Corel Painter Vs Photoshop 2024– Know Which One Is Better?

People who have a keen interest in digital art must have known this software called “Corel Painter vs Adobe Photoshop. Both of the software has a renowned name in the industry for their artist satisfaction through its best quality software. 

Both are used for professional artwork however, some recommend Corel painter on the other hand some recommend Photoshop. Besides this recommendation, if you are also confused as a beginner or pro then this article is for you. 

We will guide you on which is better Corel Painter or Photoshop for you.

Let’s explore the similarities and distinctions in this comparison between Corel painter vs photoshop with us. 

Difference Between Corel Painter And Adobe Photoshop 2024

Photoshop Vs Corel Painter
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Introduction To Corel Painter Or Adobe Photoshop 2024

What is Corel Painter?

Corel Painter is one of the popular digital art plus painting software, which works on Create, Customise, Extend formula. Corel Painter giving satisfaction to millions of artists from the last 3 decades. It is useful to create professional art, customize your brush, and enhance your painting with a creative touch.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Amazing color control and mixing
  • Accurate also precise strokes of brushes
  • The vast variety of brushes plus art tools
  • Compatible with various OS such as Windows and macOS
  • Hefty pricing
  • Need a good computer to fully utilize the features.

What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a product of one of the top-rated software company Adobe. It is initially launched in1988 with the purpose of serving photographers. Later on, it evolves and is now used by professionals for photo editing, digital painting, and graphic design.

  • Slick interface with lots of help
  • A Vast set of drawing tools
  • 3D design capability
  • Advance editing plus brush customization
  • Compatible with Windows 10 along with later versions and macOS
  • Expensive to purchase
  • No perpetual-license option

Corel Painter And Photoshop Features Comparison 

Corel and photoshop feature comparison

Corel Painter software is centered on graphics art editor, for the artist widely spread in the world. Adobe Photoshop software mainly focuses on photo editor along with animation, 3D modeling, 2-D asset creation, and more tools.    

The default file format of Corel’s software is RIFF that is Resource Interchange File Format. While PSD (Photoshop Document) is the default files extension of Adobe Photoshop. 

Corel Painter is a perfect software to give classic look to your artwork with its texture, brushes, multiple layers support. Adobe also works on multiple layers with more smoothness in the combination of multiple layers than Corel. 

Corel has auto painting and auto painting pallet features for smart brush strokes and painting effects. It is also has a large library of pre-designed artworks. In Adobe Photoshop, you’ll find features like Filters, Smart blur options, and others to get painting effect in your image.

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Both Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop let you customize the brushes, including opacity, size, shape, pressure, and more. You will find more than 900+ brushes in Corel while in Photoshop you have to download brushes yourself. 

With Corel Painter, you can experience natural painting vibes on your digital canvas. Its features give real look to painting like real brushes, watercolor marks, oil paint, and other features. 

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Which Software Has Better Animation Options?

In both Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, there are features to create animation. In Photoshop, with the timeline window, you can easily create animation through pictures. 

While in Corel Painter, you can easily create a smooth animation by adding frame-by-frame images. 

Other than digital art, Photoshop has much more than this. You can edit photos and add a magical touch of Photoshop effects, 3D modeling, and much more creative stuff. 

Overall, Photoshop is wider than Corel Painter in tools for various editing and can perform many more tasks than Painter. Still, Corel Painter is better than Photoshop in digital painting. 

Corel Painter Vs Photoshop Price Comparison

Corel Painter has a pricing of $429 for a one-time purchase or $199/year for an annual subscription fee. With a one-time purchase, you will also get a  Signature Style Brush Pack Bundle.

Also, check our detailed article on Is Corel Painter A One-time Purchase?

Also, Corel offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason you can refund within thirty days. 

Adobe Photoshop is only available for a subscription model. It would cost you $20.99/month +  100 GB of cloud storage. However, with a combo pack of Adobe, it would cost you cheaper than purchasing it single. Some of the comb bundles are of following:

  • Photography Bundle- Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop +  20 GB of cloud storage at $9.99/month. 
  • Full Creative Cloud Suite- All the twenty Creative Cloud applications + Adobe Photoshop + 100 GB of cloud storage for $52.99/month.
  • Full Creative Cloud Suite- Same deal as above except $19.99/month.

Art Difference Between Photoshop And Corel Painter

Comfort in artistic techniques with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter comparison is more important for Professional artists than other comparisons.

Corel Painter Vs Photoshop- Brushes

Brushes Difference in Corel Painter and Photoshop

Corel Painter: Brushes are always the important tool for a painter, however, Corel has an impressive bunch of 900+ brushes. Plus you can also add more bushes to your brush gallery.  

The exciting part of Corel brushes is that they behave like real brushes. For instance watercolors mix in each other, brush run out of paint, paint shades change with brushes.   

Photoshop: On the other hand, Photoshop offers 56 brushes which are comparatively smaller than Corel Painter brushes. 

However, in Photoshop there are tones of brushes available online for download which are made by other artists. The downside of this is that you have to find the brushes and download them yourself.

Overall Corel Painter provides a vast number of brushes over Photoshop. Corel has more realistic with pre-set and pre-installed brushes. 

Adobe Photoshop Vs Corel Painter- Blending

Corel Painter or Photoshop In Blending

Both the software have basic blending modes, such as layering, multiply, etc. Painter’s blending tool behaves like smudge tools which are similar to Corel’s Smear variant. Also, you can use a mixer brush toll to apply color and then blend it. 

Painter’s blenders integrate different colors textures like real media. Plus, Painter has more color, layer blender tools than Photoshop for instance Painter’s Color doge tool.  

In my opinion, in the category of the blender, Corel Painter is worth it

Which Is Better In Performance- Adobe Photoshop Or Corel Painter

Both the software give good performance while working on pc. However, if we compare both then Adobe Photoshop’s performance is a little better than Corel’s.  

Corel Painter is more processor intensive than Photoshop that’s why it works slow. On the other hand, Photoshop also works very nicely with an older and slower processor.

Which Is Better Between Photoshop Or Corel Painter For Digital Art?

For Digital Artwork, we suggest you go with Corel Painter whether you are a beginner, or intermediate, or pro. Choosing between Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop is not so hard as Corel Painter is solely made for digital artwork. You can also create artwork o Photoshop to but its main purpose is for photo editing. 

If you want extra tools for photo editing and others along with digital painting you can opt for Photoshop. But if your main goal is digital painting then you would get maximum benefits from Corel Painter software to work intuitively.

Compare User-Friendliness Of Adobe Photoshop Vs Corel Painter

From my personal experience with both software, I can tell you if you are a beginner Painter will easy-to-use for you than Photoshop. Photoshop is a little bit complicated to use and but after mastering it will be fun to do. 

And if you are a beginner in digital art then you should look at Corel Painter Essentials which is for beginners.

Product Comparison: Corel Painter Essentials Vs Photoshop

Corel Painter Essentials is a fun and easy painting software for beginners who are new and digital painting. Painter Essential helps to explore more in digital painting with its versatility and amazing features. 

On the flip side, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best tools for photo editing. However, you can enjoy layered image editing, a multitude of effects, 3D modeling, and drawing.

Final Verdict- Who Wins In Corel Painter vs Photoshop Comparison

If you are finding the answer: should I get Corel painter or photoshop? Then before this, we tell you that both are amazing software, and choosing one as a winner is injustice. However, we can recommend which is better for you between Corel Painter and Photoshop

Corel Painter is a good software to unlock your potential and boost your skills in digital painting. Photoshop is vast than Corel, withdrawing you can also enjoy photo editing, 3D modeling, and more tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top queries related to the comparison of Corel Painter and PhotoShop are answered below:

  1. Is Corel Painter better than Photoshop?

    Corel Painter is better at digital painting than Photoshop, as Corel has more brushes and features for digital painting. However, Photoshop has more tools other than digital painting which gave Photoshop an upper side.

  2. What’s the difference between Corel painter and photoshop?

    The biggest difference between Corel Painter and Photoshop is that Corel Painter is created for digital painting. And, Adobe Photoshop is created for professional photography but you can also do decent digital artwork in it. 

  3. Do professionals use Corel Painter?

    Corel Painter is one of the best Digital art editor software in the industry which is used by many professionals for work.

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