Best Apps To Fix Blurry Pictures- Give A Perfect View To Your Blurred Pictures

Sometimes your best shot gets blurred and that time you think about is there are any apps to fix blurry pictures? or how to make the blurry images clear on mobile. If yes, this is your case, and you want to know the best apps to fix blurry pictures, continue reading this blog for getting the answer. 

We all need an appropriate app to fix blurry pictures on iPhone, Android, or mobile. You should know that the app store will help you by providing a lot of blurry pictures clear apps in bulk. 

A blurry picture may annoy you, you don’t like the blurry pictures while sharing on social media platforms. To save your time, or to find the best apps to fix blurry images we made a list of the top 10 blurry picture fixing apps. 

Best Apps To Fix Motion Blurry Photos

top 10 best free apps to fix blurry pictures

PIXLR -Best Radius Adjustability

PIXLR editing tool features

It is one of the apps which fixes blurry pictures online freely. It provides a bundle of effects, overlays, filters, and collages by which you can get more exposure. Here we are talking about how to fix blurry pictures online with the help of PIXLR, let’s start with how it works.

To unblur your picture, first, you need to select your editing tool. You can find this editing tool under the suitcase icon. Now search for sharpen tool just to provide an unblurry effect to your image. A sharping tool sharpens an image by enhancing the edges of the image. Make sure you don’t provide too much sharpening effect to your image, otherwise it will give an unnatural look. 

You can adjust it by using the PIXLR’s amount slider, it will provide you with a wide range by which you can easily set the sharpening effect. Pixlr is best because it provides you with the option of radius which most of the apps don’t provide. With this, you can control the size of the sharpened area around the edges of the image. Moreover you can use this tool to send a snap with the cartoon face lens by fixing their blurriness and exporting them on any social media platform.

Even you can use its “paint” feature to sharpen your image with the help of your fingers. You can correct it easily by using an eraser also. 

Pros And Cons Of Pixlr 

  • Free and safe 
  • Easy to use
  • Quick fix
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Ads and pop-ups occurrence
  • Lacking some advanced features

Fotor- Top-Quality Effects

fotor editing tool features

Fotor is a photo editing free app which provides a lot of features for editing photos, collage maker, graphic designing features, etc. It comes with tons of demanding tools to make your image perfect. By using Fotor you can retouch portraits, enhance photos, remove backgrounds, and even apply effects. 

To fix blurry pictures freely, you can use it sharpness tool which you can find in the adjust section. To take benefit of its features, you need to do first sign up, but if you don’t do this you can only access editing tools. 

It will provide you with a scale to adjust its sharpening effect, if you move towards negative values it will make your images blurry visa versa. Make sure you don’t use too much-sharpening effect, it will provide an unnatural look to your image.

It is one of the best apps to fix blurry pictures as it provides another tool which is a structure, it works by bringing out textures without affecting the edges of the image. By doing this you will find two options detail and gradation. If your purpose is to fix blurry pictures or to unblur your photo you can increase the details.

Pros And Cons Of Fotor

  • Drive creativity
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for both professional and simple users
  • Robust free version
  • The small learning curve with the multi-image layout
  • No ready to design templates

Photo Director- Effective Sharpening Tool

photo director editing tool features

It is also one of the best apps to fix blurry pictures or images. It offers a wide range of tools and effects. You can illuminate your photos easily by creating dreamy images with bokeh, sparkles, natural glow, and intense bursts of light. 

You can easily edit the sizes, color, direction, and shape of the image. To provide an unblurry effect or to fix blurry pictures, it offers a sharpening tool. 

It works best in the situation if you have a few spots in your image, you can remove this by using the remove/clone tool. It offers a wide range of tools but some of them are paid, so you can use them at your convenience. 

Pros And Cons Of Photo Director 

  • Powerful and user-friendly interface
  • Advanced effects
  • Tethered shooting
  • Extensive layer support
  • No, geotag maps
  • Fewer lens profiles
  • Weak noise correction

Lumii – Best Filter Effect

lumii editing tool features

Lumii is an image editing tool that is a free app with a paid pro version. Lumii provides some tricks to apply filters, effects, and layers to the image. Even with the help of lumii, you can easily adjust the tonal curve of the image. 

The main purpose of lumii is to create presets by placing overlays of effects and edits. You can also add some creative artist effects to your image. In the lumii interface for fixing the blurry effect, you can raise the grain level along with the sharpening level. Also, you can raise the contrast to fix blurry pictures and easily find these in the adjust menu.

Why we are saying lumii is one of the best apps to fix blurry pictures as it allows you to make changes to the curve of the image which is very helpful.

Pros And Cons Of Lumii 

  • Critically designed filters
  • Free customized effects
  • Professional photo effect
  • Support font removal tools
  • Ads and popups in the free version
  • The learning curve isn’t steep

Photo Editor Pro- Well-Functioned Sharpening Tool

photo pro editor editing tool features

It is one of the free apps to fix blurry pictures which is available on the play store, for getting more enhanced features you to move to its pro version. It has a wide range of editing tools that can be easily defined and sorted into folder groupings.

photo editor pro has a well-functioned sharpening tool that helps to fix blurry picture effects. You can adjust the contrast as well to fix the blurry effect and we can say It is best suited to mildly blurry images.

In its free version, you have to deal with annoying ads and we can say the greatest challenge of using it is that it offers so many tools that it becomes messy to use it.

Pros And Cons Of Photo Editor Pro 

  • Strong sharpening tool
  • Effective de-blurring effect
  • Free software
  • Well-functioned sharpening tool
  • Run-on ads in the free version

Fotogenic- Best Zoom-In Out Effect 

Fotogenic editing tool features

Fotogenic is also one of the best apps to fix blurry pictures. It is freely available on the app store of your device. It offers a lot of editing tools which is very convenient for a user to use.

Now if you want to unblur your picture you have to tap on the “detail”. Just drag the portion, which you want to give an unblurry effect. You can easily apply the sharpening tool and control the intensity and location of the image. 

You can zoom in and out by spreading your fingers on the screen. Even you can adjust the brush, size, hardness, and opacity in the settings menu. You can use this editor on android as well as iOS.

What we noticed is, that In the paid version we get access to many extensive features. So it depends upon you if you only want to fix the blurry pictures, then you can use it free version but if you want to use its enhanced features so definitely go for the paid version. 

Pros And Cons Of Fotogenic

  • Free editing app
  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Easily adjust brush size, hardness, and opacity
  • Effective sharpening tool
  • Occurrence of Ads and popups
  • Fewer features in the free version
  • Not work well for heavily blurred photos

Snapseed- Good Sharpness Effect

snapseed editing tool features

Snapseed is one of the best and easy-to-use editing apps available on both platforms google and apple. It offers a lot of tools or filters to edit your image it consists of basic effects like crop or tune image. 

To provide a sharpening effect to your image you need to select the details option in the tool menu. Now for fixing the blurry effects you can choose one option of structure or sharpness. 

This comes under one of the best apps which fix blurry pictures online freely with its expanded list of editing tools. 

You can increase the sharpness of the image as it will enhance the edges. Simultaneously increase the value in the structure slider. By using these two sliders you can get an unblurry effect in your image, but adjust it according. Don’t use extreme points as it gives an unnatural look to your image. 

Pros And Cons Of Snapseed 

  • Free app to use
  • Precision based sharpening
  • Offers a variety of tools for editing
  • Effective de-blurring tools 
  • Hard to navigate without an insight tool
  • Sudden app crashes

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Lightroom- Easily Import And Export Image

adobe lightroom editing tool features

It is one of the easy-to-use editing apps to fix blurry pictures. Here you need to sign in first to take benefit of its features.

You can easily import the images to the app and easily maintain them, which means you don’t need to visit the gallery, again and again, to look at pictures. You can use its brushes and deblurring features in a photo. 

The workflow of adobe lightroom is very impressive and fast means that a lot of systems process is streamlined that users can easily automate the exportation process. 

Pros And Cons Of Lightroom

  • Easy to use interface
  • The organized structure of tools
  • Handy export and import of images
  • Workflow is quite speedy
  • The extra amount for some extra features

VSCO – Best Effects And Filters

vsco editing tool features

VSCO is also a free editing app that works on both android and ios. The quality filters it provides is useful for fixing blurry pictures online. 

Most of the filters replicate actual film photography images. Here we are talking about how to fix blurry pictures clear on android. So we can use its sharpening tool to adjust the sharpness level to your blurry image. 

The demo period of using this app is free, but if you want to take advantage of its top features, you have to take the paid plan of VSCO. 

We can say if you spend money on this amazing app to fix blurry pictures or to use advanced features, it is worth your money. 

Pros And Cons Of VSCO

  • Extensive Editing tools
  • The sharpening tool is free
  • Wide variety of filters
  • Friendly interface
  • Pay for accessing extra features

Photoshop Editing Tool – Raster-Based Program

photoshop editing tool features

It also lies under the category of best apps to fix blurry pictures. photoshop editing tool provides a clear look to make pictures better. It is a raster-based program that means that you can easily edit the images and adjust them accordingly.

The primary or main function of photoshop is to fix the pictures. To edit or fix the blur effect on your picture, you don’t need to become a professional always. 

It works on both devices Android and iOS, you can adjust the level of contrast as per your choice. Our suggestion is this, don’t go to extreme points to clear the effect of blurriness, it gives an unnatural look to your image. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of photoshop once.

Pros and cons of Photoshop Editing Tool

  • Free app to use
  • Variety of sharpening tools available
  • Offers a magic wand tool
  • Effective sharpening tool
  • Image cannot be zoomed while editing

How To Make Blurry Picture Clear In Mobile?

Here we are mentioning how to unblur the picture on mobile with a few steps. Above we mentioned the best apps to fix blurry pictures, now these steps will help you to use the above-mentioned apps. 

4 steps to fix blurry pictures

Winding Up Now!!

As we discussed there is a large variety of apps available to fix the blurry effects on your image. You can take the help of any one of the apps for providing an unblurry effect to your image. 

However try to take clear images, but if by chance you want to set blurriness in your image you can refer to apps mentioned in this article.

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