Norton Review 2024 – Is The Norton Is Best Antivirus?

Norton antivirus is one of the most trusted and well-reputed antivirus software companies. Today, I am going to show you the Norton review. So, you will easily understand that Norton antivirus is good for you or not. As we all know nothing is perfect in this world. Norton has some pros and some cons as well. First of all, let’s start with the pros of Norton.  This Norton review is based on many experiments. Now let’s start without any delay.

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Norton Antivirus provides a great discount on your purchase

Pros and cons of Norton LifeLock

Norton pros and Cons

Pros of NortonLifeLock

  • Multiple Benefits- Norton is more than an antivirus. It offers multiple protection to you like device security, online Protection, and the best one Identity theft Protection. You will get a brief discussion of device security, online security, and identity theft protection in this article.
  • High virus detection rate- Norton is famous for the high virus detection rate. We did a lot of research and found that the users are very satisfied with the feature of Norton virus detection.
  • Great level of spam protection- Spamming is increasing day by day at a large scale Norton offers a great level of protection from spamming and pashing perils.

Cones of NortonLifeLock

  • Make other apps slow- Users have a complaint related to the slow speed of the device due to Norton. Actually, Norton requires more memory to run and that is the reason that other applications go down.
  • High price- Norton has a high price in comparison to its competitors and this may be also a reason that Norton is not so much popular compared to others.
  • Slow scan speed- We have discussed that Norton leads to more memory so sometimes it takes a long time to scan your device.

To know about the depth of the Norton we have to see the features of the Norton plans. Now I am going to represent the product and the services of Norton so that you will easily understand that Norton is good for you or not.

Norton Product and services

Norton offers different types of securities to its customers according to the different needs of the customers. They are the types of security Norton offers to its users.

Comprehensive plan

Device security

  • Norton antivirus plus
  • Norton security

Online privacy

  • Norton Secure VPN
  • Norton Privacy manager

More Plan

  • Norton 360 with ultimate plus

We will discuss all those plans one by one so that you will be able to choose the best one for you. Let’s start with the comprehensive plans. Let’s move on to the next paragraph to know about the comprehensive plan. According to my opinion, Norton is the best service for antivirus and this Norton Review help you.

Norton comprehensive plans

Norton Comprehensive Plan

Norton’s comprehensive plans include three types of plans. We are going to discuss the first plan that is Norton 360 with a life lock.

Norton 360 with Lifelock select

Life lock is an American identity theft protection company and now Norton and life lock are the partners to serve you the best service. This is the cheapest plan among all Norton 360 Lifelock plans You will get many features with Norton’s comprehensive plans. The price of this plan is $7.50/mo* only. Also if you want save more money so you can use the Norton 360 lifelock Coupon Code to save extra money.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

These are the features you will get in Norton 360 Lifelock select

Device Security

Norton Device Security
  • Norton 360 with life lock select gives protection to up to 5 computers, Macs, smartphones or tablets.
  • Protection from multiple threats- You will get protection from malware, antivirus, Anti-spyware, and ransomware.
  • Online threat protection- Nowadays online threats are becoming more complex. Still, you are secure with Norton. Norton team is doing 24/7 to help you.
  • Cloud Backup- losing your data can be a big problem for you. Cloud backup will help you to back up your files, data, and many other things. You will get 100 GB of cloud storage. that will help you a lot.
  • Smart firewall- It protects your computer from suspicious traffic.
  • Password Manager- online accounts require strong passwords. Sometimes it’s very difficult to remember all those passwords. Norton security helps you to create strong passwords and keep your all passwords in valet. If want to know more about Norton Antivirus security then must read Norton Antivirus Review.
  • Money-back guarantee- If Norton lifehack will not able to remove the virus from your device then you will get your money back. It indicates the reliability of the company.
  • Safety of kids- The Internet has lots of bad and vulgar content and your children can easily go to that kind of website. NortonLifehack gives the tools so that you can easily see what videos your children watch and searched and download.

Online Privacy

online privacy

  • Secure VPN- It’s important to keep your VPN secure and safe. Norton 360 with life lock select allows security up to 5 devices.
  • Privacy monitor- It can be possible that your personal information is being sold on multiple websites. SO, Norton privacy monitor scans those websites and it gets your information on those websites it will inform you.
  • PC safe cam- If your computer has a webcam then you must know about the spyware. Cybercriminals use spyware to take your photos with the help of your webcam.

Identity theft protection

  • Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock- Dark web is a hidden web that is can’t access by regular search engines. Generally, the dark web sells the personal information of people like e-mail, phone number, and date of birth. Dark web monitoring powered by LifeLock search on those dark webs and if they find your information on them so it will inform you.
  • Lifelock Identity alert system- They see the use of your information and if something suspicious happens then their identity restoration team is ready to help you.
  • US Based Identity Restoration specialist- It can be so scary. If someone steals your identity, in that case, you will get an advocate as a Norton LifeLock member. He/she will help you to overcome this problem.
Norton Identity theft Protection
  • Lost wallet protection- If your wallet is lost in the case then you can be in a big problem. But if you are a member of NortonLifelock then they will help you to cancel or renew your identity.
  • Million Dollar Protection Package- According to this package you will get up to $25k in stolen fund reimbursement and in personal expenses compensation. Apart from all these things they also offer up to 1 Million coverage for lawyers and experts.
  • Credit Monitoring- Monitoring the credit is very important. NortonLifelock monitors your credit details changes to overcome the chances of identity theft.
  • SSN & Credit Alert- Social security number (SSN) It will help you to know if someone is trying to open a new account with your identity.
  • ID Verification monitor- They monitor your identity open the internet and alert you if someone is trying to verify it online.
  • Data Breach notifications- It will help you to know about the companies that have stored your personal data.

Now you have seen all the great features of Norton 360 with LifeLock Select. It’s time to move towards the next comprehensive plan.

Norton 360 LifeLock Advantage

Norton 360 LifeLock is the second plan of the Norton 360 Lifelock plans. It includes the Norton 360 with LifeLock Select.

The price is not so high and not so low. This plan has some extra features compared to other Norton 360 select. To get this plan you have to pay $15.00/mo*.  Let’s take a look at what extra benefits you will get from this plan.

Norton 360 Lifelock Advantage
  • Here you will get protection up to 10 PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets.
  • 250 GB Cloud storage
  • You will get the chance to secure VPN up to 10 PCs, Macs, SmartPhones, or tablets.
  • Get up to 100k in stolen fund reimbursement and in personal expense compensation. You will also get 1 Million coverage for lawyers and experts.
  • Bank and Credit Card Activity- They will send notifications for your transactions.
  • Fictitious identity monitoring- It will protect you from synthetic identity theft.
  • Court records Scanning- they will check the record of courts to find out. If someone gives your name and date of birth instead of his own name and date of birth.

Norton 360 with life lock ultimate plus

Norton 360 with Lifelock Ultimate plus

This is the highest price plan among all Norton 360 with LifeLock plans. It carries the most advanced features. This plan includes Norten 360 LifeLock advantage. So, without any delay let’s see those advanced features.

  • Here you will get the unlimited plus offers protection for multiple devices like Mac, PC, smartphones, or tablets.
  • This plan gives you 500 GB of cloud storage.
  • Now there is no need to worry about VPN security for multiple devices. Here you will secure VPN for unlimited Macs, PCs, Smartphones, and tablets.
  • Get up to 1 million stolen reimbursements, Personal expenses compensation, and in coverage for lawyers and & experts.
  • They will alert you about the withdrawals of your saving accounts.
  • They will check your home title in the recorder’s office. So, if they found any kind of suspense related to your home. They will notify you about that stuff.
Norton 360 with LifeLock

Now we have completed the Norton 360 with life lock. I hope you got the information which you were looking for. The time to see an overview of this Norton review. You can buy any plan for big savings by using Norton Coupon Code which is available above.


Norton is a well-reported antivirus service-providing company. It has its pros and cons as well. We have discussed both aspects of the Norton in this Norton review. Norton has bundles of plans for its customers. I hope after reading this article, you understand Norton is good for you or not.