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As the world is going online day by day everyone searches for the things that make our work easier. One of them is pCloud transfer by which you can share a bunch of files without any security issues. You can share large files and documents without taking much time with the help of pCloud transfer. So in this article, we are going to discuss it briefly and get to know more information about it.

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What Is pCloud Transfer?

As per pCloud transfer reviews, we have read it is a new service offered by pCloud. pCloud transfer free for sharing upto 5GB files for that you just have to go to its website. So with this server, it is now easy to share files with your friends, colleagues, and many more. The other best thing is you do not need for pCloud transfer registration to use its services. You can grab a huge discount on its many other services just by using the pCloud discount code.

How To Use pCloud Transfer?

To transfer files through pCloud first of all you have to visit the transfer.pcloud.com site. After that follow some steps that are mentioned below:

Send Files Without Encryption

To simply send files without any encryption, you just need to go through the following steps:

Steps To Send Files With pCloud Transfer
There you have to fill in all required details like the recipient’s email address, your email, and if any message you want to send.
pCloud File Transfer Steps

Send Files With Encryption

To send encrypted files using pCloud transfer, you just need to go through the following steps:

Steps For Using pCloud File Transfer Encryption
Step 1: Click on the “Encrypt Your Files” which is in the top left corner to encrypt your files.
pCloud File Transfer Steps For Encryption
Step 2: Enter a new password
pCloud Transfer Password For File Encryption
Step 3: Now reconfirm it and then tap on “Enable Encryption”.
Step 4: After this click on the “Send Files” button. After some time the recipient will receive an email with a pCloud transfer link but not the password.
Step 5: To share its password you have to use other modes of communication
Step 6: Now, the recipient will enter the password you have used so that they can access that file.
pCloud Transfer Steps To Download File
Step 7- After that, the recipient can download the files sent by you.

It takes less than a minute to share your files and documents with others. Another important thing is the pCloud file transfer is only available for 7 days. But the good thing is both sender and receiver will get a reminder email before its expiration.

Is pCloud pCloud Transfer Free?

Yes, the free pCloud transfer limit is upto 5GB. But if you want to share large files then you must register to a pCloud free account. By this, you will get unlimited file sharing size and speed and many other features with pCloud login

If 5GB free storage is not enough then you can buy pCloud lifetime deal for a great saving. You can also go for 500GB lifetime plan and get 65% discount by using pCloud 500GB Promo Code 2023.

Is pCloud Transfer Safe?

Yes, the pCloud is safe for file transfer as it provides you with secure file sharing. With this, you and the recipient have to use the same password to access the file. If you have used file encryption then there is a very rare chance to get your data hacked.

Can I Transfer 10GB of Files On pCloud?

Yes, you can easily make pCloud transfer 10GB files for that you need to create an account on pCloud. Not just 10GB after creating a pCloud premium account you can share unlimited size files and 10GB of free storage. However, you’re allowed to transfer pCloud free for up to 5GB of files.

What If pCloud File Transfer Not Working?

If the pCloud file transfer does not work then you will receive a pCloud transfer invalid request on your device. This can happen due to the cache size could be lower than the required one. So for that, you can increase the cache size of the file and try to send it again. Other than this you can clear up your device space because it can also happen because of not having enough space on your PC.

FAQs: Transfer pCloud

Here are some short and general queries asked by users regarding pCloud transfer Reddit.

  1. Why Should I Use pCloud Transfer?

    You must use transfer pCloud not only for easy sharing but also for fast speed. This also allows you to upload files upto 5GB as other provides very less as compared to it.

  2. Is pCloud File Transfer Reliable?

    pCloud always make sure that your data must be secure for that it provides 256-bit AES encryption before and after the file transfer. Also applies to TLS/SSL protection at the time of file sharing.

  3. How Do I Move Files In pCloud?

    To move files on pCloud just login into your pCloud account and select the files you want to move. Then select move and a new location for your file and click on Move.