iPage 1 Dollar Hosting Plan with Free Domain Name at $1

iPage Coupons & Promo Codes 2022

iPage bring best offer with $1 web hosting plan for Global. This iPage offers give all the feature and functionality of web hosting & free domain name at only $1. IPage gives you Unlimited space, Bandwidth and Email for just $1  per month. You will also get a free domain with this iPage 1 dollar Hosting package,

Why Should You Buy iPage $1 Web Hosting?

iPage 1 dollar Hosting

If you are a new-comer in the field of website development, then you might be searching for a cheap web hosting platform. There are a lot of platforms that provide cheap web hosting. But iPage promises you to provide the cheapest web hosting. The iPage One Dollar Hosting Plan is developed by iPage with a view of providing the cheapest web hosting to the users. And you can also get additional benefits by using the iPage $1 Hosting Coupon Code. So here we are going to know about the features that this plan supplies.

Features that the iPage $1 Hosting Service

It sounds really amazing that you can host your site by just spending a dollar. And this is possible only because of the iPage 1 dollar Hosting. So here we are going to talk about the major features that this plan provides:

  • This plan provides a Free Domain. However, if you cancels the plan and only want to keep the domain then you have to pay $15.00.
  • Additionally, it supplies unlimited space on the servers.
  • It allows you to access 1000+ free templates.
  • You can host an unlimited number of domains with this plan.
  • It also supplies free SSL certificates, email accounts, and the facility of the domain transfer.
  • You can easily install a site builder and provides 24X7 customer support.

So, these were the main features that this plan supplies. And by using iPage $1 Hosting Discount Codes you can grab all of these benefits by spending almost nothing.

Is iPage $1 Hosting is converted into the $1.99 hosting?

The iPage $1 Hosting was a promotional plan that provided hosting for just $1. The plan was great and provided all the basic features that a website needs. However, the plan is no longer active and expired just a few days ago.

Currently, for the same plan, the company is charging $1.99/month. So, it can be said that the iPage $1 Plan is converted into a $1.99 plan. Although, this price is still 75% lower than the actual listed price for this plan. And with iPage $1 Discount Codes, you can grab a discount on this plan.

Additional Benefits with iPage $1 Hosting

It can help you in easily setting an online store. Best feature to integrate with PayPal. It additionally provides a very good cPanel and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Benefits by using the iPage $1 Promo Code

Currently, this plan of iPage is listed at a price of $1.99 and it’s already very cheap. And by using the iPage $1 Promo Code you can get an additional 50% off. That means that this plan will be yours for just $1.

These codes are valid only up to a limited time period. So, go and grab this amazing offer by using the iPage Coupon Code, before the coupons get expired.

iPage 1 Dollar Hosting Plan with Free Domain Name at $1
iPage 1 Dollar Hosting Plan with Free Domain Name at $1
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