

  • Features of McAfee Antivirus 

Password ManagerMcAfee ShredderPerformance optimizer
Safe web BrowsingSafe FamilyHome Network Security
Encrypted StorageMulti-device CompatibilityIdentity Theft Protection

Vipre Antivirus:

Vipre offers three types of plans in its home security antivirus. Every plan has 30 days of money-back guarantee and US-based support. Plans include webcam and microphone blocker and many useful features in them. It gives real-time support and it is very easy to use. The three plans are Vipre antivirus plus, advanced security, and ultimate security.

Real-time ProtectionDocument AuditUnlimited VPN`s
App PatchingAnti-trackingAnti-threat protection
FirewallDark web ScannerCloud-enable security

Webroot Antivirus:

The webroot Company comes with three different versions of their antivirus. The three names of its antivirus are webroot antivirus, webroot internet security plus, and webroot internet security complete. The first plan can secure up to 3devices and the other two can secure up to 5 devices. The company claims that they provide the fastest scan and update to its every user.

  • Features of Webroot Antivirus

Safe WebcamAnti-phishingReal-time protection
US-based CompanyIdentity  theft protectionSecure Internet Browsing
Guaranteed satisfactionFast ScanningSecure Banking

ESET Antivirus:

This Company provides many useful and interesting features in its antivirus. The last and premium version of ESET is compatible with every device such as mac, android, window, and IOS. If you want then you can also try it for some days as your trials.

Encrypted DataSafe Online BankingFirewall Safety
Home Network SafetyPassword ManagerSafe Webcam
Stop HackersAnti-HackingNotification Blocker

Which Free Antivirus is best for Windows 10?

If you don’t have enough money to buy an antivirus for your system then, you can use some free ones. Some companies also offer their free versions to the users so they can also experience their services. You just have to go on the official sites of the company and download the free version for window 10. Not all companies offer free versions of their antivirus software. Here are some companies that provide antivirus free of cost.

  • Free antiviruses for window 10
  • Avira Antivirus
  • AVG Antivirus Free
  • Kaspersky security cloud Free
  • Adware Antivirus Free
  • Qihoo 360 Total security
  • Avast Free Antivirus

All the above-mentioned antiviruses are great and provide high-security features to customers. Choosing a free antivirus can be so confusing for everyone. Every company provides its best and finest feature in its free version to attract maximum users. So it is up to you that what are your first needs and which company you trust the most.

Is Antivirus affects my system performance?

Every Antivirus scans many things like the websites, files, and other software your system interacts with. All customers want the most protective environment with minimum interference. Sometimes antivirus does unnecessary things which can be a major problem for your work.

  • Wrong Detection: sometimes antivirus flags some important files and websites as dangerous when it scans everything. These false alarms can be so annoying for those who need a silent place for work. They also stop access to many useful websites and stop the installation of software.
  • Performance load: All antivirus can slow down your system performance as it takes power to scan all the data running through the system. And an insufficient package can make your website loading speed low and software launching speed down.

Is the window defender is good enough or not?

Window Defender: It is an anti-malware component of the Microsoft window. It was first released as a free anti-spyware program for Windows XP and then shifted to window 7.

Hackers make window defenders a priority on target because the way of its working is the same for all. The defender has basic detection and hackers can easily enter your system by avoiding it. Payable antiviruses take unique approaches to find and eliminate viruses.

For the safety of your family and your devices, you need the best antivirus for it. While some people still see defenders as a worthy protection and safety program. But any many points window defender can be the reason for your data loss. It is not that bad but for extra safety and shield, you should buy an antivirus.
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