Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024 – By Webtech Experts

Kaspersky Total Security is one of the most complete Antivirus software in the market right now. It protects your PC, Mac, Android Devices, etc from all types of malware, malicious codes, and cyber-attacks. That is why this Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024 is going to give you a complete analysis, pros, cons, and all the key features of this antivirus. 

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Hackers and cyber threats are becoming more and more common nowadays. Your online payments are not safe. Whenever you visit a website your further activities can be tracked down by malicious codes and software.

Webcam spies can watch you in your home. That is why Kaspersky Total Security is the perfect suite for you. It protects your online life and keeps you safe from cyber threats.  It gives you some advanced features like safe kids, password manager, and file protection with its new upgrade. if you want to check other antivirus so you can check the Norton Antivirus for secure your device.

Kaspersky Total Security is an award-winning antivirus. It can detect any type of virus on any device. If you are looking for an all-rounder antivirus software then this is the right fit for you. 

Key Features Of Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024

Key Features Of Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium (Free)

It is a very good feature of this antivirus software. With this feature, parents can track the online activities of their children. This feature has an adult site blocker, social network tracker, screen time manager, GPS child locator, etc. 

Moreover, you can check the Facebook presence of your child. With this incredible feature, you can protect your child from all types of harmful online activities. Plus Safe Kids feature comes free with Kaspersky Total Security.  

Password Manager -(Free)

With this advanced Password Manager, you can secure your passwords 10 times better. You can secure your crucial credit card and bank details. And also all the important documents, files, and images. You have to set up only one master password for accessing all the documents and files. With this feature, you don’t need to remember too many passwords. 

This feature automatically generates strong passwords for you and warns you about weak passwords. It syncs all of your passwords and data in order to make it easier for you to use. 

Award-Winning Antivirus

Kaspersky Total Security is award-winning antivirus software. In an independent test and review in 2018 Kaspersky products secured 73 first-place positions. It is one of the best Antivirus in the market. And it has blocked about 2 billion attacks this year. 

Safe Online Transactions

This feature helps you make safe and secure online payments. It has bank-grade encryption which allows you to make online transactions in a safe bank-grade browser. 

Nowadays there are a lot of malicious codes and cyber threats online that can steal your precious bank detail. That is why this feature protects you from all types of cyber attacks and threats with its advanced encryption. You can use this feature on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and safari. 

Secure On Multiple Devices

Kaspersky Total Security offers you complete protection on various devices. For example, you can use it on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Mobile, etc. This is feature is useful if you want to use it with your family and also if you have a small office. 

This is how you can secure your all devices from viruses, cryptolockers, malware, and all types of other cyber threats.  

Privacy Protection

Your online privacy is the most important factor nowadays. People can take advantage of you by tracking your online activities. That is why this feature offers you private browsing. So that the website that you visit can not track you and bother you with annoying ads.  

You get webcam protection that halts all the unauthorize apps accessing your webcam. This is what blocked webcam spies from watching you in your home. 

You get Anti-phishing feature which protects you from all the spoofy website that can steal your identity. 

Free VPN

With Kaspersky Total Security you get a free VPN. A VPN masks your IP address and it protects you from hackers by changing your IP address. With this free VPN, you can use public wifi without worrying about getting hacked or tracked. You can hide whatever you do online with a VPN. It will secure your data and all the precious information. You get 200 MB per day per device with this free VPN. It should be more than that. 

Strong Security 

The security that Kaspersky Total Security provides is incredible. And moreover, it is lighter and faster than ever now with new updates. It works very smoothly and efficiently at the background of your computer without ever disturbing you. 

It always scans your system for viruses and any kind of suspicious activity. This antivirus is lighter that means you have more space on your PC. 

Easy To Use

Kaspersky Total Security is very easy to use. It has added a new Dashboard for you to navigate easily. And also it is super fast to install with this new version of Total Security. 

Overall Kaspersky Total Security 2024 has all easy to use features. 

safe kid Premium feature

Why is it better than other Antivirus Software? 

What makes Kaspersky Total Security better than other Antiviruses is a very important question.

Kaspersky Total Security has some advanced quality features that no other antivirus provides. 

When it comes to security it has very strong encryptions. For example, for safe browsing, it has bank-grade encryption. It has a privacy protection feature that allows you to do private browsing. 

This Antivirus software protects your PC from all types of malware and cyber-attacks. It is an award-winning antivirus due to its superb performance. 

Kaspersky Total Security gives webcam protection and anti-phishing feature. This is how you can protect your private information and all the crucial data. 

Your privacy is always secure with this antivirus. You can use this antivirus software on various devices like PC, Mac, Windows, Android, etc. It has multi-device protection. 

It has safe kids feature that helps you monitor your child’s online activities. So that you can protect them from any type of online threat. 

Moreover, you get a free VPN with Kaspersky Total Security. Which protects you from being hacked.  

All these features are what put this apart from the rest. It is one of the best antivirus software in the market. The speed, security, encryption, plans, reviews, etc are top class and that’s what makes it better than other antiviruses. 

This is what makes Kaspersky Total Security Review in 2024 more interesting.

Pros Of Kaspersky Total Security 2024

Pros Of total Security

– It gives you ultimate security whether you are online or offline. 

– It has bank-grade encryption for safe browsing and secures online payments and login credentials. 

– This antivirus gives all the parents some advanced control over the online activities of their child.

– Kaspersky Total Security is very easy to use and secure your PC. 

– It gives you high-quality passwords to secure your important files and data online. 

– It blocks all types of malware like viruses, worms, spyware, Trojan, adware, ransomware, etc. 

– blocks webcam spies watching you in your home.  

– You can get file backup encryption. And also you get a free VPN. 

– It is an award-winning antivirus when it comes to detecting viruses on any device. 

cons Of total Security

Cons Of Kaspersky Total Security 2024

– One of the most common downsides is that it offers only some extra features that you can buy as standalone products. 

– With some extra features, the price of this antivirus is very high than other products.

-It has more features and functions for Windows than to Mac and iOS. For example, the vulnerability scan can’t be found in Mac. 

Reviews (Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024)

Ranking on Features

Kaspersky Antivirus vs Internet Security Vs Total Security 

Let’s compare these three top antiviruses of Kaspersky and what makes Total Security better than others. 

The Kaspersky Antivirus has three key features security, performance, and simplicity. However, it can not be used on Mac and mobile. 

Kaspersky Internet Security has good features like security and it can be used on Mac, PC, Android, etc. But it lacks the password manager and safe kids feature. 

Kaspersky Total Security has more and advanced features than Kaspersky Antivirus and Kasperksy Internet SecurityAlso you can use the Kaspersky Internet security coupon code to save extra money.

It has a Password manager, safe kids, and file protection extra upgrades. For more details, you can visit this page of Kaspersky. 

Pricing And Plans Of Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024

1 Device 1 Year: $ 79.99

1 Device 2 Year: $ 109.99

3 Device 1 Year: $ 99.99

3 Device 2 Year: $ 139.99

5 Device 1 Year: $ 149.99

5 Device 2 Year: $ 229.99

These are all the prices of Kaspersky Total Security 2024 and these prices are for only One User Account. And also you get 30 days free trial with Kaspersky’s total security.  Also if you want to get this deal on a discounted price so you can use the Kaspersky Coupon Code after use this code you get save more.

Final Thoughts -(Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024)

So we just went through Kaspersky Total Security Review 2024. And we learn about all the major features that this antivirus offers. And also the advanced features like safe kids and password manager. 

We saw some benefits and downside of Kaspersky Total Security. We compared other Kaspersky products with Total Security. 

Overall the Kaspersky Total Security 2024 is a perfect, most complete, and all in one antivirus software in the market. 

The only major downside with this antivirus is the high price of this than other Kaspersky products. And all the Mac users can’t enjoy all the features of this antivirus. 

I hope you enjoyed this Kaspersky Total Security Review In 2024 and get Kaspersky total security promo code for big saving. 

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