Onshape Vs Fusion 360: Differences Fusion 360 & Onshape 2024

There are various CAD software in the market, but still, most users are confused between Fusion 360 Vs Onshape. Which software is better? When it comes to CAD, CAM, and PCB software, both Autodesk Fusion 360 and Onshape are considered the best software.

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That’s why most beginners are confused about choosing one of them. So here we will discuss which is better, Onshape vs Fusion 360, by comparing their features, price, and many other factors. 

Introduction To Fusion 360 Vs Onshape

Before we start, let us introduce you to Onshape and Fusion 360. So you can understand why people use them and why they are very popular. 

Fusion 360: It is a CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB cloud-based software platform for 2D, 3D, and product design or manufacturing. It is very popular among engineers and manufacturers, because of its features and simple interface.  

Onshape: It is a fully-featured cloud-based software CAD and data management software. Its CAD  system allows multiple users to access and work on a single design. It has the most easy-to-use interface so you can use Onshape easily without any problem.

Features Analysis Of Onshape Vs Fusion 360: Quick Look

There are lots of marvelous features offered by both Onshape and Fusion 360. Some of them we mentioned in the table of Fusion 360 vs Onshape to give you a quick view.

Fusion 360 logo
Fusion 360
Easy-to-use interface 
Available for Mac and Pc. 
Disk space 3GB (minimum) 
Support 2D, and 3D rendering, and simulation 
Both offline & online modes are available 
Capability for CAM simulation 
A mechanism for bikes and cars
Has functional software with electronics, simulation, and visualization capabilities
Have cloud-based but needs a web app
Can be used with Windows OS and Mac
Offers robust lineup of features and steeper learning curve
Provides moderate security
Uses mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, designers and machinists
Onshape logo
Better user experience 
Use in Mac, PC, Chromebook, or Linux. 
Only an Internet browser needed 
Support rendering simulation with advanced tools.
Only the online mode is available 
Support through app “VisualCAMc”
For prosthetics and medical devices.
Don’t have simulation, visualisation, electronics, and CAM features.
Cloud-based and runs on compatible browsers
Compatible on Android, Windows, Mac and IOS
Provides fewer features
Have high-level security and stores files in could servers
Uses mechanical engineers

What Are The Features Offered By Fusion 360 Vs Onshape 2024?

There are various types of engineering and manufacturing features that Onshape or Fusion 360 provide. Below, we discuss all the major features that create the difference between Onshape and Fusion 360. 

Autodesk Fusion 360 Vs Onshape For Interface

Onshape vs Fusion 360 UI

Whether it is Fusion 360 or Onshape both of them did well to make their interface more and more beginner-friendly. So even beginners can use this software easily. But you have to learn their tools and functions to master this software. Both of them have the same interface almost with a separate toolbar at the top which helps you to create your 3D designs.

So, in terms of the user interface, both Onshape vs Fusion 360 provide a pleasant working experience for their users.

Fusion 360 And Onshape For Learning Curve

Onshape vs Fusion 360 [learning Curves]

Well, before we use any software, we should have to learn about its features and functions and how it works. Fusion 360 or Onshape are some of the software, which you have to learn before using them. They also provide tutorials for Onshape and Fusion 360. which helps you to learn easily because sometimes it is hard to find great video lessons on YouTube. 

Well, In the learning curve of Onshape or Fusion 360, Onshape wins because of its easy-to-use interface.  

Onshape Vs Fusion 360 For Cloud Service

Onshape vs Fusion 360 [Cloud services]

This is the most useful and important feature which every software should contain. Because I don’t want to wait for a suitable internet connection while doing my work. I think this is the major difference between Fusion 360 Vs Onshape. I love Fusion 360 when it comes to the Cloud feature because it has an offline mode on your local computer. Which helps you to continue your work after losing the internet.

This is very useful for me also. Sometimes I am in a place where I don’t have access to the Internet, so I could do my work easily without any problems. But when it comes to Onshape, this cloud service is a major drawback for this software. Yes, there is no offline mode in Onshape, so you couldn’t be able to work offline if you have a poor internet connection. 

There can be many Fusion 360 pros and cons but Fusion 360 is best When it comes to Cloud service Between Fusion 360 and Onshape.

Fusion 360 Or Onshape For Animation

Onshape vs Fusion 360 [Animation]

Onshape vs Fusion 360 is amazing with its animation features. Both of them are capable of simulating the mechanical motion of the machine. But Fusion 360 is much better due to its in-app capabilities. Through this feature, the product can show the physical movement of the product nicely. So you can present the design of your product to others in a better way. You have to use the workspace switcher to access the workspace animation. 

So, between Onshape and Fusion 360 in animation features, Fusion 360 is much better due to its in-app capabilities.

Fusion 360 Vs Onshape For Modeling

Onshape vs Fusion 360 [Modeling]

As we know, in most of the factors, Fusion 360 overtook Onshape because Fusion 360 has CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) and CAM (Computer-aided Manufacturing). That’s why Fusion 360 has more modeling capabilities than Onshape. Fusion 360 gives you free-form modeling, and the “patch workspace” also gives you a newly added sheet metal workspace. You can take advantage of the Autodesk Fusion 360 trial before purchasing its plans. They launch the latest updates from time to time to make their features better. There is only one reason to go for Onshape if you’re a Linux user because Fusion 360 doesn’t have any Linux version. 

So the modeling comparison between Onshape and Fusion 360, Fusion 360 has more capabilities than Onshape. 

Onshape Vs Fusion 360 For 3D Printing

Onshape vs Fusion 360 [3D Printing]

As we know that both software are known for 3D printing but in this comparison of Fusion 360 vs Onshape we get to know which one is better.

Fusion 360 is the best choice for 3D printing because it provides an amazing choice to create models for it. You can not only create “prismatic” like brackets, gears, etc. Moreover, you can also design “organic” models by using T-Splines, and include characters, plants, and vehicles in your designs.

On the other hand, Onshape is also specially designed for 3D printing. You can use Onshape to create iterative designs and prototypes. It is not like traditional CAD software so you do not need to install any plugins on your device nor it requires you to switch between many programs to start designing.

However, both software are better to use for 3D printing, even Onshape is quite better than Fusion 360. Because it allows you to create illustrative designs and does not need to be installed on your device.

Onshape Vs Fusion 360 For Support

Well, in help and support, both of them are great service providers. They are both perfect when it comes to helping their customers or giving their customers instructions to learn the software. Both Fusion 360 vs Onshape have a very easy interface, so you could ask for their help easily. Also, they will clear your queries quickly. They give you various ways to clear your queries. 

  • Go to the help menu. 
  • You can ask your queries on their forums
  • Find a quick video on YouTube
  • You can go to Autodesk Fusion 360 and Onshape Learning library for learning videos and courses.

These are the ways through which you can get your queries answered, but I like the Fusion 360 in-app help menu more than Onshape because it finds you specific answers to your queries. 

Onshape Vs Fusion 360 For Application And Use Cases

Onshare and Fusion 360 may be a little bit different in features, but they are built for similar types of CAD programs. Fusion 360 has a variety of features and has more than Onshape. Other hands Onshape has also some advanced features that can make your work easy. Here we have discussed the difference between Fusion 360 vs Onshape application.

Fusion 360

Application:- Fusion 360 can be used for many designing motion mechanisms such as cars and bikes. It can be used in other industries as well like printed circuit boards, aerospace, and electrical engineering. 

Use Cases:- Lots of companies use Fusion 360 like KMP Motorsports, SEAM, LifeFuels, Backhand Bikes, and others.


Application:- Onshape has been used in many fields so that they can easily design assemblies such as medical devices and prosthetics. Onshape is most used for designing automotive parts, consumer goods, and more.

Use cases:- On its website, PTC showcases a number of its Onshape customers and business users. These businesses include Loop Medical, Trek, Nvidia, and Delta Development Team, among others.

Community And Company of Fusion 360 Or Onshape

Onshape vs Fusion 360 has company and community support that we have discussed below.

Community:- There is a large amount of community support for Fusion 360, which is particularly well-liked among makers and hobbyists. This contains numerous online forums and tutorials. Its subreddit, for instance, has over 21,000 users, showing that enlisting the assistance of other producers is definitely feasible.

Company:- If you ever need guaranteed professional’s assistance with Fusion 360, Autodesk has a hotline and an official forum. In addition to all of this, Autodesk offers virtual training sessions and services for Fusion 360 as well as a self-paced learning program.

Price & Licensing: Fusion 360 Vs Onshape

As we know, the cost of the software is also one of the main factors. They are both great software, as we mentioned above, and they both have a free plan for non-commercial and hobbyists. Those who intend to learn this software can learn Fusion 360 or Onshape without any payment. They give you 3 types of plans to pay monthly, annually, and quarterly, which we mentioned below.

Fusion 360: Pricing 2024

Fusion 360 PlansFusion 360 Price( in $)
Fusion 360 1 month plan $70/month
Fusion 360 1 year plan$409/year
Fusion 360 3 year plan $1167 /3 year

Fusion 360 yearly plan is cheaper than Onshape yearly plan.

Onshape: Pricing 2024 

Onshape Plans Onshape Price (in $)
Onshape Educational Free 
Onshape Standard$1500/Year
Onshape Professional$2500/Year

These are the prices of both software. As we can see through this table, Fusion 360 is much more budget-friendly as compared to Onshape. It means, with lots of amazing features, we get Fusion 360 at a low cost.

Moreover, you can also use Autodesk Fusion 360 promotion code to get a massive discount on your purchase. That’s the main reason why Fusion 360 beat Onshape easily. One of the best things is if you make your purchase with Fusion 360 Black Friday deals then you can get their amazing features at a low price. Also, you save on all products of Autodesk by purchasing them during Autodesk deal days.

System Requirements For Fusion 360 And Onshape

System requirements are the most important thing that we should check before downloading any software. Many users complain about not being able to work on the software, and the reason is system requirements. They didn’t check the system requirements before. That’s why we provide Onhape vs Fusion 360 system requirements to decide which is better to work nicely on your device. 

Fusion 360 System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, macOS 
  • CPU: x86-based 64-bit processor 
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM 
  • Graphics Card: DirectX11 (Direct3D 10.1 or greater) A dedicated GPU with 1GB or more of VRAM integrated graphics with 6GB or more of RAM.  
  • Disk Space: 3 GB or higher 
  • Display Resolution: 1366×768 or higher 

Onshape System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Any Browser 
  • Browser Supported: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera 
  • CPU: Any
  • Memory: 8GB of RAM or 1GB of VRAM  
  • Graphics Card: Any
  • Disk Space: None

These are the system requirements that you have to look at before installing or downloading Onshape vs Fusion 360. In terms of system requirements, we can say that Onshape needs fewer requirements to work properly on your device compared to Fusion 360. Because it is a web-based software, so you don’t have to download it. Fusion 360 for iPad will be a good option to operate it smoothly.

Whereas Fusion 360 is an application-based software, so you have to purchase CPU for Fusion 360 to download and install it, which needs some of the requirements we mentioned above.

Can You Use Onshape Offline?

No, there is not any kind of offline mode in Onshape. This is the major drawback of the Onshape software. 

Conclusion: Is Onshape Or Fusion 360 Better?

Well, in the end, here we have the answer between Fusion 360 Vs Onshape, which is better. We can say that both of them are great software for designing. But from our perspective, we think Fusion 360 is much better than Onshape because it has great features compared to Onshape, which we mentioned above briefly.

Also, Fusion 360 is much more budget-friendly than Onshape. So I would like to suggest you go for Fusion 360 rather than Onshape. You can go for Onshape if you want to use web-based software. For more comparisons, you can check Solidworks Vs Fusion 360 or Autodesk Fusion 360 Vs AutoCAD.

Which Is The Best Onshape Vs Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 is better than Onshape CAD software because of many reasons, one of budget-friendly. Fusion 360 3D modeling and design software is one of the best in the market.

Here are some top queries related to the comparison between Onshape and Fusion 360 to clear your doubts. 

Why Fusion 360 Is The Best Than Onshape?

Fusion 360 is better in comparison to Onshape vs Fusion 360. It is because Fusion 360 is very much affordable compared to Onshape and provide better features for small business as well. Moreover, it allows you to create organic shapes without any hurdles. Overall, Fusion 360 is an excellent CAD software to create mesmerizing designs easily.

Is Fusion 360 Vs Onshape Free For Hobbyists?

Yes, both Onshare and Fusion 360 for Hobbyists are free to use.. If you want to learn Fusion 360 and Onshape then you can learn them without paying any money. 

Should I Learn Fusion 360 Or Onshape?

It is better to learn Fusion 360 rather than Onshape because it is more affordable and better option for small businesses.

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