CreateStudio Vs Viddyoze 2022: Which Is Best Video Editor?

Video animation is growing day by day so people get confused about which software to be used for that. So here are the two most popular animation creator software namely Viddyoze and CreateStudio. Both provide amazing tools and features to create enhanced and great-looking video animations. But we are here to compare CreateStudio vs Viddyoze based on some circumstances to know which one is better. 

So let’s begin by introducing both programs one by one then we will move to their differentiation.

Overview: Viddyoze Vs CreateStudio

As we all know that both are video animation creating software but here is a brief description of CreateStudio vs Viddyoze.

What Is Viddyoze?

Viddyoze is an easy-to-use cloud-based software that lets you create amazing videos without any effort. Whether you are a beginner or a professional this tool is for everyone. With this, you will get templates of logos and text animation. You can merge these with the video and create stunning animations with it.

What Is CreateStudio?

CreateStudio is software that lets you create immense video animations with ease and is considered one of the best Viddyoze alternatives. It has a simple user interface by which you can make video ads and content related to social issues. To use this software you do not need any specifications as it is very simple to use. There are important templates, characters, texts, effects, and many things you will get with CreateStudio.

Bottom Line
CreateStudio Features
Bottom Line
1. Import videos, audio, images, and SVG in MP4, Transparent MOV, and alpha channel.
2. Green Screen mode to remove and add images or video to the background.
3. It can export videos with Camtasia of up to 316 MB size.
4. Pre-made shapes, colors, and animations are present in CreateStudio Library.
5. Keeps everything organized in group layers.
6. 2D & 3D built-in animated characters.
viddyoze logo
Viddyoze Features
Bottom Line
1. Live-action built-in animations are provided.
2. Good transition effects that make viewers to hold on your video.
3. Amazing video outros that can increase sales, and shares, or promote your brand.
4. Movie filters like lens flare, light effects, film grain, grading, and much more.
5. ALPHA technology to overlay every footage.
6. Easy sharing and exporting files in MP4 format with any video editing software and web programs.

Features Comparison: CreateStudio Vs Viddyoze

Features play an important role when we compare anything. So here we will do a features differentiation between CreateStudio and Viddyoze. 

Video Editing

Viddyoze offers various video effects whereas CreateStudio edits videos with a timeline editor. Both provide different tools for amazing video editing that are mentioned below:

Video Editing With Viddyoze

  • Motion tracking and color customization effects are best to use.
  • You can add social media animation effects to your video
  • Amazing style grading with light effects

These all are good but Viddyoze is not good at audio editing. You can only turn on and off the audio on your video.

CreateStudio Video Editing

You can zoom and pan your video with this software and while shooting with a camera. It provides custom animations so that you can animate anything with it. These are multiple assets offered to users such as borders, templates, designs, and other elements. 

One of the best features is Green Screen which you can edit or remove from the video.

Verdict: So with this comparison of CreateStudio vs Viddyoze, it is concluded that both are good for video editing. But CreateStudio has some features that Viddyoze does not provide like zoom and pan or Green Screen. 

Video Templates

Templates make it easy for you to create the best video animations. Otherwise, you just get confused about how to start video animations.

Viddyoze offers more than 250 templates to customize your videos. You will get various templates such as portrait, landscape, square and more. There is a template club that you can join at a low cost with Viddyoze template club discount code.

On the other hand, CreateStudio has 500+ templates that can be stored. These templates are available in 2D and 3D characters and are very easy to use.

Verdict: In this template comparison the clear winner is CreateStudio because it has more advanced templates as compared to Viddyoze.

Logo Designing

Viddyoze can create logos on JPG and PNG. You can remove the background on your logos which is a new feature offered by Viddyoze.

CreateStudio also lets you animate logos but for that, you have to import it in .svg format. After that, you can add beautiful texts and elements to it.

Verdict: In the logo designing comparison of CreateStudio vs Viddyoze, both provide the best designs to create logos. But Viddyoze has some new features launched for that.

Video Rendering

In Viddyoze there is no preview you can only see changes when the rendering process begins. Or it is a time taking process if you are doing it on a full-screen video. 

But in CreateStudio you can export 4k videos and it does not lag with 4k videos. Also, you can do other activities with CreateStudio while rendering the video that does not allow by Viddyoze.

Verdict: CreateStudio has better options for video rendering and also provides multi-tasking to users.

Price Difference Between Viddyoze And CreateStudio

After features, people check out the prices of any software they want to use. So here is a price comparison of CreateStudio vs Viddyoze to know which is more affordable to users.

Viddyoze Prices:

Viddyoze individual plan will cost you $97 for a lifetime plan. Other than this, you can purchase it for commercial use by paying $127 for a lifetime. These prices might be costly for some users so you can apply Viddyoze coupon code to grab some discount on your purchase.

CreateStudio Prices:

CreateStudio also offers two plans and different pricing for them.

  • CreateStudio Commercial License: $99/year
  • CreateStudio + All Access Club: $299/year

Verdict: In the price comparison of Viddyoze and CreateStudio, Viddyoze is quite affordable and provides one-time payment options to users.

User Support Comparison: Viddyoze Vs CreateStudio

Customer support is another important aspect of the CreateStudio vs Viddyoze comparison. Viddyoze customer support only during business hours or some blogs that are very helpful to users. On the other hand, CreateStudio provides user support 24/7 so you can anytime contact its technical team.

Money Refund Policy

Both Viddyoze and CreateStudio offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to their users. So if in case you are not satisfied with its features and all then you can apply for a money refund. But that should be in a limited time.

Final Verdict: CreateStudio Vs Viddyoze

After the overall comparison of Viddyoze and CreateStudio, there are some aspects in which both software are the same. But if we compare many of its features then CreateStudio is ahead of Viddyoze. Or if we consider prices then Viddyoze is more affordable. So you can choose any of them as that goes up with your needs.

FAQs: Viddyoze Vs CreateStudio

Here are some of the top queries regarding the difference between CreateStudio and Viddyoze.

Is Viddyoze Free?

No, there is no Viddyoze free version available now but you can use its 7-day free trial.

Is CreateStudio For Free?

Yes, there are some stores in CreateStudio that you can use for free.

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