Clip Studio Paint Review 2024 – Ex vs Pro Which one you need?

The clip studio paint is one of the famous digital designing software, also known as the manga studio. This software is recognized for its stylish graphics and animations for tablets or computers. Through this clip studio paint review 2024, will explain to you all of its features, pros & cons, and many other things let’s dive into it.

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About Clip Studio Paint

What is Clip studio paint

Clip studio paint is earlier known as Manga studio in North America. The old version of this software was released in Japan as the comic studio in 2001 further you will get to know through this review if clip studio paints worth it or not?

Features of Clip Studio Paint 

There are many exciting features offers by clip studio paint lets have a look at it. 

Concept art & painting

This feature contains a vast variety of tools and brushes to show your ideas, it gives you an easy color selection, AI colorization, realistic color branding, and many more things.

Character Art

With this fantastic tool, you can draw exactly what you have thought for, also you can adjust the vector lines as you want. It improves your 3D Composition. 

Illustration for design

With this tool, you will get an expressive pen, smart color fill tool. You can easily convert your photos into illustrations. Also, you can import or export them in photoshop formats. 

Comic & manga

These features will help you to create an on-point background, saturated lines, and complex effects, preset templates, and CMYK color support printing. 


You can adjust the pen pressure or can create 3D reference spaces. With this tool, you can sketch human figures easily and can customize your camera work.  It also provides 24 frames for animation that boast the quality of content.

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Multiple brushes option

This software gives you multiple brushes options or any effect you want with its preset brushes option. Most of the drawing programs have a limited variety of brush options which is not good for a maker who wants definite effects.

Check Out Clip Studio Paint Brushes in details

Vast Coloring tool

Clip studio paint software provides you an immense range of coloring tools so that you can create colorful professional comics. This software  also has a fill tool that automatically fills small gaps between lines and spots to increase your work performance 

Vector toolkit

This software has a vector toolkit that boosts your project speed and you will be able to recognize all mistakes and spots. It also helps you to resize and edit lines without any difficulty which is necessary when you work professionally. 

Drawing flexibility

Clip studio paint is a fantastic designing software that provides you digital painting tool. With this tool, you are free to draw with a pen, tablet, or mouse. You are given multiple options for pens, pencils, and other tools that make catchy and professional comic books.

Enhanced 3D capability

It offers you multiple tool access so that you can manipulate 3D models and objects. It’s a very useful feature for those who want to keep the volume of the character.

Easy export and import capability

It supports all the major file formats such as .jpeg, .tifg, .png, .bmp, PSD, and PSB. Clip studio paint software also unremarkable standard like Kindle or ePub formats. 

Frame By Frame Animation

This software has excellent animation potential with its amazing painting and drawing tools. It also comes up with an option to add a camera, music, and sound effect to make the video. This software is an all-in-one software that has all features and tools that would be required to make a masterpiece. 

The software offers by clip studio paint

Clip studio paint offers two types of software clip studio paint pro and clip studio paint ex:

 Clip studio paint pro

Clip studio paint pro free download Clip studio paint review

This tool comes with these amazing features such as:

  • Single page illustrations and comics.
  • Color or black and white illustration comics
  • Multiple vector layers
  • You can draw directly on vector layers to maintain the quality of lines after scaling or transforming
  • Natural and customizable tool brush and pens
  • You can customize every drawing tool.
  • It has an animation tool
  • It can create animated illustrations or full-length animations. In pro, you can create animations up to 24 frames longs 
  • It gives you several materials for making your work extraordinary. 

Clip studio paint Ex

Clip studio paint pro vs ex

This tool comes with all the features that come with clip studio paint pro and additionally it gives you the following things such as:

  • Multi-page comics or manga illustrations.
  • You can manage multiple pages in a single file.
  • You can convert images and 3D models into lines and dot shading.
  • With this tool, you can easily use images and 3D models for comics or design work by converting them into lines and screen tones. 
  • Print and export multi-page document 
  • Easily print or export your multi-page files into a range of formats. 

Is clip studio paint better than photoshop?

Comparing Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop is not fair as both software are meant for different use. Clip Studio Paint is a special software capable of performing  tasks that photoshop cannot such as:

  • It can create a 3D pose. 
  • Comes with multiple layers of references.
  • More adjustable brushes.
  • It can edit the backups.
  • It has rulers and viewpoint guides assortments.
  • Comes with the panel creation of comic books.
  • It has an extensive library.
  • It has better animation potential.
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Do professionals use clip studio paint?

Yes, Professionals do use this clip studio paint because it provides multiple features brushes, tools, and many other things. It is an artist-driven software and recommended by many professionals. Therefore, in this Clip Studio Paint Review, we provide detailed information regarding this software and also is clip studio paint a one-time purchase?

Clip Studio Paint Free Trial

Clip studio paint does provide a free day trial it offers you a 3-month trial and for iPhones it completely free. 

Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro

Features Clip studio paint pro Clip studio paint ex
Multiple files managementNoYes
Vector DrawingYesYes 
Personalized brushes and pens YesYes
Animation Capabilities Limited to 24 onlyYes 
Quickly converter data into manga style NoYes 
Exporting and printing facilityNoYes 
Material and tones NoYes 

So, these are the basic difference between clip studio paint pro and clip studio paint ex. There are just features that are not available in clip studio paint pro and still good for use.

Pricing of clip studio paint | clip studio paint is a one-time purchase?

Clip studio paint offers two software clip studio paint pro and clip studio paint ex and their prices start at

  1. Clip studio paint pro- $ 49.99
  2. Clip studio paint ex- $ 219

Yes, it is a one-time purchase. And to get a discount and offers on this amazing software you can check on CSP coupon code here you will get many exciting offers. 

Pros and Cons of clip studio paint

Everything comes with two side lets see both the aspects of clip studio paint its pros and cons:


  • It has a vast variety of brushes.
  • This software comes with a dark theme for the safety of your eyes.
  • Comes with an easy to use interface.
  • Gives you vector drawing.
  • It supports AI technology. 


  • Unintuitive keybinding. 

Is clip studio paint worth it?

Yes, it is one of the finest software that provides you with multiples features such as a vast variety of brushes and tools that makes beautiful digital drawings and comics professionally.  

Final Words 

In this clip studio paint review, we found that it has more features than photoshop, provides you a vast range of brushes and other tools. It is cheaper than photoshop and has multiple different options that photoshop doesn’t have. This clip studio paint is worth it to buy. 

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FAQs- Clip Studio Paint Review 2024

Is clip studio paint any good?

Clip studio paint is very easy to learn which is very good for newbies as adobe photoshop is quite a thing techie to learn. This software is a real nice thing that gives your work a professional look. 

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