Wasabi cloud storage review 2024 – Detailed Analysis Of Cloud Storage Software

Everyone wants to keep their files and folders safe in an easy-to-access place, and cloud storage software is the essential tool for it. There are various apps for this purpose, and Wasabi is just a common name among them. Here we will explore more about this storage app in this Wasabi cloud storage review. It has a large of quality users, and apart from them some new people also want to know if they should use it.

Therefore, we will cover every aspect of this cloud storage app, including features, pros, cons, prices, and comparison with one of its competitors’ software.

About Wasabi Cloud Storage

Wasabi Technologies was founded in 2015 as a cloud storage provider in the U.S.A. It introduced its Wasabi Hot cloud storage software in 2017. This offers secure and affordable storage servers to its users. It keeps saving more than 23000 users’ data files and folders.

Wasabi Cloud Storage Review: Analysis Of Features

Here in this Wasabi hot cloud storage review, first, let’s check out the features of this cloud storage:

Wasabi Cloud Storage Features

Wasabi Storage Region

Wasabi’s expanding its secure storage servers across the globe. This makes the storage service easier and increases the availability of a big amount of space for better data storage. Wasabi storage locations are North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions, and still is growing to spread its server.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware creates a high risk to your data; therefore, Wasabi ensures to keep your data free from any ransomware attack. The strong data protection and an offline backup option of this cloud storage help you free from ransomware worry. In this Wasabi cloud storage review, this function makes this more secure than any other software. The air-gapped fixed storage keeps your data safe from deletion or change by a third party. This performs a fast data recovery option, which ensures data protection.

Cloud Strategy

Hybrid storage helps you to shift your stored data infrastructure to the public cloud server. The multi-cloud strategy improves the performance. A data lake option that can store data in various other formats. The on-Prem cloud-based software that makes your stored data available in a safer place at a cheaper price. It makes it easy to have your on-premise storage. In this Wasabi cloud storage review, its various cloud storage option makes this more reliable and worth using. It can optimize your LOT system functionality and costs with edge computing. The Linear Tape-Open based cloud storage is the most affordable for backup and archiving.

Wasabi Powered Business

To migrate data to the Wasabi cloud server is easy, which is essential for any business. This Wasabi is the best way to choose a cloud storage server with 1/5 the cost of AWS S3. Whether there are various pros and cons of cloud storage for business but its recovery and data archive make this a secure way to store your data. You can active archives of your stored data that keep your data totally safe. In this Wasabi cloud storage review, its compatibility with all of the industries makes this stand out among all other cloud service providers. You can also get a stored digital surveillance video at an affordable amount. Data analytics help you to have fast access to your big amount of stored data.

What Are The Wasabi Cloud Storage Pricing?

Wasabi offers a free trial of 30 days and then a basic plan of $5.99 1TB per month, which is $0.0059 per GB & $71.88 per year. 

  • 100TB: It is $599 per month and $7188 per year. 
  • 500TB: It costs $2995 and $35,940 per year.
  • 5-Year Plan: It is $38,456 with 100TB of storing space and $92,294 for 240TB.

This pricing of Wasabi may clears that in this Wasabi cloud storage review Reddit, it is the most affordable cloud storage provider.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Wasabi Cloud Storage?

Here in this Wasabi reviews, we will check out the advantages and disadvantages of the Wasabi cloud.

Pros Of Wasabi
  • It is faster and more affordable than Amazon S3
  • It is suitable for enterprises, small businesses, and the public sector.
  • It claims to offer more advantages over other cloud services of Amazon, Google cloud platform, and Microsoft Azure.
  • An in-built encryption program keeps your all data safe. It is an easy-to-use program you can simply drag and drop your files.
  • Its service is more compatible with any industry like media, entertainment, education, scientific research, law enforcement, and energy. 
  •  It is costly for some new business purposes.
  • It has a limited storage server location.
  • You don’t have an option of sharing your data which makes it hard to collaborate.

Comparison Of Wasabi Vs Backblaze Vs pCloud

Here in this Wasabi cloud storage review, we will compare it with other competitors of it:

Wasabi features
The basic plan costs $5.99 with 1TB of storage.
It offers a big amount of storage up to 1024TB.
It is far cheaper than Backblaze or any other cloud storage service.
Wasabi has transparency in server location and numbers.
It has only data backup options.
It is commonly used in most of the industry like media, entertainment, education, energy, and scientific research.
features of Backblaze
charges $7 with a limited space of storage.
It offers up to 1000TB of storage with a costly amount.
Backblaze is cheaper than Amazon S3 but not than Wasabi.
It has various backup options like Veeam, NAS, and computer backup.
They do not expose server information.
It does not generally prefer for industrial uses.
features of pCloud

It offers a basic monthly plan of $9.99 with 1TB of storage.
Its highest plan offers only up to 2TB of storage.
pCloud does not stand for bigger business or industry purposes as it provides a little space.
This has high-end security which keeps your files encrypted in its secure server.
 It has a safe sharing option that makes it easy to collaborate.

The pCloud coupon code and the pCloud 4TB plan discount is the best way to get this secure and reliable cloud storage service provider app.

What’s New In This Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage?

Here in this Wasabi cloud storage review, you must know what extra are included in this cloud storage’s latest version.

  • It has grown its server location since 2017 and now it exists in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. The number of increasing servers is still going on.
  • The maximum file size for uploading is not restricted in this latest version.
  • Now it started supporting 4k videos. So it is one of the best cloud storage for 4k videos.
  • Its basic monthly price has decreased as compared with before.
  • Wasabi now offers big data analytics options and cloud computing

Conclusion Of Wasabi Reviews

Here, we have clear Wasabi features, pros, cons, price, and comparison with the Wasabi cloud storage alternative. You can also check what is extra provided by it as compared with its previous version of 2017. In this Wasabi cloud storage review, you must find out that it is a specific way of storing data at a cheaper price. Apart from its cons like not any other sharing option or the same price for storing up to 1TB data or 1GB. It is an ideal program for data storage for everyone.

FAQs Of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Review

Here are some queries that will solve your doubt over this analysis of Wasabi cloud storage.

Is Wasabi A Good Cloud Storage?

Yes, it is a fair choice for commercial purposes small or big, but for personal use, it has not many features other than data storing like sharing or security.

Is Wasabi As Good As S3?

Yes, in this Wasabi cloud storage review, we have found that it offers the same features like Amazon S3. The difference is Wasabi has a good speed of downloading and uploading at a lower cost.

Which Cloud Storage Company Is The Best?

IDrive, Google Drive, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, and Dropbox are some of the best options for cloud storage.

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