How To Add Addons To Minecraft 2024 In Windows 10 Devices?

There are already many pre-installed exciting features in all versions of Minecraft. It is the most popular and most played game in recent times but many gamers don’t know how to add addons to Minecraft on their device. However, now you are bored from seeing those friendly mobs, Blocky phenomenon, Mining in caves & ravines, creepy-faced mobs, Blows up by TNT, Creepers. 

For this, you must add addons to Minecraft edition which you play. By using Minecraft addons, you can have the ability to change the way things in your game look and behave.

How Do Addons To Minecraft Work?

Mods and addons are expansions that can simply do anything that you imagine. These mods and addons to Minecraft are built by Minecraft’s official teams but some of them are built by third parties. Sometimes Third parties addons may not be safe for your Computer specs and data. 
And if you are a gamer, and out of ideas then download Minecraft addons is a vital step. This will lead to new gameplay ideas in your Minecraft world. That is the first step in your journey towards a fully customizable Minecraft, full of new ideas.

How To Add Addons To Minecraft 2024?

specs for adding addons to your device

Before adding addons to Minecraft your PC must have these features and specs:

  • Your computer can handle Mods and addons.
  • Enough storage for downloading addons. As all downloading processes need space. 
  • Comfortable for using mods on your PC. 
  • Must download Minecraft Java Edition for playing with mods.
  • Some mods are best suited for specific Minecraft editions. So must collect all specifications regarding your game edition.

And Some specific requirements in your device must-have for running Moda and addons to Minecraft.

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz, AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz, or equivalent
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce 400 Series, AMD Radeon HD 7000 with OpenGL 4.4, 
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: At least 1.5 GB for game core, resources, mode, maps, and other files.
You can also switch to a VPN service provider for installing such add-ons on your Minecraft that is safe and secure. We will recommend such VPNs that are absolutely available for such open source gaming platforms.
1. NordVPN
2. SurfSharkVPN
3. CyberGhost
4. ProtonVPN
5. IPVanish VPN

By Download Minecraft addons you simply get chubby performance by your computer if specs are less optimized. The Mods don’t work in regular Minecraft so you must have to install Forge. This program is specially designed and managed for regulated mods. First, install forge then you can add addons to Minecraft.

Forge Installation Procedure For Add Addons To Minecraft

  1. Visit and download the latest version that must match with your mods. If you play Minecraft through Mac/Linux you’ll need to use ‘Installer’ to add forge. And if you’re a Windows user then the windows version of the installer can help you in downloading forge.
  2. Once downloading is complete then double click on Installer and select the “Run” option.
  3. Select Installer Server.
  4. Choose where you have to save or locate the file.
  5. Rename the file name for easy to find.
  6. After that point, upload the generated files to your server via FTP. 
    • When an FTP client uploads multiple files then the client is preferable over the web FTP interface. When the upload completes, visit the “Control Panel” and click the Renamed file name found under “Server Type.”

After downloading the Forge now going to how to add addons to Minecraft.

  1. Download the mods of your choice and must match the version of Forge with the version of the mod.
  2. By using FTP, upload your mod directly to the server of Minecraft.
  3. After uploading, mods must restart your server for settling down the file. On your computer, you have already pre-installed mods.

Minecraft Window 10: Addons That Must Be Worth Your Time

Add mods and addons to Minecraft window 10 easily.

  1. There are several websites for adding mods to your Minecraft.

For your specific addons just simply search on google by its name. Place the Minecraft directory by typing the following into File Explorer:


  1. Create the folder in Minecraft’s directory.
  2. Move the mods file to the new folder that you create earlier.
  3. Close the Folder and run Minecraft as normally.

Now you successfully play Minecraft on best Windows 10 version for gaming with addons and mods easily.

Why Are Addons To Minecraft So Popular? 

Before mods and addons came, games were very similar to movies. Like: Same single-player, Predictable, and repeated same storyline, we only can give review and feedback but no changes we can do. 

As we have to stick to whatever they delivered in-game we don’t have a choice for making changes according to our wants.

As a result, the game becomes boring and worthless rather quickly. But after add addons to Minecraft you are entered into your imaginary world in a real game and the possibilities are limitless also. And in recent times there is a Youtuber who Download Minecraft addons and he noticed sudden higher views on Minecraft videos. In his Insta, he revealed the reason of become popular with Minecraft videos just by adding Best Minecraft addons.

The game becomes like a google search only you have to do is Search your addons and apply them to your Minecraft. And if searching addons can’t be found you are also able to make your addons. First, know about How to add addons to Minecraft and what you require in your PC for addons.

Addons That Increase Your Minecraft Watching

addons increase your minecraft watching

These are most of the exciting mods available for the Regular PC users of Minecraft. The Best minecraft addons according to our team observation.


In Minecraft, you only can hold some specific or limited item in your backpack. But through this inventory mode, you can able to hold nine more slots. It gives real experience through made leather and sits on your back.

Chat Bubbles 

When there are lots of crowds in servers are fun to play on, but they can make it difficult to track conversations. This mod is mainly useful in proximity.

It Locate the conversation of each player above their head, so you only have to watch that character which one conversation you want to see.

Vertical Redstone 

If you are often creating new and amazing working models and tricks in Minecraft. And the wiring process is the most important and simple task due to that creation. 

And sometimes you are annoying and now want to wire in a logical way then Vertical Redstone helps you. This mod help in doing wiring in the Vertical algorithm.

Wooden Golems 

With the Wooden Golems mod, you can able to make golems according to you that how your golem should attack monsters and with which weapon.

Put the weapon in a below weapon slot, then simply, switch the weapons by right-clicking them.

If smokes come out then pay attention to your customize golem need to repair kit. To make the golem follow you, use a control rod.

The Solar System Mod

Through this mod, you can add 8 more planets to your world. With the solid appearance of planets, you also can have some features of those planets in them. Like, You can land on Mercury with (an astronaut’s suit, some position, and with a space rocket) with their color, and a red soil, temperatures applying in all other planets also. To visit each planet, you activate a portal frame with fire, and also with a space rocket. Each planet’s portal color will vary.

These are the best and trusted mod. Other mods may download with some other unwanted malware and viruses. Must check their reviews and history before downloading any mod in your Minecraft world. 

Will Add-Ons Run On My Version Of Minecraft?

Add-Ons works on any platform that runs the Bedrock Edition eventually. Also, you can even experience them in VR with Minecraft for Windows. Through noticing new technology Minecraft timely introduced their new Version for newer gadgets.

Minecraft: Most Useful Add-ons For Different Editions

  1. Galacticraft Addons 
  2. PE Addons 
  3. Bedrock Addons

Minecraft: Galacticraft Addons 

Galacticraft addons

Add-On is simply customization of the mod. When an add-on is customized to mods ie. Galacticraft. Same as when the mod customized the main game ie. Minecraft.

Galacticraft has added or modified new features by their addons like new rocket recipes, new spacesuits, more planets, and more detailed work in objects. Some popular galacticraft addons for experiencing new gameplay and different storyline. 

A mod pack that is centered around exploring that galaxy through the power of Galaticraft. Discover new worlds through the power of tech and the wonder of exploration. Must have 4G ram device and higher ram results in better performance.
In this add-on, you have 10 tiers of stargate each one having different from the other. But their usage is Unlimited. You can get to another planet by using rockets from mods. It simply says as a Space exploration mod, by their users. It can able to adds a multiplier of new planets and also new solar systems. Each planet has its specifications in blocks, temperature, color theme, mobs, flora, and fauna, resources, etc.
More Planet
The attraction for this mod is that the planets it adds such as Diona, Chalos, Nibiru, or Fronos all have a unique vibe, theme, temperature, environment. And of course, there are lots of things you still haven’t explored in your game. Such as New Block, Item, Biome, Mob, Machine, Animals, etc.

There are lots of mod providers but you should only download an authorized addon or mod. Most of the mods are available simply by searching:

  • On windows, you open Run from the Start menu, then type %appdata% and click Run.
  • On Mac Open the finder, hold down ALT, and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Then open the folder Application Support and find Minecraft.

Then simply put More planet ad-on on that folder. Or another add-on or mods are got by searching on Minecraft file extension folder.

Top 3 Popular Working Minecraft PE Addons

Minecraft pocket edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition is the same as enjoyable as any other version of Minecraft. The Pocket Edition has its own set of mods, addons, Structure, and files packs. Therefore, Get addons for Minecraft PE is mainly a hard task. Also, PE is mainly developed for mobile and others who don’t get Java Edition simply. 

Still, you Get addons for Minecraft  PE just go through from our discussed below list:

  1. Furnicraft 3D– If you ever created any modern house and any new life hack tricks you must do compromise with structure and theme. Then this addon is perfect for you through this you can decorate real furniture accessories and get the medieval look of Minecraft.
  1. Hallowed Hallow– This is specially designed for Halloween day with new mobs, new features, new structures, new outfits, a new biome, weapon, and also new building blocks. The special attraction is a spooky haunted forest biome, which is surrounded by various types of ghosts and unknown things.
  1. Herobrine Addon– An add-on that allows the player to come face to face with Herobrine the Minecraft’s most horror story. The Best Minecraft addons ever most popular and searched Addons. In this addon, You can spawn Herobrine anywhere with its crafting recipe. He can teleport anywhere and be able to spawn wither and even spawn TNT anytime, anywhere.

The users use the Minecraft PE version mainly for making tutorials and guide videos for social media platforms. By knowing about how to Get addons for Minecraft PE you can enhance the features and videos for social media.

Minecraft: Secured And Best Bedrock Addons

Minecraft bedrock mod

There are many different Minecraft Bedrock addons for realms to choose from, and each one has its different task. Those options out there may be safe or not, this is hard for players to decide which add-on is worth trying.

To fix this problem, here is a list of the best three Minecraft bedrock addons for realms.

  1. Mega Mech

In this addon, the giant robot is added to the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This giant creature can also be controlled by players. Players can store items and object into Robo. And even can change the appearance of the Robot.

  1. Mutant Creature

The mutant version of mobs can replace the several mobs in Minecraft Bedrock. If players need more difficulty in the overworld or for a great storyline for social media. Each Mutated creature has its different power-ups.

  1. Villagers come alive

In Minecraft Bedrock addons for realms, there is a most popular addon among all other add-ons. That Is Villagers come alive addons in this addon each villager has their unique skin for a unique identity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Put Minecraft Mods?

Simply, the mods folder is located on that drive where Minecraft is installed on. Recommended, put your all mods in a particular folder.

How Do You Install A Mod?

> First, make your Minecraft world backup.
> Download Minecraft Forge
> Choose the best compatible mods for your world
Select your mods and run them.

What Platform Is Minecraft Best On?

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the most compatible and famous among all Minecraft users. And recently, Minecraft has crossed one trillion views on Youtube(the best media platform for Minecraft creators).

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