pCloud Family Plan Vs Individual Plan- Which One Is The Right Option For You?

pCloud is the leading champ in the race of providing the best cloud storage service. When it comes to buying its plan, many people get confused about choosing between pCloud Family Plan Vs Individual. As they both offer strong encryption security, handy features, great customer assistance, advanced tools, easy share & collaborative features, and all at affordable pricing. 

Overall pCloud is popular and the best service in the market, with the trust of more than 12 million users.  However, comparing both the plans is not enough to find the best plan. That’s why we will provide you expert advice with a fruitful comparison between the pCloud individual vs family.

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pCloud is secure encrypted cloud storage, where you can store your files, photo, video, document or backup your PC.

Some Important Aspects That We Are Going Discuss in pCloud Family Vs Individual Comparison 2022:

  • Introduction to pCloud Individual and Family 
  • What is the pCloud Individual Plan?
  • What is the pCloud Family Plan?
  • Pricing of pCloud Individual or Family 2022
  • What Does pCloud Family and Individual Offers
  • Features provided by both pCloud Family or Individual
  • Benefits of pCloud Family Plan over Individual Plan
  • What to Choose between pCloud Individual Vs Family
  • Is pCloud Worth It?
  • Is there any Money-Back guarantee for both plans?
  • How Good is pCloud Customer’s Assistance?
  • Final Thoughts For pCloud Family Vs Individual    

Introduction About pCloud Family And Individual?

pCloud individual and family both are the official plan offered by pCloud. Both the plans have some little difference from features to benefits. However, this little difference creates a major reason to choose one according to user needs. 

So, let’s discuss them and find the best plan for you. 

What Is the pCloud Individual Plan?
pCloud Individual plans offer monthly, annually, ad lifetime subscriptions with 500GB and 2TB of storage. The charges in pCloud monthly or yearly subscription cuts on monthly basis. However, in pCloud one time you have to pay a bulk amount for lifetime or 99 years for the subscription. 
What Is the pCloud Family Plan?
pCloud family offers only one plan, which can use by upto 5 users with 2TB of storage for all members. In this, family members get their separate accounts and share space of 2TB of storage with their family members. It is provide only a lifetime subscription which helps you to save big. With strong security, in this plan, you’ll get some extra premium features and benefits which we discuss later in this article. 

What Is The Difference Between the pCloud Family And Individual Pricing? 

pCloud Family Plan Vs Individual

Let’s start with the comparison between the pCloud family vs individual plan with the pricing structure as it is the most basic difference that we can understand easily. 

pCloud Individual Pricing Structure 

In individual plans, pCloud offers 3 ways of subscription such as monthly, yearly, and lifetime method of subscription. You can subscribe to any individual plan via Premium 500GB and pCloud lifetime 2TB

In both Premium 500GB and Plus 2TB, you’ll get features like shared link traffic & link branding, fair share, and 30 days trash history. The only difference between both plans is the storage of 500GB and 2TB. On each plan, you can apply the pCloud lifetime discount for extra savings.

Monthly Plan

Plan Premium 500GBPremium Plus 2TB
Price $4.99$9.99

Yearly Plan

Plan Premium 500GBPremium Plus 2TB
Price $59.88$119.88

Lifetime Plan

Plan Premium 500GBPremium Plus 2TB
Price $500$980

pCloud Family Pricing Structure 

The family plans come with only a lifetime subscription in which they offer 2 TB storage with premium features in it. The pCloud family plan comes at the price of $1400/lifetime that can use for upto 5 members. 

Here you also find the features like shared link traffic, 30 days trash history, fair share, and share link branding. The pCloud perpetual plan already offers a money-saving price but it also offers a heavy pCloud discount on regular pricing. For the purchases of this plan, you can apply the pCloud perpetual deal 2022 to save maximum bucks.

Note: The pricing that we provide here is the regular pricing on which you can find discounts on the official website. pCloud also offers a plan for businesses, we are not going to discuss that plan here as this time the niche is pCloud individual vs family group. 

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What Does the pCloud Family Vs Individual Plan Offer?

In the pCloud individual plan vs family plan account comparison, we find out that pCloud offers the same features in both plans. However, if you purchase a family plan you’d find some extra benefits and premium features. So first, let’s start with the features that are common in both plans. 

Pcloud Features That Are Included In Individual And Family Plan

pCloud Family Vs Individual Plan
  • File Management: This feature lets you organize your pCloud storage and help to save things at your fingertips. In file management, it offers features like search options, filter categories, and trash for your last 30 days of deleted file recovery.  
  • Access and Synchronization: pCloud provides the feature of automatic upload your photos and videos to the server. It also provides an interesting tool- A virtual hard drive, you use this drive to keep your file safe without cupping storage in cloud storage.  
  • Backups: pCloud gives you the assurance of recovering the files lost due to errors, viruses, corruption, or any other reason. Plus, it also gives a special feature of social media backup in which you can take a backup from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Photos, Facebook, and Google Drive. 
  • Media and Usability: With cloud storage facility also provides some advanced features in it for media-related usability.  In this, you’ll get the built-in video player, video streaming, built-in audio player with playlists, and unlimited file size & speed. 
  • Security: It uses TLS/SSL channel protection to safely store your data. Plus it uses 256-bit AES encryption while receiving and sending all files from the server. It stores 5 copies of your files on different servers for extra protection. Not only this, but pCloud also offers an extra layer of encryption of pCloud Crypto. 
  • Collaboration: With collaboration features, you can easily share your files and folder plus collaborate with other people whether they are using pCloud or not. You can also invite people on pCloud and can manage the control level of accessing people. You can also create links here to share your large files or documents, plus you can add the expiring date and password on the link. 

What Extra You Will Get In pCloud Family Plan Compared To its Individual Plan

All the major points or features are the same in both plans but still, there is a difference that bifurcates it. Along with the difference in storage space and time span of the subscribing plan, you can find these differences. 

Firstly, the pCloud family plan gives you access to premium features and 5 separate accounts including an owner account. In five separate accounts, no one can look at other accounts but the owner of the plan can add and remove family members.

It offers storage of 2 TB in which the owner of the plan can allow the storage space to all family members for usage. The biggest benefit of a family plan is that if any member purchases add ons features of pCloud like, EFH and pCloud Crypto then it is also available for other members too. 

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What Should I Choose pCloud Individual or Family – An Expert Advice 

difference between pCloud Family & Individual plan

Which is better in pCloud individual or family

our expert says both pCloud individual and individual plan have their own benefits. However, we strongly recommend the pCloud family if you are 4 or 5 members to use cloud storage. 

The individual plan of pCloud for monthly and yearly are quite fair and you can upgrade it to a lifetime plan. However, you cannot upgrade the individual lifetime plan to a family plan.  

An individual plan is best if you are an alone user of cloud storage in your family. Plus, it also gives you the flexibility of choosing the time of subscription whether for a month, a year, or a lifetime and choosing a storage limit. 

You are good to go with the pCloud family with 4 or 5 members. A family plan is just like 5 separate personal accounts as the only common thing between them is 2TB storage. However, 2TB is might be less for a group of 5 members if you talk about a lifetime. 

Anyways in the family plan, you’ll get some extra premium features and the benefit of getting add-ons for five at the price of one. With the benefits, it has the drawback that all 5 members have to adjust their photos and videos in 2TB storage for a lifetime. 

Plus, it becomes annoying for the owner of the family plan. As every time any family member uploads a photo he’ll get a notification because he has the power to decide the storage of other members.

Is pCloud Worth Its Price?

Comparison Of pCloud Individual Vs Family Plan

Is pCloud safe or worth its price is the most often question asked by users according to us, pCloud provides various handy tools to easily store your photos, videos, music, documents, files, and more with dull safety. It gives you access to your pCloud account from all your device whether it is your laptop, phone, or web. 

Like any other cloud storage, it also gives advanced share and collaboration features to connect with other users. Plus, it provides strong security of encryption for every user and it also offers pCloud Crypto security for extra protection. 

It is far better in cloud storing service and backup with advanced features compared to its competitor. Overall, it is perfect cloud storage for you and your family at affordable pricing. However, if you still have second thoughts about this software then you can switch to any of the pCloud alternatives.

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pCloud is secure encrypted cloud storage, where you can store your files, photo, video, document or backup your PC.

Is There Money-Back Guarantee For the pCloud Family Vs Individual Account?

If still you are not impressed and want to check or test the pCloud service then what about the money-back guarantee policy. 

You can refund your money if you don’t like the service in your test with reason under its money-back guarantee. pCloud offers a 10-day money-back guarantee after you made the purchase. 

With this, you can check the usability of both pCloud individual vs family plans on your own. 

Is pCloud Provide Better Customer Support To Its Users?


Is there any difference in pCloud customer assistance for pCloud family vs individual plan? In actuality, there is no difference in customer support of pCloud for both users. 

After analyzing all pros and cons of pCloud, the customer support of pCloud is not that remarkable good which we generally expect from a market-leading company. The company is on the back-end if we compare its customer support with other competitors.  

pCloud offers customer assistance over mail, live chat support, and phone calls. However, if you mail your query the response from the pCloud team can take a few hours or several days. Also, the live chat support is not that strong and offers lacks functionality. 

In short, you have only one option to connect with the support team is via phone which also works according to Swiss business hours. It makes it inconvenient for global users to take benefit from customer support. 

Final Thoughts On What To Choose pCloud Family Vs Individual

If you have plans to buy a lifetime membership and have at least 3 members in your family to use pCloud, then you must go with the pCloud family. Because assume if 3 members individually buy lifetime individual plan of 500GB then its total cost would be $1500. 

However, if these 3 members buy pCloud perpetual then they get benefits of saving $100, premium features, benefits in purchasing add-ons, and 500GB extra storage.

If you are planning to buy pCloud membership for short time, then you can look for a monthly or annual subscription. 

pCloud Family Plan Discount Code

pCloud is secure encrypted cloud storage, where you can store your files, photo, video, document, or backup your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions- Related To pCloud Family Plan Vs Individual 

Some top queries related to the comparison of pCloud Family and Individual plan are answered below:

  1. How does the pCloud family work?

    pCloud family is an official plan of pCloud in which it offers 2TB of storage for lifetime-time. The pCloud family plan is a one-time payments plan which can use by upto 5 members.  This plan offers some extra benefits and premium features. 

  2. How many devices can use pCloud?

    You can connect as many devices as you want to connect with pCloud. There is no limit or restriction on the number of devices you connect with pCloud. 

  3. Does pCloud delete inactive accounts?

    pCloud doesn’t make any clause to delete or ban paid user accounts. However, if you are using the pCloud free version then you have to log in to your account at least one time in 6 months. Otherwise pCloud delete the inactive accounts of free users after being 6 months inactive. 

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