Covenant Eyes vs Net Nanny 2023– Which Is Better For Kid’s Browsing Security?

During this COVID-19 lockdown, the usability of the internet opens for everyone from children to elders. In this era of digital teaching or work from home, many parents are concerned about their children’s safety on the internet. Net Nanny and Covenant Eyes are similar accountability products that can make the internet safe for your children.

Now to decide which is better, Covenant Eyes vs Net Nanny guide will help you to decide which software offers good protection.

Being working parents, it is difficult to know what your child is searching on the internet in your absence. The internet is buried with a lot of violent content, including adult sites, drug or gambling websites which is not acceptable to be viewed by teenagers or young kids.

Therefore, to block such kind of content Covenant Eyes and Net Nanny offers decent blocking or filtering options to restrict such kind of website. In providing advanced protection to our smart children, Net Nanny has an edge over Covenant Eyes.

Covenant Eyes

  • Supporting Devices: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android/Kindle Fire
  • Filtering or Blocking: Six Level of Block for Restricted, Everyone (E), Youth (Y), Teen (T), Mature Teen (MT), and Mature (M).
  • User-Interface: A decent User-Interface
  • Notifications: Allow monthly email reports to users.
  • Activity Record: Accountability Report Send To Your Trusted One
  • Money Back Policy: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Extra Services: Block Adult content sites and safe browsing


  • Supporting Devices: Windows, Mac, And Andriod Devices
  • Filtering or Blocking: Real-time instant blocking for adult content, abuses, and flagged websites for children.
  • User-Interface: Straightforward
  • Notifications: Weekly/monthly emails & SMS.
  • Activity Record: Software sent timely detailed reports
  • Money Back Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Extra Services: To access data from anywhere, remote operation is available.

Difference Between Covenant Eyes and Net Nanny

Both the software are used for protecting browsing activities from children, family, and for official use.

Covenant Eyes Vs Net Nanny: Blocking


Covenant Eyes

The software allows you to blocks the web content you want to disable. By simply adding the site’s URL such as YouTube, Reddit, Video Games, and any adult content websites to the blocked list to protect your kids from mature content. Covenant eyes have a feature to understand the level of content to be shown to 5-year old or 18-year old teenagers but sometimes it doesn’t perform well as compared to Net Nanny.

Net Nanny

The software has come with advanced technology to block vulgar content. Net Nanny provides real-time instant blocking of such online events. Parents have complete control over their children’s internet activity logs. They can schedule their daily internet usage and filter the website. By altering the abuse and flagged content using various special characters, Net Nanny does “Profanity Making” gracefully. This is very helpful as kids also give a response to the comment section and see the viewpoint of the participants.

winner logo    Net Nanny Perform Better Blocking

Covenant Eyes Vs Net Nanny: Comprehensive Protection


Covenant Eyes

Being conscious parents, you were concerned about how effective this accountability or filtering software works on different devices. Covenant Eyes is compatible with an operating system like PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android, and tablets for strict protection against an adult or abusive content.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny also available for Android and iOS devices along with Windows and Mac Operating System. The software provides internet scheduling so that if your child has reached the limit on their PC, so they cannot browse on their android or iPhone devices as well. Net Nanny also provides strict protection similar to Covenant Eyes.

winner logo   Both Software Provide Similar Protections

Covenant Eyes Vs Net Nanny: Filtering


Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes has a good filtering option. The company is tied with CleanBrowsing which is one of the best filtering companies that allow blocking other websites. covenant Eyes avail two levels of filtering or blocking:

Family Blocking- This is a quite high level of protection that will filter and block the sites like Reddit, YouTube restricted ads, Safe Search on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Adult Blocking- This is a crucial feature that will block the adult or mature content and websites to make a safe search for children.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny software specifies users to block any of the violent content of different categories to secure their child. The software will take responsibility to filter offensive content like adult videos, drug usabilities, gambling sites, and the likes. Net Nanny doesn’t show such items on your child’s screen after blocking and setting a filter to it.

Other aspects where Net Nanny shows their effectiveness:

Social Media: The software will track your child’s social media activity by monitoring all the posts made by them.

Track Emails: Net Nanny also tracks send or received emails that your child made in your absence and takes screenshots that you will get in the report.

Games: This is the major aspect for most of the children to spend more time on the internet. You can set permission with the help of Net Nanny on playing or downloading any game to get approval from you.

winner logo  Net Nanny Provide More Filtering Options

Net Nanny vs Covenant Eyes: Accountability


Covenant Eyes

The Software allows the admin to access multiple accounts from a single subscription and can choose a specific filter or blocking sites for specific family members.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny also provides an option to manage multiple profiles from a single parent account. If you have more than one child then can make restrictions for both of them differently. By doing so you don’t have to modify your parent control for every new profile.

winner logo  We Find Net Nanny Quite Better Then Covenant Eyes

Net Nanny Or Covenant Eyes: Customer Support

Customer Support

Covenant Eyes

The Company has strong customer support for its users. It offers live chat, Email submission, community forum, and they have a blog section that is specific for Android, iPhone, mac, windows, accountability management, and other devices.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny provides a knowledge base FAQs sections, blogs, articles, for users queries and problems. There is also an option for telephonic support, live chat support, and email support.

winner logo  Both Provide Good Customer Support

Compare Covenant Eyes or Net Nanny Price

The difference between net nanny and covenant eyes pricing plans is their supporting devices. Usually, the accountability software industry has a standard subscription price but in the comparison of Covenant eyes and net nanny, we find a huge difference.

Covenant Eyes Pricing Plans

The software provides three subscription plans for personal, family, and Group.

AccountPersonal PlanFamily PlanGroup Plan
Starts At (per month)$11.99$15.99$15.99
Per Additional User$2No CostNo Cost
Filtering/Person per month$1.5$1.5$1.5
Yearly Cost$143.88$191.88$191.88

Net Nanny Pricing Plan

AccountDesktop PlanFamily Protection PassFamily Protection Pass
Devices1 Device5-Device20-Devices
Starts At (per month)$3.34$4.58$7.50
Yearly cost Per Device$39.99$11.00$4.50
Yearly Cost$39.99$54.99$89.99

From the above comparison table between the prices of Covenant eyes and Net Nanny, it is clear that Net Nanny is quite cheaper than Covenant Eyes. The main difference between Net Nanny and Covenant eyes subscription package is that Net Nanny protects 20 devices at $89.99 yearly, whereas Covenant Eyes protects 10 devices at $143.88 yearly which is quite expensive.

Net Nanny vs Covenant Eyes Pros And Cons

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of Covenant Eyes and Net Nanny software that you can consider before choosing any of the software.

Covenant Eyes

Covenant eyes Features


  • Help In Restricting Mature Content From Family, Children, And Mates
  • Monitor Browsing Activities On Smartphones, PC, Or Tablets
  • Accountability Report Send To Your Trusted One


  • The Software Itself Works Slowly
  • Reduce Battery Life Of Your Device
  • Sometimes Crashes Occurs For Constantly Deleting Tabs With Annoying Pop-Ups.

Net Nanny 

Net Nanny Features


  • Great User Interface
  • One can access software from any personal device
  • Have impressive capabilities to block websites
  • Impressive filters that allow specific content visible to the children at home.
  • To keep a constant track of your children browsing activities, software sent timely detailed reports
  • Provide a 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • Software Is Quite Overpriced
  • For Advanced Features, A Paid Subscription Is Needed
  • Some Web Filters Are Defeated By-Tor

Final Verdict- Covenant Eyes Vs Net Nanny?

The comparison is simply one-sided, that is Net Nanny is quite better than Covenant Eyes.

Covenant Eyes also provide a decent value to their customer but compare to Net Nanny it lacks in some areas like more advanced features, extra add-ons. Though every parent wants to secure their children from any violent content available on the internet. It is very obvious to make a research which accountability software is good for them. Therefore, this deep-driven comparison between Covenant Eyes vs Net Nanny will help them to make a wise decision.

FAQs- Net Nanny and Covenant Eyes

Which Is Better Net Nanny Vs Covenant Eyes?

According to our research, Net Nanny performs better protection than Covenant Eyes.

Is Net Nanny Any Good?

Yes. Net Nanny is a good application used to block and filter mature content, violent sites, and other gambling sites to protect children’s online activities.

Does Net Nanny Track History In Incognito Chrome?

No. Net Nanny does not track history unless you disable any filter. It allows you to customize the setting and you can track your children’s browsing activities if it open in private windows.

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