Wondershare Dr. Fone Review 2022 – Is Dr. Fone Safe To Transfer WhatsApp Data?

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Dr Fone is a one-stop phone management software. With the help of it, you cannot only recover your lost data but can also switch it between various devices.

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Most of our precious data is present in our smartphones. Once deleted, it becomes almost impossible to recover this data. However, if you are using Wondershare Dr.Fone, then you can avoid such situations. This software can help you recover deleted data of your Android and iOS devices and manage it. Here in this Wondershare Dr. Fone review, we will look at both positive and negative aspects of this software by discussing its features, major tools, and pricing. We will also is Dr. Fone is safe to use or it may lead to major threats.

About Dr.Fone | Is Dr.Fone A Data Recovery Software?

Dr.Fone was developed by Wondershare. It is primarily known for recovering lost data and was also initially developed for the same purpose. But with time, it started providing services related to data management. At present, besides data recovery, you can also use this software for storing, transferring, and managing your phone data. Nowadays, many users ask, is Dr. Fone safe for recovering data? Well, Wondershare is one of the best data recovery software. In the further sections, we have discussed all the aspects of this program.

Wondershare Dr. Fone Review: Dr.Fone Data Recovery

The basic purpose for which Dr.Fone is mostly used is its capability of recovering lost data. For recovering data, it provides a tool named “Dr.Fone – Data Recovery”.

Wondershare Dr.Fone Review

With this tool, you can recover deleted data like photos, videos, contacts, messages, contact, notes, calendars, and many more things from both Android and iOS devices. 

This tool scans your device for all the deleted files and provides a preview of all the files which it found. You can manually select the files which you want to recover out of them. 

Advantages Of Using Dr. Fone Data Recovery:

  • It can restore data of both Android and iOS devices.
  • With it, you can recover any kind of data like photos, videos, texts, call logs, notes, etc.
  • It is supported with over 6000 Android devices and all kinds of iOS devices including iTunes.

Apart from data recovery, you can also enjoy other benefits by using the Dr.Fone toolkit. That features are mentioned in the further sections of this Dr.Fone Review 2022.

Dr. Fone Review: Other Features Of Dr. Fone

Wondershare Dr. Fone is not limited to data recovery only and there are lots of other features too that this software provides. To check if Dr. Fone is safe or is Dr. Fone legit, we will review them one by one:

Data Transfer And Manager

This software also lets you manage and transfer the data present in your device. For this, it provides various tools:

Dr.Fone toolkit for PC

  • Dr.Fone Phone Manager (iOS): This tool is developed for easing the work of data transfer in iOS devices. With this tool, you can transfer files like photos, videos, etc. from one iOS to another iOS or Windows device, either one by one or in bulk. 
  • Dr.Fone Phone Manager (Android): This tool makes data transfer between Android devices and PCs very fast and easy. With the help of it, you can also manage the data of your phone from your PC.
  • Dr.Fone Phone Transfer: By using Dr.Fone Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer files between Android and iOS devices. This tool is very easy to use and can initiate phone to phone transfers in just a few minutes. This tool is compatible with more than 8000 Android and iOS devices and supports around 15 file formats. 

WhatsApp Transfer

Is Dr.Fone safe to use

Apart from phone data, you can also transfer your WhatsApp data through Dr.Fone. So, in this section, we will do Dr. Fone WhatsApp transfer review. For initiating the same, you can use its “Dr.Fone – WhatsApp Transfer” tool. You can transfer both normal and business chats of WhatsApp between Android and iOS devices through this tool. With this tool, you can also backup and restore the WhatsApp chat.

This tool can also be used for backing up and restoring other social apps like WeChat, Viber, etc.

Screen Unlocking

Have you ever forgot your phone’s lock screen password? Losing your phone’s password can put your phone in a locked state for a lifetime. However, with Dr.Phone, you can avoid such situations. It provides a tool named Dr.Fone Screen Unlock by using which you can reset your passwords. But before using this tool, you need to be aware of is Wondershare Dr. Safe to unlock screen locks.

Dr.Fone Screen Unlocking

For finding the same, we did Dr. Fone Android review and iOS review and tested it on both Android and iOS devices. This tool is capable of bypassing both Android and iOS screen locks. With it, you can unlock four kinds of locks i.e. Patterns, PINs, Passwords, and Fingerprints. It is very easy to use, and even a non-techie person can use it for recovering passwords. 

However, using this tool can wipe out all your device’s data if it is used on smartphones other than Samsung and LG.

System Repair

Dr.Fone can also help you in repairing your phone if it starts malfunctioning. In this section, we did Wondershare Dr. Fone’s review of its system repair tool. Dr. Fone basically provides three kinds of tools for repairing systems that are:

Dr.Fone System Repair

  • Dr.Fone System Repair (iOS): It is an easy-to-use tool and can fix most of the iOS issues without any data loss. The iOS issues that it can fix are black or white screen, screen freezing, being stuck in recovery mode, etc. You can also use this tool for downgrading your iOS version without any data loss.
  • Dr.Fone System Repair (Android): This tool is almost similar to the former one but it only works with Android. With this tool, you can fix most of the issues, and works with over 1000 Android smartphone models. 
  • Dr.Fone iTunes Repair: This tool can fix issues related to iTunes without losing any data. The most common issues that it can resolve are updating/installing iTunes errors, Syncing errors, Connection errors, etc. 

Data Backups And Erasing

Dr.Fone also provides you the option of either backing up your data or erasing it permanently.

Dr.Fone Data recovery

  • For restoring data you can use the Dr.Fone Phone Backup. This tool enables you to backup and restores data for both Android and iOS devices. It is very easy to use and allows you to either entirely or selectively back up your files.
  • For erasing data, you can use the Dr.Fone Data Eraser. With this tool, you can permanently delete the entire data of your smartphone.

These are the major functions that a user can perform by using the Dr.Fone toolkit for PC. In the further sections of this Dr.Fone review, we have mentioned some Dr.Fone apps for you that you can use.

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System Requirements For Running Dr.Fone

To find if Dr.Fone is safe, we analyzed the various aspects of this software in this Dr. Fone review. Now, let’s have a look at the criteria that your device should meet for successfully running the Dr.Fone toolkit for PC:

  1. Your PC should either have Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP or a minimum of macOS 10.8.
  2. At least 256 MB of RAM and 200 MB of Disk space. 
  3. A 64-bit CPU processor. 

Support And Money-Back Guarantee

If you facing any problem in using Dr.Fone then you can contact their support staff through emails. For getting instant remedies, you can contact them through their 24 by 7 through live chats. In case if you didn’t like Dr.Fone then you can get your money back within 7 days of initiating the purchase. 

Dr. Fone Review: Apps Offered By Wondershare Dr.Fone

Some Dr.Fone applications can provide great utility to you. These are:

  • Dr.Fone Switch: By using this app, you can transfer data from an iOS device to an Android device in a few clicks. 
  • Dr.Fone Transome: It is a free app and helps you easily sharing large files. It is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Dr.Fone Virtual Location: It is a location-changing app and is only available for iOS devices. This app lets you change the GPS location of your iPhone, anywhere around the globe.
  • InClowdz: This is a cloud managing app and enables you to manage data of various clouds from one place. You can also transfer data between various clouds by using this app.
  • MirrorGo: MirrorGo allows you to mirror your phone’s screen to your PC screen. With it, you can control your phone through your PC.
  • FamiSafe: This is a parental control app. It lets you track the location of your child. You can also monitor your child’s on-screen activities. 

Dr.Fone vs EaseUS

Dr.Fone vs EaseUS

Both Dr.Fone and EaseUS are the two greatest data recovery software. However, EaseUS is focused on recovering data from PCs and Dr.Fone provides tools for recovering data from iOS and Android devices.

If you want to recover data from smartphones then you can use Wondershare Dr.Fone. And for PCs, it is recommended to use EaseUS. You can read more about EaseUS on our EaseUS review.

Pricing Of Dr.Fone | How Much Does Dr.Fone Costs?

Dr.Fone is available for sale as an Android toolkit, iOS toolkit, and Full toolkit (Android + iOS). By using our Dr.Fone  Coupon Code, you can also get amazing discounts on it. Also you can grab heavy discount on the purchase of the toolkit by using Dr Fone Full Toolkit promo code. You can check the pricing of these toolkits here:

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For finding deals on other Wondershare products, you can visit our Wondershare Coupon Code page.

How Do I Restore My iPhone Using Dr. Fone?

By using Dr.Fone, you can recover the data of your iPhone in just a few simple steps. These steps are:

  1. Connect your phone to the PC through a USB cable and launch Dr.Fone.
  2. Once it detects your phone, select the data recovery option. By doing this, it will start scanning your device for the deleted files.
  3. Once the scan is finished, it will provide you a preview of the files which is found. You can manually select the files which you want to be restored. 
  4. Now click on save and all the selected files will get restored to your device.

These are the ways by which you can store files on your iPhone. You can find more Dr.Fone guides here.

Wondershare Dr. Fone Review – Final Thoughts

In this Review of Dr.Fone, we discussed all major aspects related to this software. Based on which we can conclude that Dr.Fone is a great software for recovering the data of smartphones. Its price is also competitive if compared to its rival products. It is also backed with a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, you can use this software at least once.

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FAQs: Dr. Fone Review

Q. Is Dr.Fone Safe To Use?

To find if Wondershare Dr. Fone is safe to use, we compared the various aspects of this software. From that, we can easily conclude that Yes, Dr.Fone is very safe to use. With it, you can easily manage the data of your smartphone.

Q. Does Dr.Fone work for WhatsApp messages? | Is Dr.Fone safe to transfer WhatsApp?

Yes, Dr.Fone works with WhatsApp and through it, you can easily transfer your WhatsApp messages. For knowing more, you can read our detailed Wondershare Dr. Fone Review.

Q. Is Dr.Fone Free?

Dr.Fone is not free. However, you can use some of its Android apps for free. For knowing more, read this Dr. Fone Android Review.

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