5 Best pCloud Alternatives In 2024 [Choose The Best Alternative To pCloud]

pCloud is one of the most ace tools which provides the best cloud storage service. It is loved by most users as pCloud is easy to use and provides simple solutions and UI. All your videos and photos and documents can be stored in one place safely.

You can store your data in a safe place and you can access it on any device, wherever you go. Now the question arises that why we need pCloud alternatives if it offers that many features.

Here in this article, first, we will discuss why we need an alternative to pCloud and then what are the top choices of people to substitute pCloud transfer. We are not saying that pCloud is not good enough to use.

If someone is looking for a pCloud alternative then we are providing you with a list of the best alternatives to pCloud.

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Overview of Pcloud Cloud Storage Service Provider

Pcloud is providing the best file syncing service to its users. You can easily sync any kind of folder on your computer with its services. 

By using a virtual drive, you can free up space on your hard drive. You can share folders and files without any issue. In terms of pricing, it is a bit costlier, so many people avoid pCloud. Along with this, there are many other reasons to look for alternatives to pCloud.

 Reasons To Choose Pcloud Alternatives 

As there are some drawbacks of pCloud so we search for pCloud competitors. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is not cost-effective for some of the buyers as the prices are not convenient for them. 
  • Pcloud is charging extra for pCloud crypto, which is not suitable for some users while using.
  • While using pCloud cloud services, creates sometimes syncing issues.

Alternatives To pCloud Service Providers

After analyzing pCloud with others on the basis of relevant factors like pricing, and storage we make a list of the top 5 cloud storage alternative. It will definitely give you an idea to choose the best suitable substitute for pCloud. 

1) Sync.com
2) Live drive
3) Ice drive 
4) Polar backup
5) Dropbox

1) Sync.Com– Strongly Encrypted

If you are confused that which cloud is best for you to replace pCloud then we can say sync.com is the best alternative to pCloud. You can easily store, share and access your files without any issue. Along with this, you can get end-to-end encryption that ensures the safety of your files.

The file-sharing process of sync.com is very convenient, you can share any size of the file and in any format. Even you can share folders and get access to the features like password protection, expiry dates, notifications, etc to retain control of the shared folders. This is also the reason why we are saying sync.com is also one of the best pCloud alternatives.

features of sync.com

Top Features Of Sync.com Cloud Storage

For a better understanding of sync.com, it is recommended that first, you should go through its features of it, once. In order to local storage vs cloud storage, this provides various features that make it a better alternative to pCloud. It will give you a clear idea about sync.com.

1. Access Files Anywhere & Anytime

By using sync.com you can access your files instantly from your mobile devices, computer, and web. No matter whether you are accessing these files from the home, office, or any other place on the planet. 

2. Securely File Sharing And Collaboration

It allows you authority to create a centralized folder by which your internal and external team members can collaborate easily. It manages all the permissions to provide top-quality protection to your work. 

3. Professional Path Of Sharing And Receiving Files 

It provides you an option to share your documents with the company logo through custom- a randed client file portal on full display. You can easily build client trust and set your business apart.  

4. Transform Desktop Through Sync Cloud Files 

You can easily free up the storage space on your computer and browse your cloud files directly from mac finder and windows explorer. There is no need to worry about storage space as it provides a very large space to store data and files. 

5. Keep Your Work Backed Up Always 

Sync.com is one of the best cloud storage service providers as it backs up documents of your company in real-time. Along with this, it ensures you can restore any file, at any time. By using sync.com you can recover from ransomware, human error, and hardware failure in an instant. 

Price Structure Of Sync.com 

It offers plans for both individuals and teams. If we are talking about individuals it offers two plans in it( solo basic & solo professional). The price of these two plans is $8 and $20 per month. For teams, it offers two plans ( team standard and team unlimited). The prices of these two plans are $5 and $15 per user, per month. 

Pros And Cons Of Sync.Com

Reasons To Choose
  • Offer great privacy and security
  • Plus point for business and corporates
  • end-to-end encryption along with global data privacy compliance
  • File sharing and restoration are easy
Reasons To Avoid
  • Yearly plans only
  • Prices are expensive for some users
  • Linux support is not available
  • Speed issue sometimes

2) Livedrive – Best Backup Options

Livedrive is one of the best alternatives to pCloud launched in 2008. The aim of live drive cloud storage is to bring the benefits of storing data on secure servers. They also make their plans considering small businesses and families. Even it provides facilities of backup and sync which is easy and trouble-free for anyone. 

Livedrive is purchased by J2 global in 2014 to make the company part of its cloud backup division. It offers a lot of quality features to its users like cloud backup, collaboration tools, drag, and drop file management, etc.

features of livedrive

Features Of Livedrive Cloud Storage

As we know live drive is one of the best pCloud alternatives. For understanding it deeply first, we need to go through some of the top features, which are mentioned below. 

1. Provide Online Backup 

It is one of the best cloud storage which provides security to your files. Along with this, it keeps a copy of files safe in your UK data centers, automatically. You can easily restore the files back to your computer, in case you lose or break your mac or PC.

2. Briefcase To Access Files Anywhere 

Livedrive provides you with an online briefcase folder to place your files in a secure place. You can securely view or edit these fields from any computer. Tablet or tablet. 

3. Provide Military-Grade Security 

These live drive accounts are fully compliant with EU privacy laws. By using the strongest available transfer encryption you can make sure the security of your files which are stored in UK data centers. It provides two-factor authentication( 2FA) and helps you to prevent unauthorized access to accounts. 

4. Restore Files 

In case you are facing disaster strikes or your computer is stolen or lost or you are facing a hardware failure, the live drive helps you.  You can simply install its windows and mac software easily onto your computer and restore your files and folders easily. Even if you accidentally delete a file or a folder on your computer, with the help of a live drive you can easily download it back. 

The Price Structure Of Livedrive

Livedrive offers 3 plans “backup”, “briefcase” and “pro suite”. The prices of these plans are $8,$16, and $25 per month. The yearly cost of these plans is $96, $192, and $300 which is billed per year. 

Pros And Cons Of Livedrive 

Reasons To Choose
  • Offer military-grade security
  • Provide online backup
  • Keep your file secure
  • Provide security to files by placing them into an online briefcase folder
Reasons To Avoid
  • Costly offer& plans
  • Not providing ransomware
  • Lacking HIPAA compliance

3) Icedrive – Two Fish Encryption

Icedrive is also for those users who are looking for pCloud alternatives. The Icedrive cloud storage aims to make its cloud storage feel like a physical hard drive. The company calls it “revolutionary” drive-mounting software. It offers a lot of advanced features like you will be able to access your cloud storage just as easily as someone accessing their hard drive.

It is a relative newcomer in the market, founded in 2019. However, it provides very enhanced features which we discussed below. Even it provides 10 GB of free storage for its users.

features of icedrive

Features Of Icedrive Cloud Storage

To get a better understanding of how Icedrive is a pCloud alternative, it is recommended that you should go through once with the features of Icedrive.

1. Fused With A Physical Hard Drive 

The revolutionary desktop Icedrive provides allows you to access and manage cloud storage space. It works as a physical hard disk or USB stick in your operating system.  By using this you can easily edit, upload, open, and delete on your device 

2. Cache-Control 

Icedrive offers intelligent cache control operations which is helpful for you to access your field by installing a single application, you don’t need to wait for your cloud to do the sync. If you are caching your recently used files, it makes things speedy with minimal to no slowdown. 

3. Two Fish Encryption 

It is the best cloud storage service provider that is only encrypted which provides a bulletproof Twofish algorithm. It is widely accepted by cryptographers as a more secure solution than AES.

4. Advanced Browser Uploads

It provides a complex browser-based upload system. This system is utilized in chunked uploads for uploading large files without interruption. 

5. Document Conversion 

Icedrive cloud service provider converts every document and vector type into a format. By using these formats you can preview directly in your browser. 

The Price Structure Of Icedrive 

Icedrive offers a free plan as well as three different pricing plans “lite”, “pro” and “pro plus”.The cost of these prices is $19.99, $49.99, and $179.99 which are billed annually. The lifetime plans of these offers are $99,$229, and $599. The monthly plan is only available for pro and pro plus which costs $4.99 and $17.99.

Pros And Cons Of Icedrive 

Reasons To Choose
  • Provides zero-knowledge encryption
  • Marvelous privacy and security
  • Offers to access drive on desktop virtually
  • Prices are consumer-friendly
Reasons To Avoid
  • No 24/7 customer support availability
  • Not provide upload links
  • Lacking collaboration options

4) Polar backup cloud storage – Best Cutting Edge Technology

Polar backup is one of the massive alternatives to pCloud in the market. With the help of polar backup, you can easily back up all your precious files or entire system at your convenience. For providing you best speed quality for downloading and uploading, it uses amazon’s state-of-the-art AWS cloud platform.

The interface is also very user-friendly, you can easily manage, sort, locate or organize your files. Polar backup provides you with a strong encryption of 256-bit AES, which issues your top-level security.

polar backup features

Features Of Polar Backup Cloud Storage

Let’s discuss the top features of polar backup to understand how it is one of the best pcloud alternatives. It provides you with enhanced and deep knowledge regarding this cloud storage. 

1 Cutting Edge Technology 

Polar backup cloud storage utilizes state-of-the-art AWS technology which provides you with a reliable and consistent cloud storage service. The storage and backup of polar backup run smoothly. It provides you with a multi-featured backup with efficient redundancy and duplication. 

2 Intuitive System For Managing Data 

The system it provides is intuitive and user-friendly means that you can easily control your data instead of it controlling you. Even it can easily sort, manage locate and preview files. It resorts all your data with just only one click. 

3 Privacy And GDPR Complaints 

Polar backup cloud storage provides you privacy and security with GDPR-compliant privacy laws and regulations. 

4 Military-Grade Encryption 

It provides 26-bit AES encryption and by using this cloud storage you can set your own encryption password. Even polar backup cloud storage provides you with protection against ransomware. 

5 Back Up Everything 

Polar backup stores your data from laptops, Mac devices, and PCs. It set and forget for peace of mind all year round. Even they provide good backup technology such as deduplication and block-level uploads.

Price Structure Of Polar Backup 

You can get access to its unlimited plans just by paying $4 per month with 30 days many back guarantees. It offers 15 days trial period with 1 user, 1 computer, and unlimited storage options. 

Pros And Cons Of Polar Backup

Reasons To Choose
  • Compiles with GDPR privacy law and regulations
  • Provide the best quality at the lowest price
  • 256 -Bit AES encryption
  • Storage and backup run smoothly
Reasons To Avoid
  • Waiting period for restoration
  • It doesn’t carry two-factor authentication

5) Dropbox – Smart Syncing

It is one of the top alternatives to pCloud available in 2024. Now if we are talking about dropbox, it has the ability to create Microsoft office and google workspace documents in dropbox, which pCloud doesn’t provide.

In a comparison of pCloud and Dropbox, it is one of the best available cloud storage which is widely available in the market. It offers paper docs that help users to create and edit documents. This cuts the time that could have been spent on switching and searching apps during work. 

Features of dropbox

Features Of Dropbox Cloud Storage

It is better to understand first what are the top features of dropbox cloud storage. It is helpful to get better and deep knowledge about dropbox.

1. Automated Folder 

By using Dropbox, you can easily get an organized and standardizing naming, sorting, and tagging for shared folders. This is also the reason why we are saying that it is one of the best pCloud alternatives. 

2. Smart Sync And Link Permissions 

It provides password protection to your links, disables downloads, and sets expiration dates for temporary access. You can easily access your files in dropbox, using very little hard disk space, just right from the desktop. 

3. Admin Console 

Dropbox is one of the good pCloud alternatives as it uses the insights dashboard to monitor team activity. Even you can easily view connected devices and audit external sharing activity. 

4. Team Folder Manager With File And Version Recovery 

You can get visibility and you can control team folders. It includes sync management also it recovers deleted files and restores the previous file version easily. 

5. Live Support 

It provides you 24/7 live support by which you can easily get answers to your questions. You can get support through various means like phone, email, and chat support.

Price Structure Of Dropbox

We are mentioning the price structure of dropbox, it offers various plans. The very first one is “basic” which is free. The second one is “plus” it costs you $9.99 per month, suitable for individuals. The next one is a family plan of dropbox it costs you $16.99 per month, suitable fr households. It offers a “professional +eSign pack for professionals which costs $24.99 per month. Now you can choose which plan suits you best as per your need.

Pros And Cons Of Dropbox

Reasons To Choose
  • Simple user interface
  • Easily sync files across devices
  • Automatic backup of the files
  • Seamless integration
Reasons To Avoid
  • The UX and UI of web clients could be improved
  • Pricing could be a bit high

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pCloud Alternative Is Best To Use?

In our opinion, Livedrive could be the best alternative to pCloud because it provides quite amazing features and reasonable prices as compared to others.

Is pCloud better than mega?

pCloud and mega both are the best cloud storage, providers. We can say pCloud is better than mega as it provides top-level security with a lot of enhanced features at affordable prices.

Can pCloud be trusted?

Pcloud is one of the safe cloud storage service providers. It not only provides industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption but also offers pCloud crypto to ensure you access your files. 

Is pCloud better than Google Drive?

Both pCloud and google drive is the best cloud storage service, providers. If we are walking about which one is better, then pCloud is a winner. As it provides various top features at affordable prices. 

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