Wondershare Review 2024 – Pricing, Products & Features

Wondershare is a well-known company all over the world. It deals with the software. The company is offering its services over 150 countries. They claim that they are the industry leader and it provides easy to use technology. But do they really? Here I am going to show you an Honest Wondershare review 2024. You will be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Wondershare. So, without any delay, let’s start with the background of the Wondershare.

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Background of Wondershare

The Wondershare started in 2003. The first product of the company was Wondershare photo2VCD. After that company launched its core product in 2004 the Wondershare PPT2DVD. In 2005 the company entered towards audio and video conversation line then they launched the large numbers of Softwares in the multimedia field. The company faced many ups and downs and today it is one of the best software providing companies in multimedia.

What Wondershare offers?

Wondershare offers much software it is generally distributed in 3 categories. You can buy any of them by using the Wondershare Coupon code. These are the three categories.

  • Digital Creativity
  • Office Productivity
  • Data management

We will discuss all those categories and their products so that we will able to choose the best for you.

Digital Creativity

Wondershare Digital Creativity

In this category, you will see the different versions of filmora, filmstock, fotophire, and uniconverter. Let’s start with the first and the core product of the Wondershare the filmora.


Filmora is a popular video editing software all over the world. Wondershare offers 4 versions of Filmora software considering the different needs of the users.  These are the four versions of the filmora.

  • Filmora 9
  • Filmora pro
  • Filmora Go
  • Filmora Scrn

Every version has some different and prepared for the different uses. We will all those versions and also discuss the pros and cons of that version. Let’s begin with the first basic version Filmora 9. Before we move ahead here’s a bonus for your. Use our exclusive Filmora coupon code to get Filmora at an far cheaper price than the actual cost.

Filmora 9

Filmora9 is a great video editing app after doing the research we found that the users are enjoying the simplicity of the filmora9. It is very easy to use and anyone can create a professional video within minutes. On the other hand, it has some cons also. These are the pros and cons of Filmora 9.

Wondershare Filmora9 features


  • Beginner-friendly- As I told you it’s very easy to use. It absolutely no matters that you are a beginner or a professional anyone can learn to use it easily.
  • Advanced tool- Here you will get the advanced tools to use. You will be able to create professional videos in a very easy way.
  • Option to add tools- They provide you with the option that you can add other tools according to your convenience.
  • Multiple videos and audios together- Use up to 100 videos and audios track. Sometimes when you want to create a professional long video so you have to work on multiple videos and audios together.


  • No storyboard- It’s quite difficult to make changes to the existing sequence.

If we look at the price at the Filmora9. It offers multiple different plans like $7.99/mo*, $39.99/year and you can take the lifetime plan $59.99 only. Overall filomra9 is a good software for beginners and professionals as well.

Filmora Pro

Wondershare Filmora Pro

If you want to make your video editing more interesting then you can use the upgraded version of Filmora9 that is Filmora Pro. In this, you will get more advanced features as compared to Filmora 9. Filmora Pro is easy to use as Filmora 9 but the difference you will see in the prices and in the features. This will offers you something extra that is definitely useful and helpful in making your video editing more entertaining for you and your users.

As the Filmora Pro is discontinued by Wondershare so you can use Anireel instead of that. By using the Wondershare Anireel coupon code you can grab a huge discount at the time of its purchase.

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Let see some key feature of the Filmora Pro

  • Advanced editing modes- you will get the different advanced editing modes like slip editing, rate stretching, slide editing, and ripple editing.
  • Detailed color correction- Here you will get the different color correction tools which will help to show the best view of the video.
  • Audio compressor- It will help you to bring the consistency of the audio.
  • Customizable effects- You will get a large number of made-to-order professional effects with many present and adjustable parameters.
FilmoraPro Pros
  • Customizable interface- You will be able to choose whatever you want to choose at your layout.
  • Edit unlimited video audio track- Here you will be able to edit large projects without any problem with the number of videos.
  • Add your own library- You can add your video footage in the FilmoraPro and keep it in the sequence whatever you want.
  • Upload media and audio easily- Here you will be able to upload audio and video very easily. It will not take lots of time.
FilmoraPro Cons
  • No support for low bit versions- FilmoraPro doesn’t support a 32-bit operating system and below mac OS X 10.10.
  • Can no export videos without login- If you want to export the video which you have edited. So you must have to login otherwise you will not be able to export the video.

So, overall we can say that filmoraPro is the best for the intermediate and for the professionals. If you want more control over your videos and ready to give your time to refine the footage and make it perfect.


Wondershare Filmora Go

FilmoraGo is a powerful video editing app. It is very easy to use and there is no need for any experience for editing. To know more let’s see some key features of the FilmoraGo.

Features of FilmoraGo

  • Great video editing- Here you will get the best timeline zoom, control over the speed of volume video, rearrange and many features.
  • Music editing- You will get tons of sound effects, split audio clips and many more features.
  • Adjustment- You will be able to adjust the brightness, contrast, temperature, clarity and etc.
  • Sticker and text- There are different types of stickers are available to use in the video. You can also use text.


  • Easy to use- It is easy to use. Anyone can learn it within minutes.
  • Flexibility- This is a mobile app. So it’s absolutely no matter wheater you have your PC or not. You can edit your video anywhere and anytime.


  • Difficult to make a professional video- It’s very difficult to do large projects with the FilmoraGo.

At the end of the day, we can say that  FilmoraGo is a great app. It will help you to create good videos but if you want to do work on a large project. So there is a possibility that it will not enough for you.

Filmora Scrn

Wondershare Filmora scrn

Filmora Scrn is a screen recording software. It will help you to record your PC screen with high quality. It also offers some tools that will help you to grow fast. Let’s see what will you get in the Filmora Scrn.

There are the benefits you will get

  • Changeable cursor- Here you will get the feature where you will be able to change the shape size and color of your cursor It will make your video quite attractive.
  • 2 Devices- filmora Scrn helps you to record the computer and webcam simultaneously.
  • Full editing- You can edit your video quickly and easily. There are many tools that will help you to create a professional video.
  • Import over 50 file formats- You are free to import videos, music, and other media file.
  • Export in multiple formats- You will be able to export the video in MP4, MOV, GIF, etc.

If we look at the price of the Filmora Scrn then there are two plans. You can purchase a 1-year license for just $19.99/Year. On the other hand, you can take the lifetime license at just $29.99.


Wondershare Fotophire

Photo Phire is a photo editing software. It’s easy to use at a great price. It offers a different product that helps to edit the photo.

There are the products

  • Fotophire Slideshow maker- Here you can create your best slide show. All you need to do is select the images and photos you want. Then select the suitable them and save and you are done.
  • Fotophire Maximizer- As it is quite clear by name. It helps to maximize your image without any problem.
  • Fotophire editing toolkit- Here you will get many tools that will allow many options in video editing. There are lots of tools like photo editor, photo cutter and photo eraser.
  • Fotophire Focus- This feature will help you to give a professional look to your photos. It will help you to clear and sharp your blurry photo.

We can say that fotophire is good video editing. If we compare Photophire with other photo editing software so you will find Fotophire is easy to use compared to other photo editing software.


Wondershare Uniconverter

Uniconverter is a powerful video converter. It converts videos up to 1000 formates. The converting time is 20 times faster than other video converters. Now let’s take the look at the pros and cons of the Uniconverter.


  • Export videos- It allows you to download the video in your storage device.
  • Variety of formate- It will help you to download it up to 1000 formates.
  • Advanced feature- Here you will be able to customize the videos as you can remove watermark, subtitles, rotate and also can add effects.
  • High resolution- It allows the videos to download in 4K/HD.


  • No free- If you won’t use the most beneficial tools then you have to pay for it. You can’t access them without paying.

Uniconverter is one of the best video editing software. If we discuss the price then you can purchase the annual plan the price is just $29.95 or you can take the time plan at just $59.95. And In the end, if you are carrying a business so you can choose the business plan price will depend on the number of devices you choose. Although using our exclusive Wondershare uniconverter coupon code will help you get this advanced tool at an discounted price.

Office productivity

Wondershare offers products that help to run a business smoothly. Here I am going to represent those products. So if are running a business you should not miss the next paragraph.


Wondershare Pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement coupon code can be a good option for you. If are running an office. It gives you the freedom to express your idea verbally and visually. I personally use Pdfelement and it helps me a lot. Let’s take a look at the pros and the cons of the pdfelements.


  • Easy to use- It’s very easy to edit the documents. Anyone can learn it in minutes.
  • Fast scan- It helps to scan the documents in just some seconds.
  • Merge files- You will be able to merge files easily.


  • Slow- Many users have the complaint that sometimes when the batch the processing time is slow.
  • Fast loading time- Pdfelemet is a heavy software it takes time to load the pdf.

At the end of the day, Pdfelemet is a good software that helps you to create and edit the documents. There are two types of pdf elements. The Pdfelement pro at $9.99/mo*. PDFelement standard $6.99/mo*. So after knowing about all the featured products of the Wondershare. It’s time to see an overview of this Wondershare review.

Data Management

Wondershare also offers two data recovery software named Wondershare Dr.Fone and Wondershare Recoverit.

Wondershare Dr.Fone is a very useful tool and by using it, you can recover the data of your Android and iOS devices very easily. Besides it, you can also use it for managing or migrating the data of your smartphone as dr fone is safe to use for everyone. Besides this, you can also use Dr fone coupon code to get massive discount offers on your purchase.

Wondershare Recoverit works with Android, Mac, and Windows. With the help of this tool, you can easily recover your data including photos and videos without any quality loss. It is also equipped with tools that let you repair damaged videos.


Wondershare is a well-reputed company. It offers multiple software. We have discussed all those features, pros and cons of those products. So on the basis of our research WonderShare is a good company and offers great products. I hope you got the help from this WonderShare review.

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