Hostinger Vs GoDaddy 2024– Which One Offers Fastest Speed?

Comparing the two biggest companies Hostinger and GoDaddy just to avoid the hassle of complex DIY web hosting services. 

Are you still struggling in choosing Hostinger vs GoDaddy to host your online site? Here is a complete solution providing which one is the smartest web hosting provider between Hostinger or GoDaddy.

Quick Glance At GoDaddy Hosting Vs Hostinger Highlights

Hostinger Highlights

  • Majority Of Advanced Features
  • Very Reasonable Pricing Plans
  • Leading In WordPress Webhosting
  • Best Option For Beginners
  • Solid Customer Support Available

GoDaddy Highlights

  • Have Multiple Server Locations
  • Decent Feature List
  • User Interface Is Good
  • A Low-Cost Web Hosting Service Provider
  • Good For WordPress Hosting

These are some slight overview of the highlights of Hostinger and GoDaddy Web Hosting providers. Let’s get deep into the comparison of GoDaddy or Hostinger in detail.

Hostinger VS Godaddy Inforgraphics

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Hostinger Vs GoDaddy- Which Web Hosting Is More Reliable?

In order to know which one is more reliable, we have to compare the key features of both web hosting service providers.

GoDaddy and Hostinger both have their own great assets depending on which type of hosting you are using. Being a beginner many of us try shared hosting. Both Hostinger and GoDaddy offer this type of web hosting along with other hosting like cloud, VPS, WordPress, and so on.

Hostinger Advanced Web Hosting Features

Hostinger has divided its features according to the various kinds of hosting plans. If you choose any single shared hosting then you get some limited features compared to the premium ones.

These are the basic features that you will get in most of Hostinger’s shared web hosting plans:

  • Excellent SSD Storage
  • FreeHostinger Webmail and SSL Certificates
  • Option For Managed WordPress
  • WordPress Acceleration
  • 30-Day Money-back guarantee
  • Free Domain( Not for single-shared plan)
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free DNS Management
  • Weekly Backups

GoDaddy Hosting Key Features

GoDaddy provides some limited features but they worth it as compared to Hostinger. 

These are features GoDaddy provides on their shared web hosting plans. 

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Protection Again Unlimited Servers
  • Unlimited Websites And Bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificated on limited plans
  • Strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
  • A Security Seal Will Be displayed on your site
  • The Best Hosting Option For Blogging Sites
  • Office 365 Email Free For One Year
  • Work On Multiple Database

These are the solid features of both Hostinger and GoDaddy that they provide to their customers.

Which Offers Best TTFB – Hostinger Vs GoDaddy?

TTFB stands for time to first byte which means the complete time taken by your webserver to send data to the user on their request. This shows how efficient and optimized the webserver you have to host your website. 

Your website’s loading will depend on the page size and number of requests but more importantly, it depends on your hosting server how fast and responsive it is. 

TTFB test will help you in finding a better web hosting service between Hostinger or GoDaddy. 

TTFB Test For Hostinger

According to the test, it was noted that Hostinger takes 0.237 seconds to transfer the first byte data and takes 0.030 seconds for connection time. Therefore, in total it takes a minimum of 0.327 seconds and a maximum of 4.106 seconds for connecting to another server. 

TTFB Test For GoDaddy

GoDaddy shows great results while testing TTFB with different servers. For example, it shows the minimum time for the first byte approx 0.368 secs, and a total time of 1.091 from the server in Singapore. Similarly, the time recorded for the Japan server is the minimum time of 0.513 seconds and a maximum of 1.326 seconds. 

Therefore, the total maximum time of both the hosting servers GoDaddy and Hostinger is good. So we can say that both hosting options are good for providing great TTFB.

GoDaddy Vs Hostinger- Who is One Step Ahead In Offering Best Uptime?

This is the main concern while comparing any web hosting service provider. Uptime means transmitting the data between the user and the hosting server. 

Thus uptime for GoDaddy Hosting was reported at 99% which is a good sign for any reputed web hosting service. Sometimes GoDaddy lacks in offering the same uptime or your may experience some downtimes but overall it is good at this.

Hostinger also provides good uptime i.e. 99.9%. Compared to GoDaddy, Hostinger also experiences some meanwhile downtime that is okay. Though, both companies keep their promise for providing good uptime. But Hostinger has an edge over this because it takes very little time to tackle technical issues as compared to GoDaddy.

Which Performe Better- Hostinger Or GoDaddy?

While comparing both the web hosting companies on the basis of performance we found that Hostinger is much better compared to GoDaddy.

GoDaddy uses old HDD storage whereas Hostinger uses advanced SSDs which are more fast and reliable. 

Comparing web servers then GoDaddy uses Apache web server, on the other hand, Hostinger uses LiteSpeed, which is a more stable webserver.

Hostinger allows you to work over Cloudflare to get excellent performance across the globe whereas GoDaddy does not offer any kind of CDN technology.

Therefore, Hostinger has an edge over GoDaddy on comparing performance tests.

Does Hostinger Or GoDaddy Provide Good Customer Support?

The other important aspect where most of the companies lack is providing better customer support. 

After comparing Hostinger vs GoDaddy tech support we found that the winner is Hostinger. 

Hostinger and GoDaddy both offer 24/7 customer support and both provide a live chat option. Additionally, Hostinger has email support and GoDaddy has phone support.

The Tech support team of Hostinger is much better than GoDaddy. Yes, it may take some extra time to get your query resolved with Hostinger as compared to GoDaddy. Conversely, the support you get from GoDaddy will sometimes useless or does not provide you the actual solution. 

That is why Hostinger is quite better than GoDaddy in terms of customer support.

Hostinger Vs GoDaddy- Which Is Budget-Friendly & Value For Money?

Of course, the pricing plans of web hosting companies differ with their features. Both GoDaddy and Hostinger provide very decent web hosting options and also offer huge money-saving offers with great deals.

Here is the complete difference between Hostinger and GoDaddy pricing plans in detail.

Hostinger Pricing Plans

The company provides three web hosting plans to its customers on which they can also use the Hostinger coupon code for additional discounts. This is mainly focused on shared web hosting that is in more demand. These plans are:

Hostinger Single Shared Web Hosting: 

  • Cost: $ 0.99 per month  
  • Bandwidth: 100GB
  • Storage: 30GB SSD
  • Website: 1 only

Hostinger Premium Shared Web Hosting:

  • Cost: $ 2.59 per month  
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • Storage: 100GB SSD
  • Website: Unlimited

Hostinger Business Shared Web Hosting

  • Cost: $ 3.99 per month  
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Storage: 200GB SSD
  • Website: Unlimited

There are more features including in the above-mentioned plans such as daily backups, WordPress acceleration, free SSL domain, and so on.

GoDaddy Pricing Plans

The company categories their shared web hosting into four categories mentioned below:

GoDaddy Economy Shared Web Hosting:

  • Cost: $ 5.99 per month  
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Storage: 100GB SSD
  • Website: Single
  • No free SSL certificate

GoDaddy Deluxe Shared Web Hosting:

  • Cost: $ 7.99 per month  
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Website: Unlimited
  • No free SSL Certificate

GoDaddy Ultimate Shared Web Hosting

  • Cost: $ 12.99 per month  
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Website: Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate

GoDaddy Maximum Shared Web Hosting

  • Cost: $ 19.99 per month  
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Website: Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate

These are the pricing plans offered by GoDaddy that also include some other features like premium DNS, free email and domains, free one-click WordPress installation. 

Comparing Hostinger and GoDaddy pricing it is clear that Hostinger is the winner. Since it provides huge advanced features compared to GoDaddy that is comparatively quite expensive.

What Domain Registrars Are Better Alternatives To GoDaddy or Hostinger?

These are some other web hostinger service providers that you may also consider while switching your web hosting services. 

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Final Note To Hostinger Vs GoDaddy Comparison 2024

Here we are concluding all the major aspects that are important to consider while comparing two hosting companies. 

Wrapping Up GoDaddy vs Hostinger Comparison

  • More Reliable: Both Hostinger And GoDaddy Are Reliable
  • Better TTEB Both Provide The Same TTFB Option
  • Great Time: Hostinger Offer Great Uptime
  • Performance: Hostinger Has An Edge Over GoDaddy
  • Customer Support: Hostinger Wins
  • Pricing: Hostinger Is Cheaper Than GoDaddy

Therefore, we conclude that Hostinger is better than GoDaddy in providing great web hosting services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hostinger And GoDaddy

Why Is Hostinger Web Hosting So Cheap?

Since the company has a wide range of servers and networks therefore it offers very budget-friendly web hosting plans to its customers.

Why Is Hostinger The Best Hosting Available Online?

Hostinger is meant for their cheapest pricing plans that are suitable for beginners and small-scale online sites. With advanced features, the company offers great deals and discounts on their shared hosting plans.

Is Hostinger Better Than GoDaddy?

Yes. As per the above guide, Hostinger is better than GoDaddy in some areas. 

Is GoDaddy A Good Choice For Web Hosting?

This will depend on the requirement you need and which type of website you want to host. 

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