Kofax Power PDF Standard vs Advanced 2024: Comparison Of Features, Price & System Requirements

Kofax provides the best solutions for PDF editors, one is Power PDF Standard and the other one is Power PDF Advanced. Most of the users get confused about which one to use that meets their requirements. So here we are with Kofax Power PDF Standard vs Advanced comparison, to make your doubts clear. Here we have done a brief comparison of Kofax Power PDF Advanced and Standard tools as per their features, price, and much more. 

Kofax Power PDF Standard
Kofax Power PDF Standard
Kofax Power PDF Advanced
Kofax Power PDF Advanced

Overview: Kofax Power Pdf Advanced Vs Standard

Here is a short overview of Kofax Power PDF Standard and Advanced application. However, both are products of the same company but somehow are different from each other. 

What Is Kofax Power PDF Standard?

Kofax Power PDF is the topmost PDF creator and converter of industry-standard PDF files for individual users. It is a fast and adaptable PDF program that is quite similar to the MS Office-style interface. It lets you create PDFs from any file or document very easily.

What Is Kofax Power PDF Advanced?

It is a reliable PDF editor for business purposes that requires no monthly fees. This also provides MS Office-style interface and is so easy to use. This Power PDF Advanced tool has strong services like search and improvement with platforms like Box and Microsoft OneDrive. It makes your business functionality and workflow smooth.

Features Comparison: Kofax Power PDF Standard Vs Advanced

Features Difference bw Kofax Power PDF Standard & Advanced

Here is a quick comparison of the features offered by the Power PDF Advanced and Standard tool. 

FeaturesKofax Power PDF StandardKofax Power PDF Advanced
Create and convert files from any document, web page, or file

Touch-enabled device support
Provides security with encrypted passwords
Add and view digital signatures
Automatic conversion of PDF files into Fillable PDF form
Combine several files into one PDF
Advanced formatting
Text and graphics editing in PDF files

DocuSign Signatures

If we compare Kofax Power PDF Standard vs Advanced, this feature is only available in its Advanced version. DocuSign is an electronic signature provider by which you can sign your PDFs or online documents effortlessly. It is a quick and easy way whether you sign the document or send it to a third party. So the Kofax Power PDF Advanced provides this amazing feature whereas the Standard tool does not offer this.

Touch Mode Option

Both Kofax Power PDF Standard and Advanced provide Microsoft Windows 10 touch-enabled devices. You can use both of them on touch screen devices with a “Touch Mode” on both these PDF converters and creator tools.


The Power PDF Advanced offers this feature that you can safely share your data with it. While Kofax Power PDF Standard lacks this feature. Your sensitive information whether it is text or graphics is safe with it.


Both are easy to use and you can simply convert PDF files to other formats. They also let you convert JPG files to PDF and PDF to JPG.

Free Trial: Kofax Power PDF Standard Vs Advanced

You can use Kofax Power PDF Advanced and Standard free for 15 days. During this period, you can utilize all its features without any cost. Both individuals and businesses can use them absolutely free for 15 days.

System Requirements: Power PDF Advanced Vs Power PDF Standard

Kofax Power PDF Standard vs Advanced system requirements is quite the same. Here we have differentiated it for both Windows and Mac devices.

Kofax Power PDF Standard System Requirements For Windows

  • Needs a processor of 1.5GHz or more
  • Supports Windows 11, 10, or 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • 1GB RAM and 1GB free Hard Disk space for applications
  • To activate, register, help or live to update a Web Access is needed

Kofax Power PDF Standard Requirements For Mac

Supports macOS 11-11.6, 10.15, or 10.14 (Big Sur)

Kofax Power PDF System Requirements For Windows

  • The processor should be 1.5GHz or faster
  • Supports Windows 11, 10, and 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • 1GB RAM and Hard Disk space for application files

Kofax Power PDF Requirements For Mac

Support macOS 11 to 11.6, 10.15, and 10.14 (Big Sur)

So with this, you can find out there is not much difference between these two PDF converter tools.

Price Difference Between Kofax Power PDF Standard & Advanced

Comparison of Kofax Power PDF Standard & Advanced

The Kofax Power PDF Standard vs Advanced version has different pricing. Here we have discussed both of them:

Power PDF Standard Price [Windows & Mac]

It cost you $135.00 as a one-time payment for Kofax Power PDF Standard for Windows and Mac devices. This also provides you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you did not like its services. 

Kofax Power PDF Advanced Price [Windows & Mac]

You have to pay $188.00 as a one-time purchase for the Power PDF Advanced tool. This also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to users. To purchase this at a low cost you can apply the Kofax Power PDF Advanced discount code that is offered by the company. This lets you grab a huge money-saving offer on this product.

These prices might be very high for some users but the company offers some discount coupons to reduce the cost. You can apply the Kofax PowerPDF coupon code to get an off on its prices.

Final Words: Kofax Power PDF Standard Vs Advanced

Here is an overall comparison of Power PDF Advanced and Standard tools. We have differentiated both of them based on features, price, and system requirements. The Standard version is used for individuals and the Advanced is for business purposes and provides more features than the Standard. Also, there is a price differentiation that Power PDF Advanced version is quite expensive than the Standard one.

FAQs: Kofax Power PDF Advanced Vs Standard

Here are some top queries related to the comparison of Power PDF Standard and Advanced for which most of the users look for:

Which One Is Better Kofax Power PDF Standard Vs Advanced?

Kofax Power PDF is best for individual use whereas the Advanced version provides great and improved features for business uses.

How Many Computers Can I Install Kofax Power PDF On?

Kofax does not allow multiple users to access a single license. But you can install it on upto 3 devices if they are used in License requirements.

Is Kofax Power PDF Same As Nuance?

Kofax Power PDF was prior known as Nuance Power PDF which was a PDF solution that allows you to create, edit, convert, or share documents. You can read Kofax Power PDF Vs Nuance Power PDF to know more.

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