Easy To Use Screen Recording Software That One Should Try!

If you are planning to use screen recording software on your windows or mac, this article will help you. In this blog, we are covering the best easy-to-use screen recorder which captures a screen without a watermark. 

We are also covering free screen recording software that captures everything happening on your screen. First, let’s discuss what are the major points which we should consider before purchasing a screen recorder. 

Points To Consider Before Buying A Screen Recorder

points to select best screen recorder

Below are some of the key points in consideration of choosing the best screen recorder. Let’s start considering all the important factors that influence a screen recorder. 


Your purpose should be very clear to pick an appropriate tool. We suggest that never select an all-purpose screen recorder. Try to take one that suits your specific needs.  

Video Recording Quality 

It is also an important factor to consider before selecting a screen recording software. Most of the screen recorder offers video capture upto 4k these days. It doesn’t matter you choose a free or paid screen recorder, just make sure the video quality. 


The structure should be easy to use for a non-technical person also. You can go for that program which educates you to use a short term in terms of related audio and video settings. 


For those who want to choose a free screen recorder, the price factor is not considerable. In case if you opt for a paid screen recording software then must concern about the price aspect. Compare it properly by their provided features. Some of the recorders are charging high prices but offering low quality so avoid making a rush to choose the best screen recording software. 

Easy To Use Screen Recording Software In Budget 2024

1) Techsmith Camtasia

camtasia snagit features

Camtasia screen recorder provides you a path to record yourself while working. It grabs individual frames out of the recorded video also. With the help of Camtasia, you can record professional screen recordings without any extra effort. 

It also provides you with the feature of importing HD video in your recording through an external source. Camtasia is one of the unique and easy-to-use screen recording software. As it creates interactive videos containing links that are clickable and generate dynamic content. It may be costly for some users as Camtasia is a one-time purchase. So, you can also apply a Camtasia Discount 2024 to save money on this software.

Pros and Cons of Camtasia

Here is the list of advantages and disadvantages of Camtasia.

Reasons to choose
  • Offer a well-worked webcam
  • Audio, video, and curser can be edited individually
  • Feature of importing existing music, videos, photos, and PowerPoint
  • Frame-by-frame editing
  • Provides a library of sound effects and royalty-free music
  • Feature of adding captions, and quizzes to the videos
Reasons to avoid
  • Not cost-effective recorder
  • Sometimes showing the error of slowing down on large projects
  • Multitrack interface is busy

Why choose Camtasia?

Now if the question arises why should choose Camtasia? Here we are mentioning all the reasons that will help you to choose the best screen recording software. Even the structure is designed in a proper manner which makes it one of the easy-to-use screen recording software. 

1)Create from templates- Camtasia has pre-made layouts which are used to create visual documentation, training material, and tutorials.

2)Create video from images- It can draw over a series of screenshots to create a video or GIF.

3)All-in-one capture- Camtasia can capture the entire desktop, window, region, or scrolling screen.

4)Scrolling screen capture- It can take a full page scrolled screenshot, grab vertical and horizontal scrolls. It also offers infinity scrolling webpages and long chat messages etc.

5)Grab text- Camtasia can extract the text from the screen capture and paste it into another document to do editing. Along with this, it can easily copy information without retyping all the text again.

6)Record webcam- At the time of creating video, it can toggle between webcam and screen recording. You can use the recorder to add a personal touch with clients or teammates. 

7)Record audio- It can record audio in your videos from your microphone as well as computers system audio. 

8)Animated GIFs- You can turn any short recording into an animated GIF and can add this to a website, chat, or document. It comes with default and custom options to create a perfect GIF.

9)Trim video clips- It can remove unwanted sections from your screen recordings. You can cut any section at the beginning, middle, or end of the video.

10)Record ios screen- It provides you with a capture app that lets you record your iOS screen just by a few steps. Even you can share it back into Camtasia for trimming. 

11)Annotations- An annotate screen grab with a professional markup tool. It adds personality and professionalism to your screenshots with styles. 

Like Camtasia, Snagit is another software of Techsmith that is easy to use and affordable in price. You can grab a huge discount on your purchase by using the Snagit promo code and buy it at a low price.

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2) Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi screen recorder features

The Movavi screen recorder is designed with a user-friendly surface which makes it easy to use screen recording software and video editing software. It offers various tools to record computer screens and capture audio and webcam. 

Along with this, saves the recording as videos and GIFs. With the help of this recorder, you can upload your recordings to google drive or youtube. Moreover, you can share it easily on social networks with people. That’s why we are saying it is the best screen recording software or screen recorder for windows or PC.

Pros and Cons Of Movavi

Reasons to choose
  • Offers a webcam
  • Record video or audio both together or separately
  • Supports multiple formats MKV, MP4, AVI, and MOV
  • Ability to take screenshots and edit them
  • Scheduled recordings
  • Offer mouse display in recording
Reasons to avoid
  • Offering no video editing tool
  • Only 5 minutes of recording in the trial version
  • Sometimes face crash issues

Why Choose Movavi? 

Now the question rises why choose Movavi screen recorder. Even many people start thinking is it worth choosing this easy-to-use make, screen recording software. To clear this query we are mentioning some important functions of Movavi which will help you to choose the best screen recording software. 

1)Create screencasts- It can grab your microphone, system sounds as well as webcam. Even this can record screen and audio separately or simultaneously as per your need. 

2)Schedule recording- You can choose the date and time to start the video screen capture. Moreover, you can set the time limit for capturing. 

3)Show keystrokes and mouse- You can show your keyboard to the viewers as well as set up the mouse display while recording.

4)Draw on videos- By using the Movavi screen recorder you can draw on the video while recording the video. Moreover, you can add important drawings to your tutorials and make videos for more engagement. 

5)Record Only Audio- If you want to record sounds separately, with the help of Movavi do this. You can record sounds from your computer and microphone separately as well. 

6)Capture your webcam- You can capture webcam output without screen recording. Along with this, you can take a photo through a webcam. 

3)Filmora Screen

filmora screen recorder features

Filmora screen is the best screen recording software for game lovers. It offers fast-paced scenes to capture while recording a webcam video simultaneously. It consists also of a very basic video editor that enhances your videos and tutorials.  Filmora screen provides a lot of features that make, is it easy to use screen recording software. 

Pros and Cons of Filmora Screen

Reasons to choose
  • Feature of recording and using webcam simultaneously
  • Many file formats to export and import
  • 15 to 120 FPS frame rate
  • Supports HD videos and recordings
Reasons to avoid
  • Not advanced features of editing
  • Sometimes Noticed lagging issue while editing

Why choose the Filmora screen recorder?

If you are a user then this question hits your mind that why choose the Filmora screen recorder. Below we have mentioned some of the best features f the Filmora screen recorder which makes it one of the best screen recording software. Even this is worth spending money on these top screen recording software. 

1)4k video quality- Consist the feature of exporting the video upto 4096*2160 resolution.

2)Green screen- To change the background it offers advanced green screen technology. 

3)Noise removal- The function of noise removal optimizes the clearness of the video sound especially while using the microphone.

4)Voiceover- You can record the screen when your microphone is on or separately can record the audio.

5)Annotations- You can add dialogue boxes, arrows, sketch animation, lines, and shapes to the video.

6)Transitions- You can add transitions like erasing, fading, evaporation, flashing, etc to give a natural look to your video.

7)Multiple formats- Support any format for editing and exporting the video in WMV, MOV, Avi,mp3, gif formats, etc.  

8)Curser effect – It can change the opacity of the cursor and add highlight, click and ring sounds.

9)Stickers- It has many stickers for animation effects, gestures, education, background, social media, game, etc.

10)Caption tools- Captain resources consist of themes of opener, subtitle, title, for your requirements. 

11)Transform, cut &crop- It can change the scale of the video and position consisting of all fundamental editing functions. 

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4)OBS Studio

OBS Studio screen recorder features

It is one of the best free screen recording software for gamers, Even you can get it without any cost. It is an open-source platform supporting both streaming and recording in high definition. 

OBS Studio doesn’t have any restrictions on the length of your recordings. It can record directly from your graphics card and can capture games running in full-screen mode. Moreover, it provides customized hotkeys to control the screen recordings. It can also be used for making full use of multi-core CPUs for performance improvement. This is the reason why we are saying it is the best free recording software to use. 

It might take a little extra time to set up, but it is one of the most powerful screen recorders for gamers. 

Pros and Cons of OBS Studio

Reasons to choose
  • Provide you authority to set up multiple scenes and use resources
  • Consist per-source filter with a built-in audio mixture
  • Offers an advanced configuration option
  • No issue of watermark
  • Recording without a fixed limit
  • Multiple device support
Reasons to avoid
  • The learning curve is a bit difficult for a non-technical person
  • Sometimes crashes happens
  • Quick screen recording is not as easy.

Why Choose OBS Studio?

Here we are mentioning some of the important points which make it the best free screen recording software. The surface provides makes it one of the best easy-to-use screen recording software. 

1)Screen Capture- This easy-to-use screen recording software lets you capture the screen in HD quality and stream it right away. 

2)Video recording- It lets you persimmon to record videos without any time limit. Moreover, it is accepting a webcam as a video source and a microphone as an audio source. 

3)User-friendly interface –It provides a simple and clean interface to help you configure all major aspects of your live streams.

4)Authority to set hotkeys- This OBS studio screen recorder allows setting up hotkeys to navigate across its functions. You can set it for switching between the scenes, to start and stop recording and live to stream, etc.

5)Intuitive audio mixer- You can select among multi-channel, multi-language, surrounding sounds etc. By using these features you can enable the live translation and broadcast a video into multiple languages.  

6)The ability for quality management – OBS Studio allows you to decide the video capture quilty, moreover, you can also set the resolution of your choice. You can also select the number of frames per second at your convenience. 

5) Free Cam

Free cam screen recorder feature

It is one of the simple structured screen recorders with built-in features of audio and video editing. The interface is user-friendly and it is easy to use screen recording software.  Free cam allows users to create screencasts with ease. 

Even this is the best free screen recording software and doesn’t place any watermark with the ad-free feature. 

Pros and Cons of Free Cam

Reasons to choose
  • No watermarks, ads, or time limits
  • Feature of recording voice-overs and sounds
  • Offers high-quality resolution
  • Save videos on WMV formats
  • The capability of deleting unwanted video fragments easily
  • Top-quality audio selection
  • Remove all background noise and hassle
Reasons to avoid
  • Save files only in one format  which is WMV
  • Not offering webcam

Why Choose Free Cam?

There are various reasons to choose free cam screen recording software. The first and foremost reason is this it is the best free screen recording software. Along with this, it also falls under the category of easy-to-use screen recording software 

1)Select a recording area – You can make a recording of your entire screen, a single video, or a selected area of your screen. As per your convenience, you choose it. 

2)Record voice-over –To make your videos informative, you can record this easily with your microphone. 

3)Record systems sounds- You can record the sounds of your applications and program easily. Even you can add some background music to your video. 

4)Highlight your mouse- Highlight your mouse and cursor to emphasize important details and steps and turn on mouse click sounds.’

5)Delete unnecessary parts- You can easily cut out unnecessary fragments of the videos after the recording of your screen.

6)Remove background noise- If you want to remove the background noise of your voice-over, you can easily remove it from the entire clip.

7)Polish your audio In free cam screen recording, you can adjust volume, and add fade-in or out effects. Even you can mute selected parts of the video. 


Cam studio screen recorder features

Camstudio is also one of the good choices for those users who use it for one-time and for occasional use.  This best free screen recorder provides a clear surface to users which makes it easy to use screen recording software. It is also an open-source screen recording software that is lightweight. It offers file formats AVI and later it changes into SWF screen recording. Camstudio falls under the category of best free screen recording software. 

Pros and Cons of Camstudio

Reasons to choose
  • Feature of creating a screen-in-screen video
  • Structured to create small-sized files
  • Offers custom cursor
  • Different quality options for videos
Reasons to avoid
  • Sometimes spread harmful viruses and malware
  • Less interactive and animation features
  • Sometimes Audio falls out of sync
  • Only offers AVI with a conversion

Why Choose Camstudio?

This is last but not the least screen recording software. To help you that which screen recorder suits you best according to your needs. We are mentioning some important key features of CamStudio. 

1)Screen and video annotations- Camstudio consists of video and screen annotations features that can either be text annotations. You can also record the audio with a microphone and a speaker and use narrations for the background. 

2)HD quality video It allows recording upto 1280*720 quality videos. The files of video output can either be an audio-video interface(AVI) or shake wave flash(SWF) format.

3)Customized frame rate- If we are talking about the frame rate of Camstudio it can be customized under the video option. This is imperative for maintaining the video and audio sync. These frame rates assist us to create a high-quality video output. 

4)Several codecs- It comes with the compressor and DECompressor codecs to reduce the output size. This feature allows you to reduce the motion picture to small-sized files. These high-motion videos are best when it is in Xvid form as it takes less space in your system and has all the required information captured. 

5)Cursor options- It is also one of the good features of Camstudio as it provides various options to highlight, change shapes, and highlight. It is more useful while selecting regions within the screen. Moreover, the cursor effect will help in customizing the video records which is dependent upon your targeted audience. 

6)Easy to use- Camstudio is a screen recorder as well as an editing tool that provides an easy-to-use surface for its users. It has an intuitive surface that helps you to explore better. Moreover, it provides an easy tutorial that helps you to understand all the features and functions of the program easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest screen recorder to use?

As we already mentioned above all easy-to-use screen recording software. Camtasia takes a higher place than others, even Movavi is also the easiest screen recorder to use. 

How do you screen record easier?

It is the easiest process to record screens. You just need to press shift+5 to open the screen capture tool in your windows or any other app you are using. Here you can see the toolbar, opt to capture the entire screen or custom portion of the screen as per your choice. 

What is the best software to record screens?

All the above-mentioned screen recorders are best to record screens. If you want to choose one then we can say Camtasia takes a higher place than others. Even Movavi and Filmora screens also fall under the category of best screen recording software.  

What is the best video recording software for beginners?

If you are a beginner then you choose an easy-to-use screen recording software. In the above section, we already mentioned Camtasia, Movavi, Filmora screen, OBS Studio, free cam, and cam studio. These all are the best screen recording software for beginners. 


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