Best Clip Studio Paint Brushes 2024 Guide

Brushes are the main core base for any digital art or painting software. There is no doubt that Clip Studio Paint Brushes have a wide range of options compared to any other digital art software.

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Manga Studio and Clip Studio Paint Brush are not two different software programs. The company just rebranded its name after which the program becomes more popular.

While using this software, many of the artists bump into some issues. That includes how to download Clip Studio Paint  Brushes, how many free CSP Brushes are there? 

To wipe out all these doubts we provide this guide for the best Manga Studio And Clip Studio Paint Brushes. At the end of this detailed article, no doubt will be left on your mind.

How About Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint is the rebirth of the most popular Manga Studio that was a Japanese drawing software.  Celsys, the company that developed Clip Studio, compete with top-rated digital art software namely Photoshop and Corel. 

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Best Clip Studio Paint Brushes 2024

Here we have sorted all the free Clip Studio Paint brushes into five categories. So that it will be easier to find which type of brushes you needed for your artwork and project.


Clip Studio Paint Brushes Set

CSP brushes set

This includes three types of sets namely DV Brush Set, Watercolor Set, and Big Brush Set.

DV Brush Set
This is one of the largest sets of free clip studio brushes mainly available for CSP users. You will get a wide variety of options such that making fur, custom textures, and many other features. DV brush set includes massive styles over 100+ options all in a single pack.

New Watercolor Set
When you unlock this Clip Studio Paint Watercolour brushes you will get an exclusive new set of watercolors, that provide great transparency and a professional look. When you paint your drawing or any art piece for multiple layers, the outcome will be mind-blowing. Here you are allowed to download the free version of these best brushes for clip studio paint and experience the beauty of colors.

Big Brush Set
This set is designed by the official Manga Studio 5. Whatever software you are using this Free Clip Studio Paint brushes set will work over them. This big brush set is used by all professional artists for any level of drawing and paintings.

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Clip Studio Paint Pencil Set

CSP pencils set

This includes three types of CSP brushes, such as DAUB pencil, Blue/Red Pencil, and side pencil brushes.

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DAUB Pencils
This comes under the quality pencil and these are very easy to customize. DAUB pencils are completely free of cost that is pre-installed in your selected pack. You don’t need to purchase any premium Clip Studio Paint Brushes for shading or greasing your drawings. These Free Clip Studio brushes are very satisfactory.

Red or Blue Pencil Brushes
Most professional artists use to make some highlights whether it is traditional or digital art. Those who have great skills in making digital drawings are very satisfied with these CSP pencils option that comes with their subscription pack without any extra charge.

Side Pencil Brushes
If you want to add a more extraordinary visual look to your artwork then you must try this CSP Side Pencil Brushes. This is a pencil that works slantly which provides a beautiful look. Not everyone uses this but our recommendation is to try it once you will get better results. Such Free Clip Studio Paint Brushes will go to help you get professionally styled artwork.
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Clip Studio Paint Ink Set

CSP ink set

Three mostly used Clip studio paint inking brushes that are available on the official websites for their users. Such as INK for CSP, Loose Inkers, TheInkyWay Brushes.

INK For Clip Studio Paint
The one who creates comic characters knows the importance of INK brushes. There are over 40 different types of ink brushes available at CSP. Both Manga And Clip Studio Paint brushes are compatible with any version of this software. Our recommendation is to try free clip studio brushes instead of paid ones.

Loose Inkers
So the first thing you may understand is that digital inking pens are completely different from traditional inking pens. This depends on how experienced and professional you are while applying this ink effect. But good paints play a huge role here and thus it is worth trying loose Inkers that is the best Clip Studio Paint Brushes for inking purposes.

TheInkyWay Brushes:
This pack was given by Manga Studio that is available to date and works perfectly with CSP brushes. For creating the best comic character or webcomic you can take advantage of this TheInkyBrushes for doing beautiful calligraphy for writing sentences. All the best brushes for Clip studio paint are listed above for out user’s ease.

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Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack

CSP brush packs

Here, you will get a wide range of options to select any single Clip Studio Paint Brushes to pack out of six different packs. These include clip studio paint Brush Pack (two versions), Free Sample Pack, BrotherBaston Brush Pack, Shrineheart’s Mega Pack, Shrineheart’s Painterly Fur, and Landscape Texture Brush Pack. You can unlock all the above brushes during the Clip studio paint sale period with heavy discounts.

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Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack (Version 1)
This pack is the highly recommended option because you can find amazing handy styled brushes that will help you in marking from basic stuff to foliage designs. Therefore, such kind of amazing pairs of brushes is much needed to paint your artwork professionally. That is why many artists are using free clip studio brushes for their projects.
Clip Studio Brush Pack (Version 2)
This is the advanced version of the above-mentioned pack including all Clip Studio Paint default brushes. Moreover this an ultimate update that comes with great new brushes and tools for enhancing the visuality of your paintings.
Free Sample Pack
This is a very common and simple brush set that is always available in Clip Studio Paint Brushes Lineart tools. They are organized in such a great manner that is the pencils and the brushes for sketching are nicely separated.
BrotherBaston Brush Pack
This is one of the most reliable Clip Studio Paint Brush pack available for users. It’s a free pack given with your subscription pack including pencils, basic flat brushes, cloud noise, and also dry brushes. You will get a variety of brush-changing options and sizes or shapes. If you are an experienced user of CSP or an entrant then this set Clip studio paint brush pack is something that you really like.
Shrineheart’s Mega & Painterly Flur Pack
In the Mega Pack, you are able to unlock 1400+ brushes and in Flur Pack, you will get around 27 brushes. These are the best clip studio paint brushes made for creating an amazing style for your drawing with wonderful flurries, fluffy, and soft texture.
Landscape Texture Brushes
In this pack, you will be going to receive over 100+ brushes. While comparing Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop, CSP has these great options to paint mountains, sceneries, water, rocks, stone, and any other thing including in nature. CSP has a better brush option compare to Ps.
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Our Top Recommended Best Clip Studio Paint Brushes 

After discussing all important Free Clip Studio Paint Brushes, we have brought some highly recommended sets for our professional artists. 

No.1 Choice: Escente CSP Brushes

If you are a professional artist then you must know the advantages of having customized brushes for making digital art. For a beginner, these are very basic tools set for making a simple drawing that includes oil pastels, acrylic, and another soft pastel look. 

No. 2 Choice: Dry Brushes

This kind of brush offers you a complete suite of multiple brush packs. If you are starting from scratch then you must try these ultimate free clip studio brushes for sketching and you will definitely get great results. 

How To Install Clip Studio Paint Brushes?

install Clip Studio Paint Brushes easily

As you are familiar with many brushes or packs of this software. Now, it’s time to know how to install Clip Studio Paint Brushes on your running device.

  1. The very first and easiest method for CSP brushes download is by drag and drop the desired brush or pencil or pen into the folder where you are going to create your artwork.
  2. Import brushes that have extensions namely “.sut” and you only need to select the pen or brush. After choosing it open another tab or window and select the location where you want them to use. There is an option just below the tab “import subtool” and click on and install all CSP brushes.

These two are very basic methods used to download the best free Clip Studio Paint Brushes on your windows device. 

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FAQs: Best Clip Studio Paint Brushes 2024

How Do You Get More Brushes On Clip Studio Paint?

In CSP there is an option of “material” where you will get lots of options related to different kinds of brushes/pens/pencils and many more artistic tools.

Is Clip Studio Paint Like Photoshop?

Both are top-rated digital art and painting software. Yet, they differ in many aspects mainly in editing features. To know in detail go through with Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop comparison guide.

Where Can I Buy CSP Brushes?

A complete set is available at the Clip Studio Paint official website. Before purchasing any set of CSP paints make sure to claim your Clip Studio Paint Discount Code to get upto 50% off.

Exceptions: Clip Studio Paint Brushes Download In iPad

For iPad users, you have two options to save your brush toolset. One option is to save in “Dropbox” account and another one is to save on “Google Drive”. These are the storage places where you can select or drag your pencils/pens/brushes to your working tab. The procedure is almost the same as the above mentioned but you should be careful about is the place where you select brushes to import into your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some top queries that have been answered related to the best Clip Studio Paint brushes for which many users look:

  1. What Are The Best Brushed For Clip Studio Paint?

    All the latest and free Clip studio brushes are listed above in detail. You can check the above sections and also find our best recommendation.

  2. How Do You Get More Brushes On Clip Studio Paint?

    There are different methods on how to install clip studio paintbrushes with the latest trends. you can check them out for your ease.

  3. Where Are Clip Studio Paint Brushes Stored?

    All the paid and free clip studio paint brushes are stored in the form of assets commonly known as “materials”.

  4. Can You Buy Clip Studio Paint For Som

    Yes. You can buy clip studio paint for someone else. For that, you need a separate or valid email address that is required for payments.