Fusion 360 For 3D Printing 2023 – Features & Pricing

Fusion 360 for 3D printing 2023 is the best software to make 3D sketches comfortably. Now with Fusion 360, anyone can make 3D prints like a professional product designer or manufacturer with lots of design, tools, and features.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best features of 3D printing on Fusion 360, also its pricing, system requirements, setup process, and other major benefits. So for getting full information regarding Autodesk Fusion 360 3D printing, stay connected with us till the last.

First, we will move to the topic of what features will we get with Fusion 360 3D modelling.

What Kind Of Features I Will Get With Fusion 360 For 3D Printing 2023?

Some major features of Fusion 360 for 3D printing

Fusion 360 3D modelling offers a wide range of features to create powerful 3D printings. Here below we listed all the main features of 3D printing on Fusion 360 for the users:

  • Designing Tools: The very first feature of Fusion 360 is its designing tools. With the help of designing tools of Fusion 360, a user will improve their 3D modeling. And can easily identify the error in the creation of a 3D sketch.
  • Best Mesh Editing: The next feature of Autodesk Fusion 360 3D printing is the best mesh editing. With this mesh editing feature, a user will easily edit and repair their 3D mesh files.
  • Actual Review Feature: This feature is the most amazing feature of the Fusion 360 for 3D printing as the user will be able to see the actual review of their 3D modeling after its completion. That will help to modify and repair the 3D sketch if they seem any errors.
  • Flexible Parametric pattern: This feature of 3D printing on Fusion 360 will help a user to make complicated 3D sketches and allows them to edit and modernize them.
  • Data Protection: As we know Fusion 360 3D sketch is a cloud-based modelling software. So there is no need to worry about data as it provides great security to their user. There is no chance of hacking your data.
  • Easy Collaboration: With this amazing feature of Fusion 360 3D modelling, a user can easily share their 3D sketch with anyone whether teammates, colleagues, and clients. It will maintain your workflow. Moreover, you can easily connect with your team and manage work globally.

So these are the key features of Fusion 360 for 3D sketch. These features of Fusion 360 will definitely help users to create unique and amazing 3D modelling. A user will get all the set of features and advantages of Fusion 360 after getting a subscription to Fusion 360. 

On Which Devices Can I Access Fusion 360 For 3D Printing?

Fusion 360 3D modelling is only accessible on a few devices. We are mentioning below some devices in which a user can easily access Autodesk Fusion 360 3D printing:

  • Windows & macOS: Fusion 360 runs smoothly on widows and macOS as it is compatible with only these operating systems.
  • Android & iOS: Users will easily access Fusion 360 3D sketch on android and iOS devices in which they can simply watch, edit, and share the sketch anywhere.
  • Internet: A user can access 3D printing on Fusion 360 on any device like a smartphone or tablet with the help of a secure internet connection.

Although you can access Fusion 360 for 3D sketch through the internet or on android & iOS. But there is a possibility that the serviceability of Fusion 360 will not be fully accessible on these devices. So it will be much better for a user to use Autodesk Fusion 360 3D printing on Windows & macOS.

So before moving further let’s talk about systems requirements for Fusion 360 3D modelling. So that users will able to understand how to create 3D sketches smoothly.

Systems Requirements Of Fusion 360 For 3D Printing 2023

To set up 3D printing on Fusion 360 you must know the systems required for it. In this article, we will detailedly explain to you the system that we need to run smoothly Fusion 360 3D sketch. let’s have a look below:

Operating systemmacOS: Apple macOS 12 macOs 11 macOs 10.15.7 or newer
Windows: Windows 11, Windows 10(64 bit) window 8.1
CPUMinimum 64-bit processor(32 bit is not supported )
Disk spaceMinimum 600MB disk space
RAMMinimum 4GB (recommended 6GB)

Above, we have mentioned all the system requirements for Fusion 360. With all these requirements and the best CPU for Fusion 360, a user will be able to make high-quality 3D sketches. Now users can purchase it without facing any difficulty.

Pricing Of Autodesk Fusion 360 For 3D Printing

Fusion 360 for 3D printing is available at a reasonable price of $70/mo and its annual price is only $545/per year. Moreover, Autodesk Fusion 360 3D printing offers different plans to their users. They can buy the software according to their needs. Here below we are providing its pricing structure to you:

Fusion 360 Plans Cost
Monthly Plan$70/mo
Annual Plan$545/per year
3 Year Plan$1635

These are the various plans offered by the company. Now users can easily understand which plan they have to choose for 3D printing on Fusion 360. Users can save money with Fusion 360 discount code and purchase the software at half of its actual price.

Moreover, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on every plan. Wherein they can ask for their money back within 30 days if they feel any trouble. During the sale of Black Friday Fusion 360, a user can save a lot of money on this software.

How To use Fusion 360 To Create 3D Printing In 2023?

It is quite simple to use Fusion 360 for 3D printing. But if still a user faces any difficulty using Fusion 360 3D modelling they can follow the below-mentioned easy steps:

  • Start With A New Design: A user can simply create a new design with a blank canvas or available 3D model.
  • Create Your Own Patterns: With help of Fusion 360 designing tools you can set the frame according to your own.
  • Turn Design Into 3D Printable Form: If you are done with your work then import your design into 3D format. Just tap on the make button available in right corner of Fusion 360 windows and select print.
  • Setup Print Settings: The next step is to set the print setting like layer height, infill density, and support structure. Users will be able to view their model that how it will actually appear when the printing is complete.
  • Convert Your Design Into STL Format: Once you complete the setup setting then you have to export your design into an STL file. as it is only the standard format for 3D printing. Now you can start your printing process.
  • Now Print Your Design: Load the design into your 3D printer and just start printing your design. 

So these are the steps just by following them you will be able to create your own 3D designs with Fusion 360 software.

How Fusion 360 For 3D Printing Is Useful For Beginners?

Autodesk Fusion 360 3D Printing is useful for beginners in many ways. So some of the ways in which 3D printing on Fusion 360 can be useful for beginners, we will share with you here.

  • Easy To Use: Fusion 360 3D modelling is very easy-to-use software. It has many layouts and tools, which makes it very easy for beginners to use it. Also, beginners can use Fusion 360 for Dummies as a guidebook to learn more about this software.
  • Support Collaboration: Fusion 360 for 3D printing supports Collaboration whereby users can easily manage to work with their teammates and colleagues on the same project.  Also, they can share their ideas and learn a lot from experienced ones.
  • Parametric Designs: There are a number of parametric designs available for beginners. It allows to the creation of 3D sketches and models easily and can be updated and modified later. It is quite useful for beginners as they are in the process of learning and they can use this amazing feature.
  • Unlimited Tutorials: Fusion 360 software has many tutorial clips for beginners. Beginners can learn a lot from them. In addition, Fusion 360 3D sketch provides a vast online resource that guides beginners from the very beginning to advanced levels.

So that’s all the methods that will teach beginners to use Fusion 360 for 3D Printing. Engineers must try 3D printing on Fusion 360 for Civil engineering as 3D models of buildings & bridges give better visualisation of projects. Also, you can check is Fusion 360 for hobbyists good or not if you are keen to create 3D sketches.

Is Autodesk Fusion 360 3D Printing Free For Users?

No, Fusion 360 3D modelling is not free at all. Users have to pay for it if they want to use the software. Moreover, we have above mentioned all the plans offered by the company. So users can also check out them.

Is Fusion 360 Good For 3D Printing?

Yes, Fusion 360 for 3D printing is absolutely good as you can create your own design with more features and tools. Also, it comes with incredible security features that protect the data of users from attacks by hackers.