Corel Painter Vs Clip Studio Paint Comparison 2024 – Which Is Better?

For a painter, his art is everything which is why he needs decent painting software to take his art to the next level. Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint (CSP) are considered two of the best digital painting software.

A comparison of Corel Painter vs Clip Studio Paint will give you an idea of which one is the best digital art software for your work.

This Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter guide will help you to make a decision on which software you should opt for. 

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We will be discussing all the features, pricing, or bane and boon of both the Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter in detail. Before moving toward the comparison, let’s have a look at the summary. 

Introduction To Corel Painter And Clip Studio Paint?

What Is Corel Painter

corel painterCorel painter is counted as one of the best software over the internet. This software is providing its services to users for over 28 years and still running. Corel painter always focuses on their customer’s needs and requirements and in its latest Corel painter update, they improved the performance of the software as well. It has multiple amazing features and a vast range of brushes and tools along with some other additional features. 


  • Easy-to-use interface. 
  • Easy install 
  • Wide range of brushes
  • Multiple color palette 
  • Color mixing and adding option


  • Works on the latest PC programs. 
  • Little expensive

What Is Clip Studio Paint

clip Clip Studio Paint is one of the best software for digital painting, illustration, comics, and manga. If you are a beginner then this software is a great deal for you. It provides you many brushes, tools, and gives access to its library. This software gives applications for creating character art, concept art, illustration art, and animation. A new learner can learn so many things with this amazing software.


  • Accurate and customizable artwork. 
  • Multiple device support
  • Many options for a free trial.
  • Keep backups
  • Has many features 


  • Some filters don’t work accurately. 
  • Standard brushes are limited

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Small Summary On Corel Painter Vs Clip Studio PaintCorel Painter Review 2024

In the battle of which is better Corel Painter or Clip Studio Paint both are the best software. Corel Painter is best for professionals and intermediates. Whereas Clip Studio Paint is best for newbies. Both the software provides multiple brushes and great features. If you are not sure about any of this software then you can also go with Maya which is an animation and modeling software of Autodesk. You can also grab an amazing Maya discount code to get this software cheap.

This is just a small summary to save you time. In the further sections of our Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint comparison, we are going to compare them in detail.

Is Corel Painter Good For Beginners?

corel painterAs we have mentioned above that Corel painter is one of the leading digital art and graphic designing software in the market. The software comes with an easy-to-use interface, tools, and many other astonishing features. Corel painter has a separate suite for beginners named Corel painter essential 8. A new learner can use this software anytime he wants and can explore many new things.

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Is Clip Studio Paint Good For New Learners?

clip Clip Studio Paint is one of the best software for new learners. It provides you all the measures that you will need while making any digital painting. According to a beginner’s perspective, Clip Studio Paint is a budget-friendly full-featured software. It has many brush and frame options. For a beginner, Clip Studio Paint brushes are the great package. 

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Installation-Process Which Software Has Easy Installation Process Clip Studio Paint Or Corel Painter?

Corel Painter- Corel Painter takes a few minutes to almost half an hour or more depending on your internet connection speed. It does not have a standard setup installer but a downloader tool that receives installation files and then makes the setup. It provides great performance to its users. 

Though its actual setup is very easy to manage anyone can set up the program. It does not need any high-tech configuration for installation its built-in wizard handles everything. It only asks you to tell the destination path and short-cut creation.

Clip Studio Paint- It is very easy to install Clip Studio Paint software. You will need 2GB and 8GB RAM of Windows and macOS for a better and smoother performance experience. Also, you will require a great internet speed connection for verifying your license and some other programs

Both Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint have different approaches to the installation process. But it is easy to install both programs on your device.

user interface of product Which Software Has A Better Interface: Corel Painter Vs Clip Studio Paint

Corel Painter– Corel Painter’s main key focus is its user experience that’s why in its new latest Corel Painter version they have put a lot of attention on the performance of the software. The software also has a dark theme option for a better user interface.

If you are a beginner and using Corel Painter for the very first time you will be amazed by its interface as everything is very easy to understand. However, it provides so many functions and features so there might be chances you will get a little puzzled over there. 

Clip Studio Paint- Clip Studio Paint gives a great interface and everything is easy to navigate. Like Corel Painter Clip Studio Paint also provides a dark theme. You can also move or minimize the hidden toolbar.

Everything is well organized. On your left-hand side, you will have an essential toolbar that gives you access to brushes, erasers, pens, and other features. 

Here, Both Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter provide you with a nice easy-to-use interface.

Brush and Paint Who Has More Tools & Brush Options, Clip Studio Paint, Or Corel Painter?

Corel Painter- Corel Painter is a well-designed software for both professionals and beginners. It gives you a variety of tools, brushes, color enhancement options, and layer control enhancement. 

Corel Painter offers you 900+ brush options and dodge, burn, eraser, and clone tools. All these preset tools and brushes will take your art to another level. It also has an AI-based art style which will make your task easier. With the Core Painter Essentials, you will get all these toolkits easily.

Compared to Corel Painter vs Corel Draw Corel Painter is much more reliable for making drawings on canvas however Corel is a comprehensive photo-editing platform that works on vector art. If you want to do something with a photo use Corel Draw

Clip Studio Paint- On the other hand, Clip Studio Paint also offers many preset tools and brush options to its users. While exploring its tools you will enjoy it a lot, especially with its decoration tools. 

The program also has AI support that will help you while you are working on the canvas. With its brush kit, you can create multiple elements for your work.

There are also a lot of features and tools for animation artists. Similar to Corel Draw, Clip Studio Paint also provides a vector layer option that will manage the lines and pixels of your comics and manga. 

Here, Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint are equally significant in both texts.

Product Feature Which Software Provides You with Amazing Features Corel Painter Or Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint- Clip Studio Paint has a wide range of advanced drawing features and multiple drawing tools. With Clip Studio Paint you will get a comprehensive set of digital editing tools, a color palette, multiple layers, professional effects, etc. 

Corel Painter- On the other side, Corel Painter has a wide range of brush options. It also gives you canvas control, additional media features, color mixing, brush control, multiple layers, and UI customization.

Comparing Major Features Of Clip Studio Paint And Corel Painter

Features Of Clip Studio Paint

  • Amazing Control
  • Preset Painting Tools
  • 3D Models 
  • Undo, Redraw, Cloning option
  • Nice brushwork on photographs.

Features Of Corel Painter

  • Multiple brush categories
  • Advanced blending capabilities. 
  • It has a unique pattern of pen brush. 
  • Clone photos or photo painting
  • Directs flow of paint with flow of maps.

In the battle of features, Corel Painter has an edge over Clip Studio Paint as Corel Painter offers a large number of features.

category-icon-6Categories & Stability Comparison Clip Studio Paint Vs Corel Painter

Corel Painter- Corel painter’s stability depends on the setup of the program. For Mac users, the programs run smoothly but may not work for Windows as fine as it works for Mac. For Windows operators, you will need the latest version of the PC/Computer.  

There are many kinds of digital art categories such as illustration art, fine art, Concept art, and Photo Art. It is compatible with Photoshop, drawing tablets, and Mac/PC.

Clip Studio Paint- Correspondingly Clip Studio Paint comes with a stabilizer. It has a stabilizer on each brush or even for vector layers. Its stabilizer manages everything on its own.

Clip Studio Paint offers many kinds of painting options like Concept art, Character Art, Comic & Manga, illustrations for design, and animation. You can make any of your favorite art with CSP easily with great stabilization. 

Therefore in this comparison of Corel Painter Vs Clip Studio Paint, CSP won the race. 

Product CostPricing Comparison Between Corel Painter And Clip Studio Paint

This is the most important section of the CSP vs Corel painter comparison. Here we are going to discuss the pricing plan of both of them so that you can decide which one is more affordable for your CSP or Corel Painter. Is Clip Studio Paint A One-Time Purchase?

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Clip Studio Paint Pricing Plan

_corel painter vs clip studio paint

CSP offers two kinds of products named Clip Studio Paint Ex and Clip Studio Paint Pro.

Clip Studio Paint Ex

  • People use this for Manga Art, Comic Art, and Animation. It will cost you $219 that will be a one-time payment. 

Clip Studio Paint Pro 

  • It is famous for Character Art, Concept Art, and illustrations. It will cost you $49.99 that too will be a one-time payment. 

The company also offers a 50% discount. Avail of this 50% discount using Clip Studio Paint discount.

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Corel Painter Pricing Plan

_clip studio paint vs corel painter

Like Clip Studio Paint, Corel painter also has two versions named Corel painter 2024 and Painter essentials 8. 

Corel Painter 2024

  • It best for professional painting for windows and mac. It will cost you $51.86 for a full plan. 

Painter Essential 8 

  • Best for beginners and new learners that will cost $8. 

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product overviewProducts: Corel Painter Essentials Vs Clip Studio Paint Pro

Corel Painter Essentials- With Corel Painter Essential you will get an easy-to-use interface, industry-acclaimed brushes, amazing painting speed, extensive built-in learning resources, and AI-based photo painting.

Clip Studio Paint Pro- On the other side with Clip Studio Paint Pro you will get customizable drawing tools, Vector layers, and many astonishing features for making animation. You can also create a single-page illustration with up to 24 animation frames. Also, you will find cloud storage with Clip Studio Paint to store all your projects online.

Here, we found that both Corel Painter Essential and CSP pro provide great features on their way. You can choose according to your preferences and requirements.

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Customer Support Of ProductWho Offers Better Customer Support CSP or Corel Painter?

Customer support is one of the most important factors to consider especially while comparing two technical software. Even though you are a tech-savvy person you will need technical help while working on digital platforms. 

Clip Studio Paint provides great customer support to their customers. If you get stuck anywhere you can ask your queries to the Clip Studio Paint customer executive anytime you want via email or phone. Along with this, you can also take the direct chat support. 

Whereas Corel Painter also provides great business-level technical support. Their customer care officer is available 24/7 you can ask any query with their live chat option. You can also submit a query and call them. Their representative will help you in any way. 

Both Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter are good at providing good customer support. This gives a customer a nice experience. For more better experience check out Wacom Alternatives which is a great digital drawing tablet that helps you with both the software.

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Corel Painter Vs Clip Studio Paint, Which Software Works Better On Phone?

To use digital art software on a phone, we highly suggest using Clip Studio Paint. This software works perfectly on a phone and can help you to make realistic artwork. Apart from this, you will also not feel any performance lag.

You can see a performance drop if you use Corel Painter on a smartphone. Although it provides lots of exciting features but makes things very slow. To successfully use Corel Painter on your phone, you might need to use phone management software. One of the best software for the same is Wondershare Dr.Fone. With Dr.Fone coupon, you can also get it at a cheap price.

Final Verdict: Clip Studio Paint Vs Corel Painter

After analyzing this Corel Painter Vs CSP comparison we found that both the software are best in their field. Both focus on their customer’s user experience and give their best to their users.

However, Corel Painter has more features and options compared to Clip Studio Paint. But there is one more truth that Corel Painter is a professional software on the other hand Clip Studio Paint is best for beginners or new learners.

Both the software provides great performance, brush, and tool options to their users. You can buy any of these programs according to your needs and demand.

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Best Alternatives For Corel Painter And Clip Studio Paint

Here we have mentioned a list of the best Corel painter and  Clip Studio Paint alternatives have a look below:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk sketchbookWhat are the Alternatives? - Venture House
  • Painter Tool SAI
  • Procreate 
  • My Paint 
  • Krita 

Although both Corel painter and Clip studio Paint are the best of their kind yet these are the best alternatives for CSP and Corel painter if you want to browse more.

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We have also compared Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint with other software also, read our other related articles.

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