Cloud Storage Vs Local Storage – Which Is Better Nowadays?

There are plenty of photos, videos, files, and digital data of devices that are important to us. For securing our individual or firm data we can make a  copy and store it, to avoid any direct possible threat. We can store our digital data in a physical device or store it online. There are two ways to store digital data is local storage and cloud storage

In recent years cloud storage has become a popular way to store your digital data. However, we will discuss cloud storage vs local storage to help to outline which fits you. 

Introduction To Cloud Storage And Local Storage? 

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is an online space where you can store your digital data by using the internet. Various companies provide the service of cloud storage such as pCloud, Dropbox, IDrive, and more. 

What is Cloud Storage?

Local storage is a process in which you store your data in physical hardware. Hard drives, CDs, Flesh Drive are some examples of local storage

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage 

Benefits Of Cloud Storage 

  • Cost: Cloud storage is cheaper in comparison to buying external drives. In this, you don’t have to pay for maintenance, electricity, and other things to run efficiently servers. You just have to subscription pay as per your storage capacity.  
  • Security: It is more secured than a local drive as it is encrypted and only authorized persons like you and the server team can access it. Some cloud storage service providers go more further with security and offer multiple protection that lets you access only.  
  • Ease of accessibility: It gives you flexibility in work as you can access it from anywhere at any time as long as you are connected to the internet. 
  • Data retrieval: It is one of the important benefits of cloud storage. In local storage, there are constantly vulnerabilities of losing data by hardware failure, malfunction, or misplaced. However, in cloud storage, there is no risk of data loss if you lose your data you easily retrieve it from the cloud. 
  • Syncing and updating: Every time you made changes in your file is automatically updated and synced in all devices in real-time.

Drawbacks Of Cloud Storage 

  • Required internet connectivity: An internet connectivity is important as without it you can’t access your data. Sometimes and weak internet connectivity also creates a problem. 
  • Downtime: Sometimes your cloud service provider can face internet connectivity or maintenance issues that can affect you also. It happens very rarely but it should be considered.
  • Performance can differ: Performance of cloud does not always remain the same as you are sharing servers with other users.  

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Local Storage 

Benefits Of Local Storage 

  • Speed: Accessing data from a local drive is much faster than uploading or downloading it from the cloud as your speed is not dependent on internet bandwidth. 
  • Security Controls: You have complete control of your security. 
  • Availability: Your data in local storage is always accessible for you. You don’t need to depend on a third party or the internet to access your data.  

Drawbacks Of Local Storage 

  • Accessibility: You have to always keep your local storage with you to access your data. It also hampers the collaboration work if you want to share it with your team.  
  • Backup: Backup is good but backup on local storage is risky as it is susceptible to unexpected events, such as floods and fires. 
  • Overall cost: At first local storage can look cheaper than cloud storage. But adding the overall cost of infrastructure, hardware, maintenance, upgrading, and other costs makes it it costlier choice.

Cloud Storage Vs Local Storage: Main Difference Comparision

In this, we will discuss some benefits and drawbacks of both storing techniques based on some parameters. These parameters are concerned with the topmost priority and functioning of any storing method.

Comparison Factors
The Comparison Is Going To Based On These Factors:
1. Pros And Cons
2. Security And Control  
3. Internet Connectivity 
4. Speed 
5. BackUp 
6. Pricing
7. Free Service 
8. Accessibility 
9. Support
All these factors together tell about the quality of cloud storage. Based on these factors we will try to find which is better for you cloud storage or local storage

Security Difference Between Cloud Storage and Local Storage 

Difference Between Cloud and Local Storage in Security

Are cloud storages safe? or Is cloud-based storage more secure? Yes, Cloud storage companies provide security passwords to your data and use military-grade encryption while sending data over the internet. For such type of security in local storage, you need to do it by yourself with technical knowledge. 

Cloud storage has a plus point in the security of your data. As security is a feature of cloud storage and in local storage, you have to make it for your use. 

Which Is Better Cloud Storage or Local Storage In Accessibility

Cloud storage provides flexibility, as you only need the password of your account and you can access your data. If you are an employee or entrepreneur you can work anywhere with an internet connection without concern about geographic location. 

In local storage, you have to stick with your hardware to work remotely. It is next to impossible to have your hardware whenever you need it.

Cloud storage is better than physical storage in accessibility. Cloud storage helps you to get flexibility in the accessibility of your data. On the other hand, accessibility is a major issue in local storage. 

Cloud Storage Vs Local Storage Security Controls 

Comparison of Security Controls between Local and Cloud Storage

Security controls refer to controls that protect against vulnerabilities and reduce the effects of malicious attacks. Cloud storage companies use varieties of practices, procedures, and guidelines to secure the data. But on the flip side, all these tasks are done by cloud storage companies and companies are responsible for security. On the other hand, in local storage, you have full security controls, you can do anything to tighten your security. 

Local storage has a plus side in security control over cloud storage. But, rarely do security controls affect your data privacy as companies are good at protecting them. And in local storage, you can maintain the highest privacy for those who can access it but giving foolproof security is needed by a skilled person.

Cloud Storage or Local Storage: Internet Connectivity 

To access your cloud data you must need an internet connection as all the data come over on the internet. Without an internet connection, you can’t access your data from the cloud even in an emergency. Whereas, you don’t need the internet or any other outside material to access your data from a hard drive or other.   

Here is a leading point for local storage as it needs nothing other than its main component (hardware). However, in cloud storage, you need an internet connection to access your data.

But also internet connectivity is one of the advantages of cloud storage as it allows you to access data from anywhere. No matter of time you can access it when you and with the internet, you can easily share it with lots of people easily and fast. No internet connectivity is a disadvantage of local Storage as it limits it to share with other people fast and securely.  

Difference between Cloud Storage And Local Storage In Speed? 

Difference between Cloud Storage And Local  Storage In Speed

In cloud storage, your speed is dependent on internet bandwidth, while in local storage you are free from any bandwidth. Data access is much quicker on local storage than uploading and downloading it from the cloud. Comparatively, your speed drastically boosts with local storage. 

Without thinking much we can clearly say that local storage has no competition in speed with cloud storage. As local storage is so far in this race. 

Is Cloud Storage Cheaper Than Local Storage For Backup

Data stored locally is more concerning to any physical threat as it is stored in a physical drive. Unexpected events such as floods,  theft,  fire, and more can easily damage local backups. You are free from such threats in cloud storage, as it makes a copy of your important files and data in a remote database.    

Backup is one of the most concerning areas, and cloud storage is better than local storage in backup. 

Difference Between Cloud Storage Vs Local Storage Cost 

Pricing Structure of Cloud storage or local storage

Some Cloud storage companies charge according to the use of storage and some give the facility of monthly and annual payments. Some cloud storage company provides a one-time payment option for whole lifetime storage. In comparison, cloud storage is much more affordable than local storage. As in local structure, you need to set up infrastructure and update it timely to increase its cost. 

Local storage has an edge over cloud storage but if we add maintenance and infrastructure cost it would become costlier. So the answer of which is cheaper cloud or local storage? is cloud storage is cheaper than physical local storage? 

Local Storage And Cloud Storage: Free Of Cost  

Access to cloud storage is free, Yes upto some extent companies provide free space to customers. This type of plan is more helpful to an individual level. Some major companies provide the same features in a free plan as it gives in paid with limited storage space. Unfortunately, there is no such offer in local storage. 

It is not a type of feature but for comparison, we had such an offer only in cloud storage, not in local storage.

Which Better Local Storage or Cloud Storage In Support 

Major Cloud storage companies provide 24\7 support to the customer from phone calls, and emails, to live chats. Customer support in cloud storage is the topmost priority for companies. They try to give their best to resolve our problem. On the other hand, the disadvantage of cloud storage is that you have to collect your technical support. You don’t have to worry if you already had a specific team for managing your data. 

Cloud storage provides support whereas in local storage you have to do it your own. In here also cloud storage has positive vibes in support. 

Cloud Storage Vs Local Storage: Which Is Best To Choose 

The competition in the market is high, and to survive in this challenging environment businesses must update their technology. And in storage, cloud storage is a need of new businesses but local storage has its own benefits.  However, there are many benefits and drawbacks of cloud storage for business but you cannot totally wipe out local storage at the business or personal level.  

Due to this, many companies coming out with a hybrid solution for storage. Companies are using cloud storage for files that need strong security or easy access. And using local storage for data that is only used for one time. 

And if you want to use cloud storage for personal use then you can for as it is cheaper for you and provide a strong backup. 

Some Best Cloud Storage Service Providers You Can Look For: 

3 Best Cloud Storage Service Providers

These are some of the best cloud storage you can go for your security, privacy, and best storage and backup facilities. 


pCloud is one of the best cloud storage companies in the market. It provides various features from file sharing to file management and provides world-class security to our data. Moreover, it offers pCloud lifetime subscription. Also, to know in detail you can refer to this pCloud Review.  

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Idrive is another good option for you, it provides exciting features with the security of data. It has a user-friendly interface and auto camera feature that automatically uploads your photos to your IDrive account.  


It has a well-reputed name for its quality security and privacy maintenance among its user. It has amazing features and it also syncs your file automatically. Box provides 10GB of free storage and you can also purchase a paid plan.  

Final Verdict Of Local Storage Vs Cloud Storage

In major comparison parameters, cloud storage comes out as a winner. We hope our cloud storage vs local storage analysis helps you in comparison and making perspective. Both storage techniques have their parameters and trustworthiness, support, speedy, accessibility, and are less costly for you according to an organization or individual base. 

FAQs Related To Cloud Storage Vs Local Storage 

Some top queries related to the comparison of local storage and cloud storage are answered below:

  1. Is Cloud Storage Safer Than Local Storage?

    Yes, cloud storage is safer than local storage as it uses military-grade encryption. To access a cloud storage account you have to pass verification. Plus Cloud storage has a backup that prevents your data from any loss.

  2. Is It Bad To Use Local Storage?

    Using local storage is not bad, you can use it freely but make sure you are not storing sensitive and important data. You store data that are insignificant from a security standpoint as it is vulnerable to attack and easily can get harmed.

  3. What are the disadvantages of local storage?

    The disadvantage of local storage is that you have to constantly backup your data and all the security responsibility is on your shoulders. Accessibility and sharing with others are some of the problems in local storage.

  4. What Is The Most Secure Online Storage?

    pCloud, IDrive, dropbox, box, google drive, and Microsoft one drive are some examples of the best and secure online storage. 

  5. Who Controls The Cloud Storage?

    You create data and can delete it but all the control of cloud storage is in the hand of the cloud service provider. You can check in their terms and condition how they access your data. 

  6. What will you choose local storage or cloud storage?

    Cloud Storage storage has more benefits than Local Storage. Cloud Storage is easily accessible from anywhere at any time, more secure, affordable, strong backup, and more.

  7. Is cloud storage safe from ransomware?

    Cloud storage is not safe from ransomware, it can easily affect the data stored in the cloud. Most cloud storage use synchronization to keep files in sync.

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