How to Optimize your WordPress Site Title and Tagline?

A website owner, him/her needs to know how to optimize your WordPress site title and tagline. It is the first thing that your viewer will see. The title and the tagline are the main explanation for any website – as in users get the idea of what that website is about. 

Your website title and tagline show your website’s main focus and niche. It’s synonymous with what your brand is known for. It also helps build your brand. Having an optimized site title and the tag also gives you a Search engine optimization (SEO) advantage.  

What Is A Tagline On A Website?

Having a catchy tagline is the most important thing for a website. This represents the whole work of your website and attracts your audience. Ideally it should be an 8-12 words phrase. 

A wrong tagline can spoil the image of your website.  The tagline must be clear and easy to understand what your website does for the users or what your website is about. There are so many themes available within WordPress and each theme has a different style for representing the tagline and site title.   

How To Optimize Your WordPress Site And Tagline?

While optimizing your WordPress site’s title and tagline there are many aspects you should keep in your mind such as:

You should know your Niche

What is a tagline_

While creating a tagline and a title for your website always consider your Niche. A Niche is the main foundation for your website. So, your tagline and title must represent the niche of your website. 

For example, Nyka has become a famous beauty brand. Their tagline says “your beauty, our passion” which represents its niche as well that it is something related to beauty products. 

Ideally, your website title and tagline must remind users about you – your website. When we say “Just do it” what you remember? That’s what your tagline and title do for you.  

Find the main keywords for your website

Find the main keywords for your website

After choosing the niche the next step is to find the main keywords for your website. This is the most important and crucial part so think about it wisely because these keywords can either break your website or strongly built it. You must already have some main important keywords – try to smartly integrate them in your website title and tagline. 

Making the right Title

A title should not have more than 3 words and it should be unique and original. Creating a title can be a challenging task so need to do it carefully. 


A tagline is a short description of your website that comes under the title. You must use the relevant keywords while making the tagline it will help you in SEO. 

 Make it clear and attractive

Make your title clear and attractive. It should be easy to understand and easy to pronounce. Do not use the hard vocabulary that makes your viewer confused. 

How Your Website’s Tagline & Title Plays A Vital Role In Your Website? 

There are millions of website on the internet that demands your attention in a highly competitive scenario. An easy-to-remember and catchy tag line ensures your users remember you. Additionally, it also gives you an SEO edge by providing more visibility. The way you use the main keyword of your website in the tagline and title makes it worthwhile SEO-wise.

How do I change my site title and tagline in WordPress?


Follow these easy steps to change your site title and tagline in WordPress:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Then go to on appearance on your left sidebar and click on customize.
  3. Click on the site identity and edit your title 
  4. Click publish or save changes (depends on what theme you are using). 

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How to display your site name and tagline in the WordPress | display Site title and tagline  WordPress

WordPress has so many of them and each theme shows your title and tagline in various ways. There are multiple ways to display your WordPress titles through bloginfo(); plus the tag and with some HTML coding to display your site title and tagline. Many sites have a clickable title on which when you click it will take you to the home page. For creating a clickable title you can use this coding:

 WordPress website title & tagline examples | Site title examples

There are so many good examples of WordPress site titles through which you can take some ideas for your website. The title basically is the name of your website and your tagline shows what it does for example:

  1. Lakme you must have heard of it, it is a famous beauty product brand. Lakme is the name of the product and as well as its web site’s title and its title says “Lakme reinvent”. Here we can all relate what the product & company is all about and what it does.
  2. BMW’s website title is BMW iDrive and its title says “designed for driving pleasure” it clearly shows what’s the website all about. 
  3. Loreal Paris is a famous shampoo brand and its tagline so nice and catchy which say “because you worth it”.
  4. McDonald’s- “I ‘m lovin’ it”
  5. Maybelline- “Maybe she is born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” 

Conclusion: How to optimize your WordPress site title and tagline

The title and the tagline are the most neglected but important elements for a Website(we did not optimize our website tagline for quite some time but as they say better late than never). You must SELECT your title and tagline carefully as they can create a positive brand impact on users if used properly. 

Hopefully, we have covered most things on how to optimize your WordPress site title and tagline. Do share your brand/website tagline in the comments below. if you are planning to start a new website you can check Mojo WordPress premium themes


Q- What is the tagline in WordPress? 

A tagline is a short narration for your website that comes under the title or is shown on the top of your website depends on your theme. It contains the main keywords of your website that represent your Niche and describes your viewers about your website.  

Q- How do I hide my tagline on WordPress?

By following these easy steps you can hide your tagline on WordPress

  • Go to the theme appearance
  • Then go to the theme option
  • You will see the option to show or hide your tagline click on the hide button. 

Q- How do I change the color of my tagline in WordPress?

Steps for changing the color of tagline in WordPress:

  1. Go to customize 
  2. Then go to the header 
  3. Go to the logo section and change the color as per your preference.  
  4. Additionally, if your theme doesn’t have the option to change the tag line color then you can do it using custom CSS.

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