Dorico Vs Sibelius 2024: Prices, Features & Devices

Both Music software is quite popular in the music industry. Many composers, musicians, and artists use these. In this Dorico vs Sibelius 2024 comparison, we will try to find which is the best music software Company. We will look at the pros and cons, features, and prices. Let’s see Dorico and Sibelius which is best.

Comparison Between Dorico Vs Sibelius – Overview

Difference between Sibelius and Dorico

Dorico was first launched in 2016 and the parent company of Dorico is Steinberg. Dorico makes music with a lot of soundtracks and with so many features. The parent company of Sibelius is Avid and it is established in April 1993. Also, the company provides features for lots of composers and musicians.

Features Comparison Of Dorico And Sibelius

There are lots of features in Dorico vs Sibelius. So we compare all the features of both the music software. There are lots of features of Selibus or Dorico. So we don’t compare all the features. But we compare only a few features, so let’s begin. All the features between Sibelius vs Dorico are so different they both provide different features.

Dorico Features

Here are the best features offered by Dorico music software that makes it different from Sibelius.

Highlights Features Of Dorico

In this feature, you can see your highlight in the Dorico. If you make any music or compose you can see the highlights of this music. As compared between Sibelius and Dorico, this feature is not included in Sibelius. In the highlight features, they provide you with 15 tools in this feature. 

  • Automatic Engraving
  • Automatic layout of parts
  • Condensed scores
  • DTP page layout
  • Drum Notation
  • Easy note Input
  • Flexible Chord Symbols
  • 8 more tools. 

 General Feature Of Dorico

In the General feature, you can edit your music with this feature you can edit some general things like Setup, play, print, and edit. This feature is very useful for re-editing your music. The tools provided are like.

  • Efficient window management
  • Five modes
  • Four Modes
  • Great sounding content
  • High-performance architecture
  • Import and export
  • 2 or more tool

Dorico Notations

In this feature, you can edit your Notes from this feature also you can add more instruments and Sound with help of these features. It depends on you how you which software you prefer between Dorico vs Sibelius. 

  • Bar numbers
  • Bar repeats
  • Beaming
  • Bracketed noteheads
  • Brackets and braces
  • Cautionary accidentals
  • Chord symbols (advanced)
  • 8 or more tool

Dorico Playback

In this section, you can add some casual things like Add your video, Add VST, or some dynamic lane. With the help of this feature, you can add some casual things. Use it for making some unique sounds.

  • Chord track
  • Dynamics lane
  • Import video
  • Interpretation of notations
  • MIDI controller editor
  • Mixer
  • Playback templates
  • 5 more tools

Dorico Engraving

In this feature the quality of your notes is major, you can decide how you want the quality of notes. You have so many options and types of Engraving to change your music. It totally depends on you how you choose your music. 

  • Automatic engraving
  • Automatic rhythmic spacing
  • Automatic vertical spacing
  • DTP page layout
  • Edit rhythmic spacing
  • Edit vertical spacing
  • Engrave mode 
  • 8 more Engrave tools

Dorico Input And Editing

Here you edit your Engraving Notes with lots of styles, also you can add some filters, flexible matters, and lots of things. Also, you can easily add some new things to our notes. If you want to input some new or another type of music in our notes so you can add it. This feature is not to add to the Dorico vs Sibelius comparison.

  • Arranger tools
  • Custom key commands
  • Easy note input
  • Filters (basic)
  • Filters
  • Flexible meter
  • Insert mode
  • 8 more tools 

Import and Export Features Of Dorico

With the help of this feature, you easily import and Export our music and notes with the PDF. Also, you can export the graphics and our XML music with the help of Dorico music software. 

  • Export audio
  • Export graphics
  • MIDI
  • MusicXML

Printing Features Of Dorico

With this feature, you can print your Engraving Notes, you have so many types of printing your notes. With the help of this feature, you can share your notes with your teacher and another person.

  • Batch printing or export
  • Booklet printing
  • Duplex support
  • Press-quality PDF
  • Print preview
  • AirPrint support (iPad)

These are the feature of Dorico in comparison to Dorico vs Sibelius iPad. Now we talk about the Sibelius features after that you have to decide which one is between Sibelius vs Dorico.

Sibelius Feature

These are some Sibelius features that make it one of the best music software for songwriting.


This feature plays a very important role in the music software industry. With the help of this software, you can easily compose music with lots of unique features in Sibelius.

  • Write music with ease
  • Build up compositions
  • Hear your music in stunning detail


Here you can find the perfect arrangement of music and instrument. All the parts of your music you can easily arrange fast. In the difference between Dorico And Sibelius, you can find Sibelius gives the most advanced features.

  • Arrange parts fast
  • Get Intelligent Import
  • Perfect and review scores

Engrave+ Copy

In this section, you can engrave your music with great speed also you can copy your Engrave or you can print your sound and music.

  • Create parts dynamically
  • Engrave intelligently
  • Fly through complex tasks


With this feature, you can share your scores online with lots of people. Also, you can share your music with your industry people. That is a great feature of this music software. In Sibelius vs Dorico, Sibelius directly wins this race.

  • Share scores in the cloud
  • Collaborate easily
  • Get more ways to share


With the help of this software, you can educate most of the users and increase their skills in music. Also, Most of the kids learn from Notations basic.

  • Teach music composition
  • Save time on lesson prep
  • Get student/teacher pricing


If you publish your music and soundtrack, so you can earn money that helps you to be financially strong. You can work on your music because Sibelius provides a score for your soundtrack.

  • Prep scores for publishing
  • Publish your music
  • Increase sheet music sales

Here we provide you with all the features of Sibelius. In the Comparison of Dorico vs Sibelius iPad, Sibelius provided the most advanced features as compared to Silebius or Dorico.

Which Device Supports Sibelius And Dorico?

Dorico and Sibelius both support the iPad and macOS. But Dorico has recently launched the Ipad Application for our users. Both the software work very great in the Music industry. One main problem is both Sibelius and Dorico are launched with few plans for Phones.

Price Comparison Between Sibelius vs Dorico

If you go with the price comparison of both devices, so we can see that Dorico or Sibelius provide different prices and plans. Both are provided free plans with fewer features. 

Sibelius- Price Comparison

Sibelius first provides free download, and its supports both device mobile and Desktop.

Sibelius Artist

Sibelius Artist is the paid plan, and they provide for both mobiles and Desktop. In this plan they have types of plans one is individual and the second is Teacher or Student.


PlansPricePaid Time
1-year subscription$99.00Paid Upfront
1-year subscription$9.99/per month 1-year payment
1 month$12.99/per month Per month

Sibelius Ultimate

In this plan, Sibelius ultimate provides Both Individual and Education plans for the new user. The Sibelius Ultimate plan offers the same price as Individual, but the Education price is a little bit different. You can get a discount by applying the Sibelius coupon code.

Student & Teacher

PlansPrice 50% offPaid Time
1-year subscription$99.00Paid Upfront
1-year subscription$9.99/per month 1-year payment

Dorico Price Comparison

In the Comparison between both Dorico vs Sibelius, Dorico provides 3 types of plans. Dorico is also giving their user to lucky chance to save up to $100 of money. The Plans are like 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 last plan. 

  1. The Dorico 3.5 pro version 

In this version, you have a chance to upgrade your 3.5 pro version to 4.0. But if your Dorico 3.5 pro version is after 25 August 2021. The price of the 3.5 pro version is $99.

  1. The Dorico 4.0 pro version

The price of the Dorico 4.0 is $588 with VAT tax.

  1. The Dorcio Elements 4 version.

The price of this version is $101.99 with VAT tax.

  1. Dorico for Ipad

The last version of Dorico is free to download but this version is only for the Ipad version.


This is the Whole comparison between Sibelius vs Dorico, we try to include all things but the company is not mentioned in extra information. So we have collected other extra information from so many websites and merged all information into one page. So it depends on you which software is best for you. If you want to get to know the difference between Sibelius Vs Sibelius Ultimate then read it.

FAQs: Sibelius Vs Dorico

Some of the user’s top queries regarding Dorico vs Sibelius are asked by many users.

Dorico Vs Sibelius, Which Software Should I Use?

We will consider using Sibelius if you are looking for professional music notation software. Otherwise, for work on beginner level you can go with Dorico.

Can Dorico Open Sibelius Files?

No, Dorico is not able to open Sibelius files, because Sibelius uses property file format.

Is Dorico A Subscription?

After the release of the Dorico app on Ipad, users can easily access all the premium features via a lifetime unlock option.

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