Family Tree Heritage Discount Coupon 2021 | Extra 40% Limited Time Discount

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40% Off Limited Time Offer

Nice software for making family tree | Equipped with amazing tools | Supported in multiple languages

Individual Software is a very popular software brand of the United States of America. It is known for dealing in various kinds of educational and professional software and Family Tree Heritage is one out of them. By using our latest Individual Software Family Tree Heritage Discount Coupon 2021, you can make amazing savings on this software.

About Family Tee Heritage software

Family Tree Heritage is an amazing software for creating trees. It also lets users know more about their ancestors by finding information about them through the world’s largest genealogy database. This software is available in two versions and through the latest Family Tree Heritage Discount Coupon, you can get a discount on both of those versions.

Versions of Individual Software Family Tree Heritage Software

Currently, you can find this software in two available versions named Family Tree Heritage and Family Tree Heritage Gold.

Individual software family tree heritage gold coupon

Features of Family Tree Heritage:

This is the basic/starter version of the family tree and provides some amazing features that are:

    1. Easy to use and comes with a straightforward interface.
    2. Supports multiple languages including English, German, Spanish, etc.
    3. Comes with many designing tools including custom charts, books, reports, etc. Also supports the usage of photos.
    4. Provides handy tools that you can use for researching about your ancestors.
    5. Supports the use of tags and allows you to assign up to 3 tags to a person.
  1. Allows you to create various types of charts, i.e, mini charts, wall charts, etc., and allows you to sort them according to various criteria.

So, these are the major features that are linked to this version. With the help of Family Tree Heritage, you can get access to these features at a price way less than the original one.

Features of Family Tree Heritage Gold:

This is an advanced version of the Wondershare filmora and includes all the features of the former one. In addition to those features, it also provides some advanced features that are:

  • Descendent’s view: This is one of the features provided by this software. By using these features you can view up to 6 generations of your family chart at once.
  • Record non-traditional relationships: Most of the other Heritage software limits you only to record the traditional relationship. But with this software, you are also allowed to record modern relationships (same-sex relations).
  • Easy sharing options: This software works as a database of all the members of your family. You can share any information with all those members quickly through this database without contacting them manually.
  • TreeTips: TreeTips is a powerful tool provided by this software. This tool automatically does all the research about your ancestors by just following the hints provided by you.

So, these were the additional benefits of this software to which you can get access by using the latest Family Tree Heritage Discount code.

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Family tree heritage discount code

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Family Tree Heritage Discount Coupon 2021 | Extra 40% Limited Time Discount
Family Tree Heritage Discount Coupon 2021 | Extra 40% Limited Time Discount