pCloud Vs Google Drive- Is pCloud Better Than Google Drive?

pCloud vs Google Drive which is better? It is a little bit challenging task to find what storage we should use to keep our data safe and private. Both cloud storage has a good brand name in the market so it becomes difficult from a user’s perspective which cloud storage is best. 

Even some users have a query is pCloud is better than google drive or not? So in this very hot discussion, we are going to compare every aspect of pCloud and Google Drive in-depth, so keep reading the article. Also, for a better understanding first, understand which is better cloud storage or local storage?

Introduction Of Google Drive And pCloud Cloud Storage

What is Google Drive?
Google Drive is one of the cloud-based storage that permits you for saving files online on your personal phone, computer, or tablet. With the assistance of Google Drive, you can easily upload, download, edit files and access them anytime wherever you want.
What is pCloud?
pCloud is a software that is used for storing your data and files like images, videos, folders, documents, etc. It is available for all the platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. 
It is a secure and trusted software that is used by 9 million people around the world for your personal cloud space where you can store all important files and folders. Most users prefer this storage software service because of the pCloud discount lifetime offer. The company provides lifetime services to users with this exclusive saving offer.

Factors On The Basis Of Which We Are Going To Compare Google Drive And pCloud:

  • Comparison Of Features Of pCloud And Google Drive
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of pCloud 
  • Who Offers Better Security Measures? 
  • Who Provides Better Storage Facility?
  • Pricing Plan Comparison Of pCloud And Google Drive.

Short Comparison Table Of Features In Between Pcloud And Google Drive 

S.NOFeatures Google DrivepCloud storage 
1.Automatic backup YESYES
2.Virtual drive NOYES
3.Military-grade encryption NOYES
4.Collaboration YESNO
5.File syncNot with LinuxYES
6.Password-protected file sharingNOYES
7.Two-factor authentication  YESYES
8.End-to-end encryption Partial YES
9.Expiration dates on file-sharing NOYES
10.Direct link share option YESYES
11.Data breach infringement YESNEVER
12.Support for all platforms Except for LinuxYES

Detailed Comparison Of Features [ pCloud VS Google Drive ]

To get the answer, is pCloud better than Google Drive in terms of features or not? Let’s read all the important features at once. Both storage providers give their best features to all the users to store their data securely but there are some major differences between pCloud and google drive storage providers.

Advanced Features Of pCloud Cloud Storage 

According to this pCloud review, we found these amazing advanced features provided by pCloud:

File Management – With pCloud you can easily handle your data and files because it provides many options and special features to manage your data effortlessly. It has different features like a search option, filter, and trash option to find out the files you are looking for.

Capabilities –  There is no limit to uploading any type of file regardless of their size even HD video can be stored in that. It offers unlimited file size, unlimited upload, and download speed to its users whether they are accessing the free version or paid one.

Sharing – In the option of sharing with pCloud transfer, you can easily share files, create and invite folders, share links, file request direct links for public folders, and many more things that are important to a user.

Back UP – Most of the time it has been seen that our mobiles and systems get stolen or lost and after that, we could not be able to recover all the important data. For resolving this issue there is a feature given with pCloud storage that if it happens so through backup and data synchronization you can easily recover your data safely.

Security – If we talk about security, there are many security features that keep your data safe and secure like TLS/SSL encryption, server-side encryption, client-side encryption, etc. With the help of pCloud Crypto, you can keep your most significant files encrypted and password protected.

Accessibility – pCloud can be assessed in Windows, Macs, and Linux. This can even be used in mobiles so that you can store your data, files anytime and access them anywhere.

File versioning – It is a very great feature to edit files, restore your previous versions of your digital collection from 15 to 30 days with its free plan or paid plan.

Integrations – If you are worried about your photos on social media applications you don’t need to have concerned about it because pClould gives you an option by which you can backup your precious memories with all the safety measures.

After seeing this many features we found this question’s answer that is pCloud safe or not? Then pCloud is completely safe to use. Also, yet if you are in any kind of doubt you can check out these pCloud alternatives.

Advanced Features Of Google Drive Cloud Storage 

Team Collaboration – It is one of the great features that you can collaborate your data and file ( documents, spreadsheets, presentation files ) with 50 people and the interesting thing is they all can do work on your file. You can easily check who is doing what things on your sheet.

Search Feature Option- Sometimes it is a bit difficult to find out the exact file we want so for resolving this issue Google Drive provides you with an advanced search option. 

You can search files that contain certain words in their title or content. All the things can be checked like to whom you shared the document, type of document, editing part of the document, and many more things. 

Drop And Drag Uploads – With this very interesting feature of Google Drive, you can easily upload files. This is a wonderful option to save time and upload a lot of heavy files into your drive.

Accessibility – The additional point we can consider is that Google Drive provides a Google Drive mobile application that is literally helpful.

Explore Feature – Explore feature boosts your content and makes it powerful which makes it easy to find out your data and add suggested content to your files.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – Most of the time we have noticed that while sharing sensitive data and information it gets stuck or any issue in that. By considering this point of users Google Drive scans sensitive information and blocks anyone outside of your organization from accessing the file.

Offline access –  In rural areas or the countryside of the city we face internet problems, network issues that make us irritated but Google Drive provides you the option by which you can create, view, and edit files in Docs, Sheets, Slides without any internet access.

Integration – It is a very good thing that it supports additional tools and many applications like Adobe, Salesforce, and more for having the good experience of Google Drive.

File support – With Google Drive you just do not access Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and so on but you can also access 100+ files including PDFs, CAD files, images, videos, and many more files that are significant for you.

Overview! Is pCloud Better Than Google Drives In Terms Of Features?

After analyzing both parties’ features pCloud and google drive both provide the best features in their ways. But compared to google drive to pCloud, pCloud offer some extra features than google drive which is very lucrative and useful.

Comparison Between pCloud And Google Drive On The Basis Of Advantages And Disadvantages 

While comparing google drive vs Pcloud, pros, and cons are also becoming very important factors to consider. Here we are providing you a table of advantages and disadvantages of pCloud vs google to understand which one suits you best. Also, this table solves the query of users whether is pCloud better than google drive or not. Another alternative to these cloud storage software is Wasabi cloud storage which offers amazing storage options.

Pros Of pCloud Storage 
  • Easy recovery 
  • Access data anywhere 
  • Security
Cons Of pCloud Storage
  • Challenging to migrate 
  • Required internet 
Pros Of Google Drive 
  • Access manage easily 
  • Accessible in mobiles, computers, and tablets
  • Your content is analyzed
  • Takes time to upload and download 
  • Extra access controlling methods

Privacy Measures –   Google Drive Vs Pcloud Which One Is Better?

Privacy is our most important concern, Google Drive uses 128-bit AES and on the other side, pCloud has 256-bit AES for the security of your data and protection of your personal piece of information.

pCloud provides you the ability to select a different data storage region for protecting or controlling your privacy but unlucky you don’t get this interesting option with Google Drive. 

Now the question arises is pCloud better than google drive in terms of privacy? So yes pCloud is a completely Swiss-based cloud storage provider and on the other side, Google Drive was invented in California.  Consequently, It is easy to see that pCloud is the better option than Google Drive for the security of data.

pCloud Vs Google Drive – Who Provides Better Storage Facility? 

When it comes to storage, our recommendation is it completely depends on the price of the subscription but you get some data storage space to keep your data without any concern. 

With the free pCloud version, we get 10 GB storage capacity but with its paid membership you can extend the storage space by 2 TB, on the flip side Google Drive free version provides you 15 GB of data storage capacity included with all the services of google like – google photos, google mail and many more but if you take paid plan of Google Drive then you can store huge data on the basis of your paid plan.

With Google Drive, you can restore or recover deleted data for up to 30 days but pCloud only offers 15 days to restore or recover your deleted data after 15 days it will be removed automatically from your storage account.

Pricing Plans Comparison Between Google Drive Vs Pcloud

pCloud offers you flexible pricing plans for different options with one-time payment criteria but in comparison, Google Drive does not offer you a one-time payment option If you don’t want to pay more money so Google Drive can be a good option for you to store your data because it provides regional pricing.

Price is also one of the important factors while looking for cloud storage. Especially if you are a user and planning to buy cloud storage for yourself or for your companies. Look once at the below-mentioned price it will definitely help you to choose which one is appropriate according to your pocket. 

Also, some users have the query is pCloud better than google drive in terms of price, so yes it has very affordable price options with quality features. However, google drive is also suitable to use if you want to try. 

Pricing plans of Google Drive and pCloud 

pCloud price range 

Premium 500 GB monthly –  $4.99
Premium 500 GB yearly – $47.88 
Premium Plus 2TB monthly – $9.99
Premium Plus 2 TB yearly – $95.88 

Check out these amazing discount offers provided by pCloud for their users.

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Google Drive price range 

100 GB monthly plan – $1.99
100 GB yearly plan – $19.99
200 GB monthly plan – $2.99
200 GB yearly plan – $29.99
2 TB monthly plan- $9.99 
2 TB yearly plan – $99.99
100 GB monthly plan – $1.99
100 GB yearly plan – $19.99
200 GB monthly plan – $2.99
200 GB yearly plan – $29.99
2 TB monthly plan- $9.99 
2 TB yearly plan – $99.99

Final Verdict: Which One Is Better pCloud Or Google Drive

Now after reading this article, you will get an idea that is pCloud is better than google drive or not. However, we are providing you with a conclusion that which one takes higher weightage after comparing all the important factors. 

Now coming back to the same question how pCloud is better than google drive on comparing all factors. So In light of this evidence after comparing all the aspects of both storage providers, it is easy to say that pCloud is better than Google Drive. 

pCloud has better plans and services that provide much stronger security and privacy for your personal piece of information and data. In the end, we would like to suggest you use and get storage according to your all requirements or whatever fits you the best. 

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Frequently Asked Questions By Users 

Can pCloud Be Trusted?

Yes, it is totally trusted and used by millions of people around the world. It uses AES 256 bit encryption for the best security and privacy of users’ data.

What Is The Fastest Cloud Storage Service?

Google Drive can be the fastest cloud storage service because it is faster than other competitors in the field of storage service providers.

Is The pCloud Lifetime Plan Is Good And Safe?

Yes, it is safe and good for online storage space for all the documents, music, videos, and for personal work.

Which Cloud Storage Is Best?

Google Drive and pCloud can be the best option for individuals, teams, businesses, and so on. There are many cloud storage you can access them acc to your needs.

Is pCloud Better Than Google Drive?

Yes, pCloud is better than google drive as it offers many advanced and robust features in the area of cloud storage. A user can easily afford its price structure as it is not too high.