Norton 360 With LifeLock VS McAfee Total Protection

Which one is going to be the right fit for your PC, Norton 360 vs McAfee Total Protection? When it comes to Norton versus McAfee the competition is very stiff. Both Norton and McAfee are the most talked about antivirus suites in the world.

In this article, we are going to compare their most popular and top plan as Norton 360 with Life Lock and McAfee Total Protection. Also you can use the Norton 360 Coupon Code to save money.

A strong and reliable antivirus suite is a must in today’s digital world. Majority of our normal activities and work we do via digital means using PC, Laptops, Macs, Android, etc devices. 

This is what makes us all the targets of hackers and cyber attackers who use viruses, malware, ransomware, malicious codes, etc to steal our financial information, breach our privacy, misuse our personal data, etc. 

As the antiviruses are getting advanced so are malware and viruses. Hackers are releasing new and more advanced malware daily.

And if you think a free antivirus suite is going to give you an ultimate then you’re damn wrong. To protect your PC and your precious personal information you need premium antivirus software. 

Before purchasing an antivirus there are few things to check. These things are key features, performance, malware protection score, pricing & plans, customer support,  user experience, etc.  

These are the main factors that we are going to compare in this article about Norton 360 with Life Lock Ultimate Plus and McAfee Total Protection. Also, you can use the Norton 360 Lifelock coupon to save on heavy discounts.

Diffrence Between Norton 360 vs McAfee?

Here we see the all comparison between McAfee vs Norton 360. we provide you comparison of features, Price, Performance, Usabilty and Lots of important Factor.

Norton 360 vs McAfee: Malware Protection?

Hackers are making more and more advanced malware every day. That is why the antivirus you choose must protect your PC from all types of malware and especially from the new ones. 

That is why it is necessary to compare the malware protection performance of these two antiviruses. 

We are going to determine the malware protection performance based on AV-Test Product Review and Certification Report Jan-Feb 2024.

The AV-Test Results of Norton 360 Life Lock in 2024 are incredible. When it comes to protection against Zero-Day Attacks, Norton 360 got a 100% protection score based on 402 samples used. Here you can see in this image-

Norton vs Mcafee

Norton 360’s protection against advanced and prevalent malware is also fantastic. It got 100% protection and the final result is 6 out of 6 in overall malware protection result. 

The AV-Test Results of McAfee Total Protection offer in 2024 are good but not as Norton’s. 

McAfee’s protection against Zero-Dat Attacks in January is 99.1% and in February 97.8%. These results are based on 402 samples used. Here check it out in this image- 

Mcafee malware protection Av test

However, when it comes to protection against prevalent malware McAfee got a 100% score just like Norton. The overall score of McAfee Total Protection in 2024 is 5.5 out of 6. Which is impressive but not as Norton’s. 

So you can see that when it comes to Malware protection against new and advanced viruses, worms, trojans horses, ransomware, etc Norton 360 Life Lock got the better of McAfee Total Protection. Also you can check the Norton 360 Life lock coupon code to save money on Norton.

Winner: Norton 360 Life Lock

Norton 360 vs McAfee: Performance? 

What do we mean by the performance of an antivirus? It is mainly about the speed of your PC while visiting popular websites, downloading and copying files, installing software and applications, etc. 

Let’s see the AV-Test results of these two antiviruses’ performance in 2024. 

Norton got the perfect score of 6 out of 6 in the performance report of the AT-Test Jan-Feb 2024 Report. Check out this image-

why choose Norton 360

As you can see Norton got 15% when slowing down launching popular websites (50 Websites Visited). It got 0% when it comes to the slower download of frequently used apps (20 Download files). While the industry average is 1%. Norton got 7% while the average industry got 11% when it comes to the slower launch of standard software applications.

Thus we can say that the overall performance of Norton 360 Life Lock is once again very impressive. 

McAfee total protection’s overall score in the AV-Test report is also 6 out of 6. In slowing down when launching popular websites it got 10% while the average industry got 15%. It got 1% in slower copying of files while the average industry got 3%. It got 0% in the slower download of frequently used applications. And many more results as you can check out in this image-

mcafee performance test

So, what’s our verdict when it comes to performance? Well, the performance and impact on your system of both of these antiviruses are very good. The results are almost identical. 

Winner: It’s a Tie. 

Norton 360 vs McAfee: Features?

Features are what make an antivirus complete and more popular. In the battle of the best antivirus, we have seen the emergence of new and advanced features. Now let’s compare Norton 360 Life Lock and McAfee Total Protection’s key features and assess which one has more advanced and better features. 

Norton 360 Life Lock has three plans with some very advanced features. The key features are Password Manager, Credit Monitoring, Safe Cam, Cloud Backup, Identity Alert, Parental Control, Secure VPN, Data Breach Notifications, Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts, Real-Time Threat Protection, and many more. The cloud backup of Norton 360 Life Lock is from 100GB to 500GB based on a better plan. You get protection for up to 5 devices. These features are advanced and very useful when it comes to protection against online threats like hackers, Malware, Malicious codes, cybercriminals, etc. 

Now let’s check out the key features of McAfee Total Protection

The Key Features of McAfee are Home Network Security, Secure VPN, Multi-Device Compatibility, Password Manager, Safe browsing, McAfee Shredder, Identity Theft Protection, Safe Family, Encrypted Storage, etc. 

The features of McAfee Total Protection are also very impressive and complete. It gives you protection up to 10 devices. 

If we compare the features of Norton and McAfee then it’s very tough to say which one is better. 

Both of them have some very impressive features. But the Norton 360 with Life Lock Ultimate Plus has more advanced features and technology. However, the price of this is very expensive. 

Winner: Norton 360 with Life Lock. 

Norton 360 vs McAfee: Usability?

It is about the overall influence of the antivirus software on your PC’s usability. A usability test is based on false warnings, false blockages, and false detection system scans, visiting a website, and Installation of certain software and applications. 

Norton got 6 out of 6 scores in the AV-Test of Usability. When it comes to false-positive results The score of Norton is 0 while the industry average is 3. False blockage during installation is also 0 while the industry average is 1. Here check this out in this image-

Norton usability av test

The overall performance of Norton in Usability is perfect. Usability is a very good factor in determining the quality of antivirus software. 

The usability score of McAfee Total Security is 5.5 out of 6. False detection of legitimate software as malware during a system scan is 1 in January while the industry average is 3. False blockage of certain actions carried out during installation of a legitimate software is 2 while the industry average is 1. Here check out in this image-

mcafee usability

Usability is a very essential feature when it comes to assessing the performance of security software. Norton’s usability performance is perfect in 2024. While McAfee Total Protection has to do better in order to beat Norton. 

Winner: Norton 360 Life Lock.  

Which One Offers Affordable Pricing?

Pricing is another very prominent factor when it comes to comparing the best antivirus software. The Norton 360 with Life Lock Plans has three plans as Life Lock Select, Life Lock Advantage, and Life Lock Ultimate Plus. The yearly subscription of these plans is respectively, $ 99.99, $ 199.99, and $ 299.99 per year. 

Norton with life lock prices

The McAfee Total Protection has three plans as McAfee Individual, Multi-Devices, and McAfee Family. The prices of these plans are respectively $ 29.99, $ 34.99, and $ 39.99 per year. 

mcafee prices check out

As you can see that clearly, McAfee Total Protection is a very affordable plan comparing to Norton 360 with Life Lock. And moreover, the features of McAfee is also very impressive and comprehensive. Here you can see the clear winner. 

Winner: McAfee Total Protection

Norton 360 vs McAfee Total Protection 2020 customer support

Norton 360 vs McAfee: Better Customer Support?

Customer support is also one of the most important factors of Internet security software. Because we don’t when we’re going to get stuck in any stage like installation and utilizing all the features or any kind of technical problem. If you get good customer support only then you get full value for your money. 

At Norton, there are various guides related to Installation and download. And if you want to contact then you can do this by calling, live chat, or email.  There is an option to ask the community where experts and customers could give you answers to your problems.

At McAfee, you can contact experts to get help. They also have a community platform where you can ask customers to solve your problems. 

Overall the customer support of both of these antiviruses is identical. 

Winner: It’s a Tie. 

Our Verdict

The overall battle of Norton 360 vs McAfee Total Protection is won by Norton 360 due to its malware protection, advanced features, and usability. 

However, if you are looking for an antivirus with a lot of advanced features and new technologies then the budget is no problem then Norton is the right fit for you. 

And if you are looking for affordable internet security software with quality features then McAfee Total Protection is the right product for you. 

This comparison is for you to choose the right product. I hope you enjoyed this article. All the best for your antivirus software, be it Norton 360 or McAfee Total Protection.

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