pCloud VS Sync 2024 – Comparison of Features, Cons, & Price

Personal cloud storage is the need of every user who wants to store their big files and folders. It helps them to keep every format of images, videos, audio, PDF, contacts, & many more safely in an easy-to-access place. pCloud and Sync are two of the greatest cloud storage providers in the industry. This makes it hard to choose the suitable storage provider between pCloud vs Sync.

Hence, here we will help you to know which one is better between Sync vs pCloud. So that you can get an efficient storage service. This will be possible by comparing every perspective of these two storage brands pCloud backup vs Sync.

About Sync VS pCloud

Sync is a file syncing service from Google that was released in 2009. It is a cloud storage program used to create a backup and sync contacts, emails, saved files, and folders. By this, you can easily access, share, and store your data on your device safely.

A cloud storage platform pCloud was released in 2013 and has now a growing number of users more than 14 million users. It let people store their every file and folder securely. You can share, backup, and save your data in an easy-to-access application.

Features Comparison Of pCloud Vs Sync 2024

Let’s get a brief comparison of the functions of Sync vs pCloud backup:

Manage files and make them easily available with the search and filter option. Share & manage your files safely with anyone & make it safe by applying a password, expiry date, and email notifications, etc.
Various file-sharing options like an invite to folder let anyone just read or edit.The collaborate option is available for files that let anyone view or edit them. It also lets you check the activity logs of your shared file.
It uses the TLS and SSL encryption with the pCloud Crypto plan that offers client-side encryption.It offers client-side end-to-end encryption syncing with HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA compliance. It’s SOC-2 with SAS RAID storage to ensure your data security.
It keeps your files edited version for up to 15 days and 30 days in the premium plan. Extended file history let you save the deleted file for up to 365 days. Real-time Backup option for PC that can access from any desktop, mobile, or web.Protection from ransomware or any hardware failure with a real-time backup option and archive your files in cloud storage.
You can store other digital assets of large sizeThrough admin tools, you can add or remove users, reset passwords, and check the activity logs of users. 

Detailed Comparison Of Features Of Sync Vs pCloud

Here in this pCloud vs Sync comparison first, we will check out the detailed analysis of the function of pCloud. By this, you will get to know about the pcloud difference between sync and backup:

Manage Files

pCloud makes file management easy by the Search option that helps to find any certain file. You have to just the file or folder name to find it quickly on any device like Windows, Mac, IOS, and android. Through the Filter option, you can search any format file like PDF, audio, video, image, and more with just a few clicks even on any browser. The files you have deleted would be still available in your trash for up to 15 days in a free version and up to 30 days in premium plans. In this comparison of pCloud vs Sync, this feature helps it to stand out amongst other storage providers.

Google Sync let you sync & access your files from your Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS or browser. You can access them when you are offline which makes them easy to access from anywhere. The Microsoft Office 365 integration helps you to view, and edit your documents from any device.

Here, pCloud has more convenient functions to manage your files and make them available anywhere on any device. 


comparison of File sharing in pCloud vs Sync

Here are the various options that make your file sharing easy. The invite to the folder option let you allow to invite another pCloud user to your file. You can customize the permission that let the other user view or edit the files. Through the Shared links option, you can share the large-size files.

You can share the documents & files along with the team easily and allow permission to just read or write them. You can also check out the activity logs that will notify you about the shared file activity. In this comparison of pCloud vs Sync, this feature of Sync helps to stand it out from others.

You can share unlimited files and folders quickly and easily with anyone by applying your customized logo to your files. It allows you to keep it safe with a password and expiry date email notifications and more.

pCloud lifetime and family plan offer such advanced sharing functions, but Sync has more than that and the log activity helps you to control who had the access to your file.

File Versioning & Backup

pCloud saves every file version so that you can find the last edited version of your files or folder by the revisions option. The file version would be saved for up to 15 days in the free plan and up to 30 days. In this pCloud vs Sync, this file versioning option differs pCloud from Sync. With the extended file history, you can save file changes for up to 365 days after you delete them. It can also create a backup for your PC automatically when you turn it on. You can get access your computer files from any desktop, mobile, or web also. 

This can keep saving your file from malware, ransomware, or hardware failure. It performs a real-time backup operation that can retain your deleted files. This also lets you archive your files in the cloud which will keep them safe for the time. 

In this comparison of pCloud vs Sync, For backup and versioning, pCloud has the option to keep your files for up to 365 days. This function works in lifetime, family, and business plans, while the Sync can keep it for a lifetime.

Privacy & Security

Privacy comparison of pCloud & Sync

pCloud uses TLS or SSL encryption that ensures the safety of your stored data. It stored Your data on three different secure servers. This aspect of a secure storage provider makes this pCloud backup vs Sync a hard task compared as they both offer the best privacy terms. The pCloud crypto plan has the option to keep your files encrypted by putting a password on it. Client-side encryption means no one can get access to your data.

This provides a client-side end-to-end encryption syncing and storage that keeps your documents or file and folder safe and private. Your data’s copy is saved in multiple SOC-2 with SAS RAID storage. This comparison of Sync vs pCloud clears out almost all core features of both storage providers. Its advanced privacy program HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA compliance, and 2 Factor auth keep your data protect.

From a security aspect, Sync has more secure programs than pCloud. It is 2FA authentification, SOC-2, and SAS RAID which is absent in pCloud that makes Sync more private.

Asset Management & Admin Tools

This function allows you to store images, other media files, and digital assets like logos. This will keep them safe and help you to create your branding by keeping them safe in this easy-to-use storage application.

It provides some of the advanced tools that let you add or exclude any users of the team. You can also reset your password and check the activity logs of users. Here we have cleared up every function of these two storage providers in this pCloud vs Sync Reddit comparison. 

These are the unique features that they don’t share.

Comparison Of Limitations In Sync & pCloud

Here we will compare the disadvantages of pCloud backup vs Sync.

Cons Of pCloudCons Of Sync
The free version of it offers limited features without encryption security.It has limited customer support, you can only contact through mail, not by live chat.
The encryption function is a costly plan & other plans don’t have encryption.Sometimes it gets slow in syncing.
High-cost plans with a low amount of storage.  On Linux, you can access it through the web the app does not support this device.

Here we have compared the disadvantages Of pCloud vs Sync that will help you to choose the better one. There is another alternative Wasabi cloud storage which offers an amazingly huge amount of storage options for everyone.

Price Comparison Between pCloud And Sync

pCloud offers a free storage plan of 10GB and Sync has a free plan of 5GB.

Sync Individual: It is a Solo Basic plan for $8 per month with 2TB of safe storage & Solo Professional for $20 per month with 6TB of storage.

Sync Teams: Team Standard for small businesses for $5 per month with 1TB storage & Teams Unlimited for $15 per month for single users that offers unlimited storage. 

pCloud Individual Plans: Premium 500GB for a $49.99 annual plan & Premium Plus 2TB for $99.99 an annual plan.

pCloud Lifetime: Premium 500GB for $199 by using pCloud 500GB promo code & Premium Plus 2TB for $350 a pCloud Lifetime plan.

pCloud family & Business Plan: A 2TB Family plan for $500 is a one-time -payment plan. The business plan comes in at $7.99 per month. This comparison of pCloud vs Sync makes clears which one is affordable. But before buying these services you must check out the pros and cons of online storage for business.

You can get any of these storage plans at a lower cost with a pCloud coupon code. On the purchases of any perpetual plan, you can apply the pCloud lifetime deal 2024 for saving maximum bucks.

Conclusion Of Sync Vs pCloud 2024

Here we have described every aspect of Sync & pCloud. The free version of pCLoud offers more space than Sync. The paid plan of Sync is more affordable than pCloud & it also provides more space than pCloud. The privacy terms of pCloud are also limited with just TLS, SSL, and client-side encryption options. Sync offers SOC-2, No third-party tracking, HIPPA, GDPR, PIPEDA compliance, 2FA data protection policy, and an end-to-end-encryption policy. This means Sync is a more secure storage provider than pCloud.

In this pCloud or Sync Reddit, Sync got more plus points than pCloud which is a secure and affordable storage provider.

FAQs Of pCloud vs Sync

Here are the common queries that will resolve your doubt over which is the best cloud storage product between Sync and pCloud.

Which Is Better Sync Or pCloud?

Sync offers a good quality of privacy and security terms than pCloud. Sync has HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA compliance which are absent in pCloud. Also, Sync has cheaper subscription plans with high storage amounts than pCloud.

What Is The Difference Between pCloud And Sync?

In this pCloud vs Sync, we have found the backup function difference. pCloud saves your deleted files for up to 30 days and in Sync you can simply archive your data files in its storage.

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