Pros And Cons Of pCloud 2022– Detailed Advantages & Disadvantages of pCloud

pCloud is one of the new cloud computing service provider companies, it was founded in 2013 in Switzerland. It gains immense popularity in recent times because it provides secured encrypted cloud storage at low prices. pCloud is excellent for securely storing your work files, documents, photos, videos, music, and a lot more. It is amazing features make pCloud great but there are a few drawbacks, let’s look at the pros and cons of pCloud.

Top 11 Pros and Cons Of pCloud 2022

If you are in hurry, then this is the summary of the advantages and disadvantages of pCloud that we will discuss in-depth. 

The Strengths of pCloud are
  • Use encryption to protect your data
  • Virtual pCloud drive
  • Amazing backup 
  • Free upto 10 GB of storage
  • User-friendly interface and features
  • Access in all device 
  • Share and collaborate with others 
  • Easily store files from other online platforms
  • Archive Your Important But Rarely Use Files
The Weaknesses of pCloud are
  • Don’t provide useful features in the free version
  • EFH and pCloud crypto has an independent subscription

Advantages Of pCloud Software

Advantages Of pCloud

Uses Encryption to protect your data

Data storing and data safely storing are two different terms, pCloud securely stored your data with encryption. Data security is important in these times as your important data can be hacked, corrupt, or stolen by hackers. 

pCloud uses encryption while receiving and sending data, it helps to protect data corruption from outside threats. But, this encryption only works while receiving and sending data that means your data will in original format in pCloud servers. In simple words, whoever accesses the server (government, pCloud staff, legal authorities) can access the data. 

For this reason, pCloud take one step forward and provide pCloud Crypto encryption. In pCloud Crypto, your data will remain encrypted in the server, and no one access it without your permission.

Virtual pCloud Drive

Most businesses and people face the problem of lack of storage in their devices, they need a hard drive to archive all data. pCloud understand the need and introduce its pCloud Drive which is a virtual application that replaces the hard drive. 

pCloud drive replaces the inconvenience of hard drive with online access, zero maintenance, automatic syncing, integrated file sharing.

Amazing Backup 

You can free yourself from the tension of losing files due to viruses, corruption, error, or any reason you can recover easily. When you start the computer backup, pCloud automatically starts saving the folders you chose to the cloud. Plus all the changes you make in the original file will also be applied to your pCloud account in real-time. 

And, you can recover files from trash for upto 30 days. You can also extend the pCloud 30 days rewind to 1 year by opting for extended file history (EFH).

Free Upto 10 GB of Storage

If you like free stuff and are curious to know about is pCloud free? So, I tell you yes, pCloud basic is free forever with upto 10GB of storage. You can enjoy all the major features of pCloud from safety to storage for 10GB of space. And if you ever run out of space then you can upgrade to a premium 500Gb or premium 2TB plan. 

10GB of free storage and features in the free version of pCloud comes in both categories of the pros and cons of pCloud.

User-Friendly Interface And Features

The pCloud app has a user-friendly simple to use interface that gives the convenience of uploading, receiving, sharing, arranging, and accessing files. Plus you can arrange your file in the manner that you want to utilize them. You can different folders such as crypto, offline, shared folders as per the priority of your files.  

There are a lot of handy features to trace down files, share data, organize folders, and more. 

Access in all Devices 

Its app is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. There’s also a plug-in and a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. With those, you can download web content directly from pCloud storage.

Also, you can access your account on different devices and pCloud doesn’t charge extra costs on it. 

Share And Collaborate With Others 

It is very easy to share files and folders and collaborate with other pCloud or non-pCloud users by pCloud transfer. By just a right-click to your folder, you share it by inviting it to the folder or sharing the link. 

With the Invite to folder option, you can collaborate with other Cloud users and can control the level of access by setting View, Edit, or Manage.

With the share link, you can share large file formats or folders with non-pCloud users also. These links always show the latest version of files and it allows the receiver to view and download the files. For further security over encryption, you can set passwords and expiration dates on the link. 

Easily Store Files From Other Online Platforms

This is one of the beloved features, it easily recovers data from the previous Cloud storage provider if you are using any before pCloud. With cloud storage, you can also recover data from other third parties like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. 

The social media backup feature or third-party backup feature is an important tool for users. For instance, on Facebook, you can immediately back up your albums smoothly. It kept the folder structure intact by categorizing all your Facebook images in their directories. 

Archive Your Important But Rarely Use Files

You can safely archive all your essential but hardly used data in a data vault. Your all-important data in with safety of encryption which you can enhance with Crypto pCloud security. 

It is a handy feature if you are running a business wanting to store your personal data without using your device space. 

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Disadvantages Of Using pCloud 

Disadvantages of pCloud

Don’t Provide Useful Features In Free Version

Firstly, pCloud offers 10GB of storage for free users which is equal to the box-free version, and more than Apple, Microsoft, and DropBox free accounts. On the flip side, Google Drive offers 15GB, and a newcomer Degoo offers 100GB of free storage.

Plus it doesn’t provide all the useful features in the Free version. You will only have access to these features on a free account.  

  • Shared Links
  • Access on any device 
  • Music player
  • File Request 
  • TLS/SSL encryption 
  • Shared folders
  • pCloud Login

EFH and pCloud Crypto has an independent subscription

pCloud Crypto feature provides security encryption security to your data in servers and over the internet whole receiving and sending ti to server.    

Extended File History (EFH) with this you can extend the history of your file from one month to a year. 

Both these essential features are independent and you have to purchase differently from the pCloud plan. To avoid these problems there is another cloud option which is Wasabi cloud storage a better option that is trusted by many users.

Some Other Cons Found By pCloud User 
  • It terminates the free account if the account was not accessed in 6 months. 
  • It doesn’t provide a speed controller for videos. 
  • Syncing does not go well when your file is corrupt.
  • It became irritating for users as new updates every week. 

Is Pricing Of Pcloud Is Pocket-friendly

Pricing Of pCloud

After the pros and cons of pCloud, the second most important thing is pricing. pCloud has 3 plans Individual, Family, and business with pCloud coupon code or offers.

Individual Plan Of pCloud 

Its subscription is differentiated into Annual and lifetime subscriptions. Each subscription is further differentiated into Premium and Premium Plus only on the basis of storage. With premium and premium plus subscription, you’ll get 500GB and 2TB respectively.

Annual Subscription

SubscriptionPremium Premium Plus

Lifetime Subscription

SubscriptionPremium Premium Plus

Check This – pCloud Lifetime Subscription Deals Given Below:

pCloud Lifetime Subscription Deal: Lifetime Plan @ $49
Buy pCloud Lifetime Subscription 2022 with upto 65% discount. Family, Crypto, & 2 TB premium plans avaialble with amazing deals.

Family Plan Of pCloud 

The family plan is a one-time payment that includes 2TB of storage for upto 5 users at a $1400 lifetime subscription. We can also take only a lifetime subscription for the family plan as a demerit in the pros and cons of pCloud.

pCloud individual and family plans are famous for their great value and other benefits. However, you can also find which is perfect for you by referring to our article on pCloud family plan and individual plan comparison.

Business Plan Of pCloud 

The business plan includes yearly and monthly subscriptions at $7.99/month and $9.99/month per user respectively. In this, you’ll get 1TB storage per user, Teams & Access control, 180 days file versioning, and more. And you can also reach direct to pCloud for contact sales. 

Add-On Pricing

Besides the subscription, if you want to add an extra useful feature, you need to purchase them.

Extended File History 

An annual subscription of $39/user.

pCloud Crypto

Monthly subscription of $4.99/user.

An annual subscription of $47.88/user.

Lifetime subscription of $125/user.

Best Alternatives Of pCloud 

Best 3 Alternatives Of pCloud

If the Pros and Cons of pCloud let you make the decision to explore more cloud storage providers. Then there are some of the best pCloud alternatives you can think of.


It has a well-reputed name for its quality security and privacy maintenance among its user. It has amazing features and it also syncs your file automatically. Box provides 10GB of free storage and you can also purchase a paid plan. 


IDrive is another good pCloud alternative for you, it provides exciting features with the security of data. It has a user-friendly interface and auto camera feature that automatically uploads your photos to your IDrive account.  


Onedrive is owned by Microsft, and it is a nice substitute for pCloud with its powerful features. It is easy t use with its sleek interface for organizing video, photos, files, folders, music, and more stuff. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. And it is the best option if you are a windows user as it is integrated with Windows 10 and Office 365. 

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Pros And Cons Of pCloud- FAQs

Some top queries related to pCloud advantages and disadvantages have been answered below:

  1. Is pCloud Safe To Use? 

    Yes, pCloud is safe to use, it provides TLS/ SSL industry level AES 256-bit encryption while receiving and sending data from the pCloud server. You can insures your full safety by opting pCloud Crypto which encrypts your folder in the server too. 

  2. How long is pCloud lifetime?

    The pCloud lifetime plan is a one-time payment of a pCloud subscription for 99 years or the whole life of the account holder. 

  3. Has pCloud been hacked?

    No, pCloud is never been hacked to date by any hacker around the world. pCloud is a successful contender for safeguarding its user data.
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