Does Hostinger Offers Free Domain Registration?

When you start an online business then choosing a domain name is a very big decision for all the website developers. In the market, you will find many web hosting firms that offer free domain services. But choosing the best platform is a little bit tough for all the buyers. If you want to buy a domain free of cost with the best web hosting plan then here comes the best. If you wonder to use the services of Hostinger and suffering from the question Does Hostinger Offer Free Domain Registration then get rid of it now.

Does Hostinger give Free Domain Services?

Hostinger Free Domain Services with Web Hosting Plan

Hostinger Free Domain

Hostinger offers free domain registration services with its web hosting plan. If you buy a hosting plan from Hostinger then you will also get a free domain registration for one year. In its every plan you will get the services of free domain registration. The services of Hostinger are very affordable and this free domain is the biggest advantage of Hostinger.

The company provides single domain registration to 100 websites or subdomain options depends on the hosting plan. Without payment of a single penny, you will get huge savings on your domain purchases.

They offer all the features that you want at the time of buying a domain name. Choose the best domain name for your business start-up and start with the services of Hostinger.

But, remember that the free domain is valid for a year after a year you have to renew a domain and it cost few dollars it.

Why You Should Choose A Domain Name From Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the best custom domain name provider and If you want to buy a domain name from Hostinger & want it free then you have both options. You can only buy a domain from Hostinger at cheap prices. Or if you want it free of cost then you can get it with its web hosting plan. If you want to use Hostinger Domain services then what will you get in the services:-

Hostinger Domain Registration

Reason to Choose Hostinger Domain

Affordable Domain Name & Renewal

If you buy a domain name from Hostinger then it will be affordable for all the buyers. You only need to pay a few dollars on the purchases of the domain name from Hostinger. If you want to renew your domain name then you can renew it at affordable prices. If you own a free domain and now you want to renew it then you can renew it at reasonable prices.

Domain Privacy Protection

If you are running an online business or doing work online then privacy if must important. If you buy a domain name from Hostinger then you all your data, files, and information are secure with Hostinger. Hostinger gives you premium domain privacy protection services. This will let you guard your domain’s personal detail.

Free Domain Name

If you want a domain name free of cost then get it with the Hostinger hosting plan. If you buy any of the web hosting plans of Hostinger then you will get free domain registration services. This one is the best web hosting plan of the Hostinger at reasonable prices. At minimum cost, you will get the best hosting plan.

How do I get a free domain from Hostinger?

Web hosting and domain are the essential resources to start a website. Many web hosting firms provide appealing discounts for users. While opting for a domain name search for the attractive and easy-to-use domain that complements your work and content of the website. Finding a domain name that is easy to read, small in length keeps alphanumeric, and according to your work. Choose the best domain name with the leverage of affordable hosting services.

Steps To Get Free Domain

  • Login to the hostinger site if you don’t have an account then first create an account and login into it.
  • The choose a hosting plan and click on the add to cart option
  • Click on the cart icon mentioned in the right corner.
  • on the below of the screen, you will get a free domain option. type the name of your domain with the appropriate extension.
  • The domain will add to your purchase list.
  • Now you can pay for it with a special saving discount from Free Domain.

How much does Hostinger cost with a free domain name?

If you want to buy a hosting plan from Hostinger then it cost $0.99/mo*. This one is the best deal for all the buyers so chase the deal now and get the best-saving deal on Hostinger purchases. With the free Domain services Hostinger also offers a Hostinger free SSL certificate for all buyers.

Get the Hostinger plan and Host your website with the best services of Hostinger web hosting. The review of the Hostinger web hosting plan will get you the best information to let you start your website faster.

What is the duration of Hostinger Free Domain Services?

You will get the advantage of free Hostinger domain services for a year. After a  year you have to pay an amount for a renewal of your domain name. The renewal prices of Hostinger Domain are moderate for the users.

The user does no need to worry about the renewal cost of the Hostinger domain name.

Does Hostinger provide Domain Renewal?

Yes, Hostinger grants domain renewal services to the users. But the price of renewal depends on your domain extension. It provides auto-renewal features to renew a domain.

How much does Hostinger Renewal cost after the expiry of Free Domain?

Many of the domain registrars offer auto-renewal services. It means the Domain registrar automatically renews a domain name annually without the approval of the site owner.

Users don’t know that the prices of domain registration and renewal are different. Most of the time the prices of renewal are quite high as compared to the registration. So, never disregard to check renewal prices while registering a domain name.

The hostinger renewal prices depend on the extension you choose. Such as if you choose free .com and get it free of cost then the renewal of that plan costs $11/year.


If you select the .live extension free of cost or at $3.50/year it is quite acceptable but the renewal cost of this extension cost $21 that looks quite unfair.

Do they provide Hostinger Domain Coupon for domain renewal?

yes, throughout the year company offers exclusive Hostinger Renewal Coupons to reaffirm a domain name.  They don’t want to detach their existing users so they provide discounts on their renewal plan.

Conclusion:- Does Hostinger offer free Domain

Yes, In the hosting services of the Hostinger you will get the free domain services. With the help of these free domain services, you can easily get a domain with the best hosting plan of the Hostinger. Get the hosting plan now and start with the best services of the Hosting. The services and features of the Hostiger are easy to use and manageable for pros and beginners. So get the best saving deal now and save maximum on the Hostinger services by using Hostinger Discount Code. With this, it becomes affordable for you to buy. So get now and save maximum on the best hosting plan.

  • Choose a Domain Name free of cost
  • Work with your desire TLD
  • Free for a Year
  • Easy and Affordable renewal
  • Apply Discount coupon to renew domain easily

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