pCloud Review: Can pCloud Be Trusted In 2024?

Nowadays many people use cloud storage facilities to keep their data safe and secure. As there are many cloud storage service providers available in the market it is a bit confusing to choose the right one. 

While searching for the best cloud storage service, pCloud is the most common name you will see visible on the internet. It is one of the best cloud storage service providers and it is recommended by many people.

But is pCloud the best cloud storage you are looking for? That is why here we brought you a detailed pCloud Review 2024. This guide will tell you whether pCloud is safe or not? We are going to analyze pCloud’s features, pros, and cons, pricing, etc in depth. Also, we provide some login problems and how to pCloud login In our articles, for those users who don’t know how to login.

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Some Important Aspects That We Are Going In This pCloud Review 2024:

  • What Is pCloud Storage?
  • Features Provided By pCloud
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of pCloud
  • Is pCloud Safe?
  • Is pCloud Secure?
  • Pricing Structure Of pCloud
  • Customer Support Provided By pCloud 
  • Comparing pCloud From Other
  • Final Conclusion For pCloud Review

Before proceeding further first know what is pCloud and how pCloud works?

What Is pCloud?

pCloud is a Switzerland-based cloud storage company founded in 2013. pCloud has gained immense popularity in less time even though the cloud market is filled with giants like Dropbox, iDrive, box, etc. 

The exceptional work in fast syncing, storing, and securing files is the reason that’s why pCloud has 12 million active users. But is pCloud worth the money or is it just hype, can only be found out with a pCloud review 2024.

What Is pCloud Used For?

pCloud is your personal cloud space where you can store your confidential files, folder, etc. Also, this software is compatible with almost every device such as iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

What Features A User Must Look For While Taking Any Cloud Storage Service?
  • Must Take Automatic BackUps
  • Automatic Syncing 
  • File Archiving Option
  • Keeps Open Files BackUps
  • Top-Notch Security Option
  • Good Customer Support

Interface 2024 Review pCloud 

It has a fairly intuitive user-friendly interface, offering compatible clients for many high-profile platforms. While the service can be accessed online, there are also compatible clients for both android and iOS. 

Users can also download browser extensions for Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. With this browser extension, you can also download files to your pCloud Drive. Setting up your pCloud account takes only a minute before you can subscribe to the paid or free plan.  

Once you sign up you will see a simple but classy design. There is a menu bar on the left-hand side of the interface in the browser which has links to significant areas like folders, backups and shared content. 

In the middle of the interface, there is a file viewer where you can set a grid or list view and organize files. You can sync and manage your pCloud files through the Drive app for macOS and Windows. 

Across all platforms, pCloud is crisp, easy, and straightforward. And in our pCloud app review, it is also so simple & clean to use on mobile as you explore your gallery. 

pCloud Review: Does pCloud Provides You with All Important Features To Its Users?

Pcloud is robustly filled with all the features that people need in a cloud service provider. 

Synchronization to all your device: The service automatically synchronizes any changes to your files across all your connected devices. This feature saves a lot of your time as you don’t need to manually remove the older version. And somehow if you need an older version of your file you can also get it in pCloud by using file versioning or rewinding your account. 

Media-management Tools: We believe media-management tools are one of the important features of any cloud service. You can use these tools to resize and compress your media files without leaving your account. 

File versioning and sharing: In this feature, pCloud is competing with big cloud companies. With this function, you can effortlessly share files with teams member and save edits. 

No limit: pCloud doesn’t put restrictions or limits on file size. It is specially designed for designers, photographers, filmmakers, and other creative artists who work on large files every day. They can upload as many HD videos/images as possible according to the allotted space.   

Store files from other platforms: If you are earlier using a cloud service or just want backup from online platforms you can easily do it with pCloud. It allows users to upload files from other platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, IDrive, Instagram, Facebook, and URLs other than direct upload. 

pCloud Drive tool: Most people face the problem of lack of storage in their devices, they need a hard Drive. Here pCloud Drive helps you, it is a virtual Drive and archives all your data without consuming disk space. 

pCloud Drive imitates a hard Drive with advanced features like online access, automatic syncing, zero maintenance, and integrated file sharing. 

Raw format: This is an important feature for any photographer, as they lost the quality loss of images. However, in pCloud, you can maintain the quality of features as it allows you to save pictures in raw formats. 

From my experience, I can say pCloud is one of the best cloud storage which efficiently works with raw formats. Plus you can review the images on mobile or in the browser. 

pCloud Save: It is a browser extension of pCloud with this, you can save images from your web browser to pCloud save. It is easy to save images in pCloud save, you just have to right-click images and you will see the option. 

Is pCloud Safe?

Generally, pCloud performs admirably when it comes to security by boasting various security-oriented features, it shows that security is highly prioritized. If you are thinking about is pCLoud safe? the answer is that it uses worldwide the best TLS/SSL encryption when information is received or transferred. 

For maximum security of your data, pCloud save your file copy to at least 3 servers. 

The company claims that an independent cybersecurity firm has audited server-side encryption. It’s always nice for closed-source software to undergo an independent third-party audit. Another substitute for this cloud app is Wasabi cloud storage which is an appropriate option for commercial or industrial uses.

pCloud Crypto Review

How safe is data in the pCloud server? The answer is zero security. pCloud uses encryption while revealing and sending data but the data is the raw format in the pCloud server. Here you can use pCloud Crypto, which is an end-to-end encryption tool that protects your important files on the server. 

Pcloud crypto is a part of pCloud security, it helps to boost the security and give more control to users. It wins our trust in security because in the past pCloud challenged hackers to find loopholes in their client-side encryption (pCloud crypto). 

The challenge is for 6 months and the prize is $1,00,000. And in our pCloud Crypto review, we found that 2,860 hackers try to hack but no one can do so. 

However, the free user can’t enjoy this feature, which leads to the question of whether is pCloud safe. So, yes pCloud is total as without pCloud crypto it provides military-grade encryption. For the free user, it means that the pCloud can see your files.

Also, pCloud crypto is independent, which means you have to pay extra for end-to-end encryption. With activating crypto, you can access and utilize private encryption keys to secure your data. Just bear in mind if you lose the password, you will never be able to retrieve your data back. 

Does pCloud Provide You The Best Privacy?

pCloud is a Switzerland-based company, in a country with no compulsory data-retention regulations or laws. The implication for users is that they can trust the company to keep their data as it’s meant to be that is private. 

Perhaps, this explains why many high-profile data-handling companies are based in the company. As we mentioned earlier, free users don’t get to secure their data with end-to-end encryption. 

Therefore, if pCloud transfer is ever compelled to, they would be able to hand it over to the government. But it is just a situation as to how liberal Switzerland is.

For new users, pCloud gives an option where your data will be stored. Every data center has its benefits and drawbacks, so be careful before selecting. For instance, the Luxembourg center comes with file transfer via TLS/SSL and SSAE 16 SOC2 Type 2nd certified encryption. 

Meanwhile, the US center is come data being read by probably the most intrusive government in the world, the US government. Sa

The US is the default center for existing users but the company is trying its best to offer the choice of a data center for existing customers.  

We advise the existing customer of pCloud to subscribe to the Crypto feature for end-to-end encryption and more security to your data. 

Does pCloud Give Their Customer Satisfactory Customer Support?

Now let’s review pCloud’s performance when it comes to customer support. pCloud is better than its competitor in many things but not for its quilt of support. The company is impressive on every front but average when it comes to customer support. 

The customer support looks weak at first sight as it offers lacks live chat support. The only way to directly connect with the company is their phone support. But phone support is also not a good option as the company operates during swiss business hours. That makes it inconvenient for customers from different parts of the earth. 

Even after live chat or phone support, pCloud also disappoints in email support. The response in email support takes sometimes a few hours and sometimes several days. However, the response is quite detailed and extensive showing comprehensive knowledge. 

pCloud Pricing Structure: Is It Affordable?

Pricing is one of the important factors when choosing a service. Let’s find out how reasonable the price of pCloud is.

pCloud Free Plan

Is pCloud Free? Yes, the company offers a functional free plan that is very appealing to many people. The free plan provides 4GB but you can extend the pCloud free storage limit upto 10GB by sharing with friends and verifying your email. 

It offers to use your account across all the devices in both paid and free versions. And if you are thinking, is pCloud free forever? So, yes it is free forever with limited storage and features. 

However, keep in mind it terminates the free account if you don’t use it for 6 months. The free plan is nice but lacks security and some advantages which you can’t enjoy in a paid plan.  

pCloud Individual Plan 

The company currently offers Premium 500GB and Premium Plus 2TB plans. The feature in both plans are the same, the only difference is the storage capacity. The currently discounted plan is like

Annual Subscription

SubscriptionPremium Premium Plus

Lifetime Subscription

SubscriptionPremium Premium Plus

In the pCloud lifetime review, we talk to those who are using a lifetime service they are happy with. And the lifetime plan is a costlier and one-time purchase it provides you service lifetime. You can grab pCloud Lifetime deal 2024 to save 80% on the 10TB plan. Otherwise you can buy smaller plan of 500GB and get 65% discount on the pCloud 500GB promo code.

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pCloud Family Plan 

The family plan comes with 2 TB lifetime storage and premium features that are meant to be shared with upto 5 members. At the movement, the family plan has $500 for a lifetime subscription with 30 days trash history. 

Majorly, pCloud’s individual and family plans are famous and if you want to know which is better for you then refer to our pCloud family plan vs individual plan.

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pCloud Business Plan

Business Plan comes with company-oriented benefits, like file access management, activity monitoring, and team organization. The business plan doesn’t have a fixed price. Its priced based on the number of users, but the price range begins at 7.99/9.99 per user yearly/monthly respectively. 

If we overall conclude the pCloud business review, we can say pCloud is a good deal at 9.99/month. Like other big companies Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox offer $17, $15, and $25/month/user respectively with little feature changes. Before you purchase any plan firstly go for the pros and cons of cloud storage for business and then buy it.

Add-On Purchasing a subscription to pCloud is not enough if you want more extra useful features. Two extra useful features of pCloud are independent in terms of subscription.   Extended File History Ordinary pCloud provides 30 days limit for recovering our files from the trash which extends upto 1-year with Extended File History. Its annual subscription is $39/user.

pCloud Crypto pCloud offers AES 256-bit encryption for every user while revving and transit of files, but it is not end-to-end encrypted. However, pCloud Crypto gives end-to-end encryption. It pricing as a Monthly subscription of $4.99/user.An annual subscription of $47.88/user.Lifetime subscription of $125/user.

*Note all the pricing mentioned above is as per the current discounted price*

Some Best Alternatives To pCloud 

1 One Drive

It is one of the main competitors of pCloud. One Drive is a nice cloud service provider that is developed and owned by Microsoft. It offers free upto 5GB of storage in front of pCloud 10GB storage. 

But is pCloud better than One Drive? The answer is straightforward, it supports file versioning only for office files, and pCloud supports file versioning for all. One Drive only provides cloud service whereas pCloud provides cloud storage and cloud-based backup service.

pCloud has only 2TB and One Drive has a maximum storage of 5TB. One Drive limits 100GB of file limit and pCloud offers you unlimited. 

2 Google Drive 

It is another alternative to pCloud. As the name suggests and already we all know it is a product of Goggle and operated by Google. It was launched in 2013 one year before the launch of pCloud.   

But is pCloud better than google drive? The answer is that in most aspects both service providers are the same but in a certain aspect, Google Drive is better. The paid plan of Google Drive and pCloud of 2TB is the same in pricing.  And if you are thinking, is pCloud safer than Google Drive? 

So I tell you pCloud uses strong-military grade encryption and no one hacker has been able to hack the pCloud Crypto till now. However, Google Drive is considered more secure because it is protected by Google. 

3 Dropbox 

pCloud review vs Dropbox is another popular option against pCloud. It offers only 2GB of free storage and its paid plan is a bit higher than pCloud pricing. Overall Dropbox is a nice option with offering unlimited maximum storage space in advance plans. 

Dropbox puts a  limit on the bandwidth or traffic and file size in the paid plan also. It doesn’t provide any client-side encryption. However, choosing one from a short discussion is wrong so you can look for a deep pCloud vs Dropbox comparison.

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Ins And Out Of pCloud Storage

The advantages and disadvantages of any cloud storage are important factors in choosing one from the ocean of cloud storage. You can get detailed pCloud pros and cons 2024 from here.

Pros Of pCloud
1 The pCloud uses encryption to protect your data-  pCloud securely stores your data with encryption. pCloud uses one of the best military-grade AES 256-bit encryption while receiving and sending data.
2 Free upto 10GB of storage: pCloud offers 4GB of storage that you can extend upto 10 GB by registering your email and sharing it with your friends. The free version also provides decent features.
3 pCloud Drive- Most people face the problem of storage in their devices, this need is fulfilled by pCloud by providing a virtual drive named pCloud Drive. 
4 pCloud provides you with amazing backup- with this feature you can feel free from losing any data due to errors or viruses and you can recover your data easily. pCloud automatically saves the folder and files which are deleted. You can recover files from trash for up to 30 days.
5 pCloud has a user-friendly interface and features- pCloud has a user-friendly interface that provides you the convenience of receiving, sharing, uploading, and accessing files.
6 It has access to all devices- As we already discussed in the pCloud app review, it is very simple to use and compatible with windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.
7 Store files from other online platforms- It can store and access files from other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, and URLs. 
8 It can share and collaborate files with others- It is very easy to share files and folders and collaborate with other pCloud users. pCloud users can control the level of access by setting view, editing, or managing.
9 Archive your important files-Through this you can archive your important and rarely used files. Your all data in with safety by encryption which you can enhance with pCloud security.
Cons Of pCloud
1 pCloud does not provide more useful features in its free version.
2 Extended File History (EFH) and pCloud Crypto have independent subscription that costs more. 
3 This drawback I see, is if your file is corrupt then syncing does not go well.   

Final Conclusion Of pCloud Review  

Summing up the review of pCloud, we can say it is an excellent service. Especially in a time when the big companies Google Drive, IDrive, and Dropbox seem almost unparalleled in terms of overall performance. pCloud reached incredible heights, boasting a service that combines functionality, security, and efficiency.

Some top queries related to the review of pCloud are answered below:

  1. Is pCloud any good?

    pCloud is a nice cloud storage service provider with budget-friendly pricing, solid encryption, and handy features, also it gives the option to choose a data center. It is an excellent choice whether for your personal use or business use. 

  2. Has pCloud been hacked? 

    No, pCloud challenges worldwide hackers to hack their client-side encryption. However, in the going challenge of 6 months, no one hacker did so. 

  3. Can pCloud be hacked?

    The company claims that it made ultimate file security in client-side encryption that no one can hack. And they prove their claim through 6GB monthly challenge. However, we cannot surely say that it can never be hacked. 

  4. Can I trust pCloud? 

    You can surely trust on pCloud, as it is bound by strict privacy laws in Switzerland. You can trust it for the security of your files and for the privacy of your data with encryption. Also, you can use pCloud Crypto for end-to-end encryption.