How To Change Nameservers Hostpapa In 2024?

Your first need for any website is web hosting and domain name. And the first thing you need to do is point or change your domain name to the web host server as HostPapa. However, this is a long process that takes time. Open your email from Hostpapa that you used to sign up to Hostpapa. Here, you will find nameservers, copy them and paste them into the field of new nameservers. This is part of the process to change nameservers with HostPapa. This would enter to get your domain name to resolve to the HostPapa DNS Name servers. As a result, to change nameservers on Hostpapa, have to take proper procedure.

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What Are the HostPapa Nameservers?

A Nameservers is act as a computer that hosts Domain Name System (DNS) zone files. Besides it, DNS is a component of the internet. It uses DNS zone files to convert human-readable domain names into computer-readable IP addresses.

Whenever you purchase a domain or web hosting on HostPapa, the nameserver’s details will send to you in the welcome email. Apart from it, you can also find such details on Hostpapa Dashboard. You can save big on hosting and domain with Hostpapa Coupon Code.

How To Find A HostPapa Nameserver?

How to find a HostPapa nameserver

Certainly, it is very simple to find out a HostPapa nameserver. There are two ways to get details of nameservers.

HostPapa Welcome Email

Check the HostPapa First welcome email in your email account. It will give you details of your nameservers.

Nameservers will be in form of:

HostPapa Dashboard

You can also find your nameserver’s details on the HostPapa Dashboard.

  • Login to your HostPapa dashboard and in the top menu select My Domains
  • Here, your registered domains will be listed. Consequently, find the domain you wish to transfer, then click on the Details button to continue.
  • Finally, domain details will show. Click on the Nameservers tab to view your details.

How To Change Nameservers On HostPapa?

You have your domain name purchased on Hostpapa. So, follow the below-given instructions to point out or set up a domain for your website.

  • Log in to your HostPapa account.
  • Update your DNS
  • Enter name server details into primary and secondary fields.
  • Make sure you have entered a domain name into your website account.
  • Click into Section 5 once you logged into your account.
  • Enter your domain name in the provided field.
  • Select, if you have changed Nameservers with your domain name provider. Otherwise, change the A record.
  • Finally, use the dropdown of the mouse to select your domain name provider. In contrast, if your provider is not listed then select others.
  • Click on Save

Likewise, you have a secondary domain that you had like to point to as the primary domain. Please enter every domain into the Secondary Domain Name Setup section.


After this process, wait for a few minutes to sure changes have been taken. Above all, we have discussed a point to point instructions to change nameservers with the HostPapa host. So, follow the above-given process to get a set up of a domain on the Hostgator website. We have discussed all detail of technical terms that will be understood by all.

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