Does Hostinger Offer Free SSL Certificate? How to install it

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting service provider. They are offering their services to more than 23 million people. This one is a cheap & trustworthy firm for many users. They believe in offering the best services to their buyers. They take all the security measures to keep all the information safe & secure. But the most asked question for the Hostinger services is Does Hostinger Offers free SSL certificate?

If you want to know the answer to this question then know about it through this content. Here you will know about Hostinger SSL and How to install it easily.

Yes Hostinger Offer SSL

Hostinger SSL Certificate

If you buy any of the web hosting plans of the Hostinger then you will get a free SSL certificate. With the help of the free SSL certificate, you can make your website secure for all your users. This SSL certificate will help you in keeping all the information safe & secure from hackers. When you use an SSL certificate on your website then it shows a padlock on the left side of the URL and the site Url becomes HTTPS. It shows to your users that your site is safe & secure from hackers because of the SSL.

What is SSL?

What is SSL

SSL certificates are the small data files that digitally bind the cryptographic key to firm details. When a website uses an SSL certificate then a padlock activates on the left side of the Url and HTTPS and allows secure connections from a webs= server to a browser. Commonly the SSL certificate used to secure all the credit card details, data transfer, and logins, and more it will secure all the social media sites.

Reason to Install SSL certificate

Reason to Install SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the web protocol for securing data transfer & communication. This protocol secures all the information requests from the server and vice versa. All the data of your website is safe & secure with the SSL. This will secure all the information that is shared between your server & user. IF you are thinking about why is it’s important to use an SSL certificate then here are the reasons.

  • Secure all online transactions and details
  • Secure system login and sensitive information exchanged online
  • Safe webmail and applications
  • Keep safe workflow and virtualization applications
  • To secure the connection between the email clients
  • To secure the hosting control panel login and all the sensitive login details.

After knowing about the uses of SSL let me know about how can use Hostinger SSL free of Host. Let’s move towards and know about How to install Hostinger free SSL.

How To Install A Hostinger SSL Certificate?

In this tutorial, you will get to know how you can install the SSL certificate free of cost. You can install the SSL certificate free of cost through CPanel. If you are using the Hostinger Cpanel then you can use the following steps to install an SSL certificate on your website.

Here are the steps to install the Zero SSL on the Hosting using SSL for Free:-

  • Go to the SSL free Home page and type your domain name on which you want to install an SSL Certificate.Steps to install SSL
  • Double-check the URL and click on the Create URL Button and log in by using your Hostinger Webmail email account and creating a password.
  • Before installing the SSL certificate check that the domain is valid and click on the next step.Hostinger SSL Certificate
  • Choose the duration of the website if you want a free one then choose 90 days plan. Or want a paid one then choose a 1-year plan.Hostinger SSL Tutorial
  • If you want to manually enter the contact information then uncheck the Auto-Generate CSR.Hostinger SSL Services
  • Choose the best hosting plan free or paid and click on the next step.Hostinger SSL Plans
  • Select the verification method that you would like to use. After verified, click certificates on your Zero SSL menu.
  • Click on the Download SSL certificate to generate three sets of key CRT (certificate), KEY (private key), and CABUNDLE (Certificate authority bundle).Hostinger SSL Certificate
  • Move back to your hosting account access the SSL menu under the advance section and scroll down to the custom URL.
  • Paste the key you have to get to the appointed boxes, then click install.
  • When the SSL install process is a success then SSL details appear on the list of installed SSL.

With the help of the above tutorial, you can easily add an SSL certificate to your website. The steps are easy to use for all kinds of users. So use the services of free SSL and make your website more secure and valuable for all the users.

Conclusion:- Does Hostinger offer Cpanel?

Hostinger offers the best web hosting plan with the best SSL certificate. Get the best SSL certificate free of cost & make your website secure for all the users. Make your site secure & safe for all the users by using the SSL certificate. Get the best services of Hostinger at reasonable prices by using the Hostinger Coupons and save maximum bucks on the best hosting plan.

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