Godaddy Web Hosting Review 2022

Godaddy is a name which is popular worldwide. It is biggest domain name registrar and now even scaling up its web hosting business. Our favorite shared web hosting plan comes from Godaddy know as $1 Web Hosting. So now we are going discuss the real worth of Godaddy Shared Hosting plans with Godaddy Web Hosting Review 2022.

In this Godaddy Web Hosting Review, we going discover

  • Shared Web Hosting Features of Godaddy
  • Different Godaddy Web Hosting Plans
  • Godaddy Web Hosting Insight
  • Godaddy Web Hosting Support
  • Expert Over View on Web Hosting Package by Godaddy
  • User Reviews

Godaddy brings the most attractive web hosting offering for the user’s worldwide. They provide quality hosting with a lot of features and attraction. Now you will see all the Godaddy Web Hosting Review January 2018. We will start the examination of Godaddy Web hosting and share our results in the form of review.



Godaddy Web Hosting Review & Features

Here most important and powerful highlights of Godaddy web hosting are listed. We pointed out some important features that we think you should look into. These feature are also part of Godaddy Web Hosting analysis.

Instant Setup – Godaddy Web Hosting package is fastest in the setup with the choice with our username and password.

Multiple Location – Godaddy provides various locations which make a big difference. They provide a server on three different continents, which we have seen the first time. The hosting company offers various areas within the USA. But Godaddy outperforms all with its diverse content web hosting which gets ready in few minutes.

Godaddy Web Hosting Review

Massive Storage – Hosting is starting package come with 100 GB of storage, and other comes with unlimited.

Instant Scaling – You can upgrade your web hosting package anytime, and it will do instantly.

Low-Cost Addons – Godaddy provides many extra services but with very low costing and high quality.

Free Domain Name – It is also a big attraction for the many users, where they pay $10 for Domain name. You can get a complete web hosting with Free Domain name for $12 for the first year from Godaddy.

Power Full Resources – Godaddy Web Hosting is fully loaded with unlimited resources and free stuff in its top web hosting package.

Web hosting by Godaddy is loaded with all necessary needs for startups & professional.  Its economy package is best for startup & Godaddy Ultimate hosting package is much powerful for professionals. The hosting company also provide some significant discounts and price cut in from of Godaddy Renewal Promo Code.

We have evaluated all Godaddy web hosting features before and Godaddy Web Hosting Outperform in our inspection.

Godaddy Web Hosting Plans

Godaddy brings different web hosting packages and which also changes as per country. Like in the USA Godaddy have three Web Hosting Package, and in India, they become four. But there is not much difference, So we are going to compare the web hosting plans for users of United States.

Godaddy Shared Web Hosting

The company brought three different Godaddy Shared Web Hosting packages for its users. We will discuss what they are meant for with their quality.

Godaddy Economy Web Hosting – It is the most popular plan Globally. Its original price is $4 per month, but you can get this for just Dollar One Monthly. Yes, we have a special offer known as Godaddy $1 Web Hosting with the free Domain name. So with $12 you can run a single website with a free domain for the first year. Next year use Godaddy Renewal Coupon to get some better pricing.

Godaddy Delux Hosting Plan– It is made to run multiple websites for just $5 per month. So it is one of the best options if you want to run two or more website.

Ultimate Web Hosting Package – Hosting package which supports high-end professionals. This kit comes with free SSL for the first year. You also get the auto backup option which is crucial when your website grows.

We have gone through what Godaddy offers and also with main highlights of its Hosting Offerings. Now Godaddy Reviews comes to its most interesting phase where we do the real-time overview of its hosting package.

Godaddy Web Hosting Real-Time Overview

Now we will overview the starting package of Godaddy Shared Web Hosting. Which we purchased at company expense, the maximum time we get demo or sponsor for the same. Now let us start our testing how we set up web hosting account with Godaddy and its overview.

How to Setup Godaddy Web Hosting?

It is the first time we are showing configuration steps for Godaddy shared web hosting package. In maximum case, we get an email that contents your Cpanel login credentials.

Step 1 – You have to go on your product page where all your Godaddy product and service are listed. Now you have to choose the hosting package in your product page and click on manage button.

Godaddy Web Hosting Setup starts from manage button.

Step 2 – Now you have to choose the domain name, all domain name in your account will come up. If you have the domain name with another company, then you have the option to enter the domain name. See the picture given below where we have selected our testing domain which is testnreviews.

Pick Your GoDaddy Domain Name

Step 3 – Now we have to choose the data center location you can see the very first image of the write-up.

Step 4 – It is the setup we are talking about where you have to choose your Cpanel credentials.

cPanel with Godaddy Web Hosting.

Step 5 – Now they will ask you if you want WordPress Install in your account or not. If yes then you have to go to next step and need to make WordPress login. We have no for now and click the finish button.

Godaddy Web Hosting Reviews 2019

Now an automated process will run for a few seconds, and your web hosting is ready. We showed some images from the beautiful graphical automation process of setting up Godaddy Web Hosting Account.

Set Up Your Website with GoDaddy Web Hosting

It is very easy to buy and set up web hosting on Godaddy, and you are up with your website in less than 15 minutes, which I this is one of the fastest processes I have seen till now and shared above with you the same.

Godaddy Web Hosting Setup – We found Web hosting so exciting that we have shown you above all the steps. We will say it’s easy and fastest setup that we have gone through.

Cpanel Overview of Godaddy Shared Web Hosting 

Godaddy brought you a very simple but yet powerful CPanel. It has it is on a custom theme and all most necessary elements. What we like is the power that hosting gives with just One Dollar Web Hosting. You will get 100 entry-level processes which we have seen less than 50 with other shared web hosting providing companies.

Godaddy Cpanel Overviews and features

So we say Godaddy is attracting users with an attractive hosting bundle which is perfect for running small and medium level websites. We are glad to see the package, and on the higher package, you can even use Godaddy Promo Code to get some extra savings.

Godaddy Support Testing

Godaddy Phone Support – You can call on (480) 505-8877 for USA users, and there is a big list of Godaddy Helpline numbers which belong to different countries. Which means they took their customer very seriously. We are connected to the support person in less than 7 minutes. So it is ok with Us but less 5 minutes will be a better

Godaddy Chat Support – There is some updating going on Godaddy so not able to text chat and email support will update the same after some time.

Godaddy Web Hosting Review

In this review, we have to spend a lot of time as we get to see some new and exciting things in the hosting company.

Godaddy Support – It is the section we are not able to explore completely as some update are going on. But we give 3 out of 5 and will update the score after complete Godaddy support testing.

Godaddy Web Hosting Features – Here Godaddy did an excellent job we give it 4.5 out of 5. The company providing hosting Opcache is active which helps to speed up. They also provided the essential features & tools which make it a perfect option for medium traffic website around the world. Also, We refer this web hosting to a lot of users personally.

Godaddy Shared Web Hosting Pricing – It is unbeatable when coming to pricing start from $1 and goes up to $ 8 for the first term. But in regular, it will cost from $8 to $16. But you always get some good discount using Godaddy Renewal Coupon.

Other Important Factors – As our test with Godaddy Economy package it almost outperforms on all small and necessary features and needs. As our experience company gives the money back to 30 days and some people even claimed the money in the middle of contact. Terms of uses are also reasonable.

For Us, it is one of the best option available in the market that you can get. But we suggest it dollar one web hosting package to all the user planning to start a new website. As in starting you have limited traffic, and it will be value for money package for you all. It is our Godaddy Web Hosting review and in-depth overview for 2022. Now it is your turn to share your experience and update the viewers of WebTechCoupons around the world.
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